L7M “Sophisticated chaos”

I most recently have become aware of the beautiful artwork of Brazilian street artist Luis Seven Martins. (L7M).
This artist creates elegant masterpieces, occasionally using owls or ducks as his subject though more commonly known for his colourful and quite simply beautiful bird murals.
Born 1988, in the countryside of São Paulo, it was from a young age that L7M began his relationship and passion for art. Throughout childhood he won many cultural awards though it was at the age of 13 he picked up his first spray can to paint with.

L7M Matrix street artist from brazil
L7M Street Artist

L7M embraced this new technique, which later in fact was to become his favourite! Through experimentation he combined spray with China ink, latex, pastel and acrylic thus creating the unique style for which he is known today.
Through geometrical elements, realism and simplistic use of colour, L7M effortlessly depicts the elegance and grace of birds encapturing always their energy and beauty.
He incorporates a perhaps contradictory use of technique, which however never fails in every mural to result in an elegant and thought provoking masterpiece for onlookers. (“Sophisticated Chaos”)

brazilian street artist L7M painting a bird on a wall in Roma
L7M in Roma – Italy

This apparent melting pot of human emotion in L7M’s murals can be explained through the artist’s inspiration for both the beauty and sorrow of all life. This becomes evident in his work through the portrayal of both elegance and coarseness almost. What an amazing talent !
L7M is dedicated to independent work in advertising agencies, exhibitions, workshops and schools. His studio work has been exhibited in both Paris and Dubai whilst throughout the world L7M’s murals can be found in many countries such as France, US, Portugal and of course Brazil.
View L7M’s amazing artwork HERE and feel the beauty and grace of these beautiful painted birds!

By Fiona Cowie – Edinburgh


More About L7M

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L7M Artworks photo Gallery:


L7M painted bird in an abandoned place in Brazil
L7M in Brazil
Bird painted on a wall by L7M in Brazil
L7M mural in Brazil
L7M artwork in bristol united kingdom. A bird on a wall
L7M in Bristol
L7M in germany . Colorful bird painted on a wall
L7M in Germany
Mural by famous brazilian street artist L7M
L7M in Portugal

L7M in Barcelona , mural of a bird
L7M in Barcelona
female portrait painted by brazilian street artist l7m in paris
L7M in Paris
female portrait graffiti by L7M in Sao Paulo
L7M in Sao Paulo
L7M Jellyfish painted on a wall
L7M in Spain
L7M in Switzerland - Colorful eye
L7M in Switzerland

photos by courtesy of L7M 

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