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Must Read Book: Venice High by Corin Nemec – Publisher:

From Los Angeles Street Gang Member and Graffiti Artist to Beloved Actor, Venice High is a novel based on Corin Nemec’s life pursuing graffiti and street art, not for fame or fortune, but to leave a piece of himself behind.

You probably recognize Corin Nemec from one of his many acting roles, surely well-known for his iconic portrayal of Parker Lewis in Fox’s hit TV comedy Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.  Corin began acting at twelve playing the son of Jeff Bridges in Francis Ford Coppola’s film, TUCKER: The Man and His Dream, later starring as the title character in the Critically Acclaimed mini-series, I Know My First Name is Steven, landing him an Emmy Nomination. From that point he would secure his place in pop culture history, working closely with Stephan King on the biggest mini-series in TV history, The Stand and co-staring in the internationally acclaimed Sci-fi show, Stargate. Corin also co-created, executive produced, co-wrote, directed, and starred in the cultish TV series Starving for SONY TV; but what you may not know is that Corin is not just an actor, producer, director, or writer, he is also a journalistic style photographer and graffiti artist. Combining all his talents and passions Corin is releasing his first novel Venice High.

Venice High by Corin Nemec
Venice High by Corin Nemec

As a kid growing up in North Hollywood, Corin was deeply rooted in the graffiti art scene along with fellow actors David Arquette, Balthazar Getty and musicians Seth Binzer, Justin Warfiend and Mickey Avalon. Corin’s photographs would later be used for Mickey Avalon’s debut album and released as a coffee table book titled Pimp’s Paradise.

Corin always wanted to write an autobiography about his life growing up as a graffiti artist in North Hollywood, California during the height of the LA gang wars. Truth can be stranger than fiction and Corin feared his truth might be a little too strange to be believable. Corin caught his first tag on a wall when he was eleven years old and never looked back, his passion for graffiti got him arrested plenty and even written up in the San Fernando Valley edition of the LA Times for his unknown acts of vandalism. By fifteen Corin found himself involved in a notorious LA street gang which would lead to a paralyzing series of events, including numerous shoot outs and violent brawls with opposing gangs. Corin’s car was shot up, windows of his family home bashed in, and family terrorized; violence was around every corner and acting was the only thing keeping Corin from losing himself to the dark streets of Los Angeles.

Corin Nemec new book, venice high
Corin Nemec “Venice High”

After years of consideration, Corin made the decision to write a fictional account of his life. Venice High tells the story of Den, a teenage graffiti artist living in Venice Beach, California who lives deeply troubled life while being an incredibly gifted graffiti artist. Den escapes his problems painting the Venice Beach graffiti walls where he meets Maple, the most beautiful girl in the world. She’s from ritzy Bel Air and battling her own inner demons, proving that struggles people face can be identical even if their lives are wildly opposing. Venice High illustrates how death, danger, romance, and tragedy exist together in the mysterious subculture of an ever-expanding graffiti art scene. Touching on gang-life, street-codes, embattled friendships, poverty and wealth, this journey is a keyhole not just into the fictional world of his lead character Den, but also into the hidden and mysterious history of Corin Nemec.

Corin states his book is, “…born from the truth, although my life experience was far crazier than the character I created.” Corin admits writing this was cathartic and felt compelled to share the one constant which has been with him his entire life – his love of graffiti art. Nemec describes Venice High as a “Culmination of a lifetime spent fruitlessly pursuing graffiti and street art, not for fame or fortune, but to leave a piece of myself behind for others to experience.” With his first novel, Corin hopes to the same by sharing his art and leaving a piece of himself behind.

Corin Nemec photo Benny Doutsh
Corin Nemec – photo credit Benny Doutsh


Corin Nemec continues working consistently as an actor, writer, and producer in film and television. His upcoming films include Rottentail, portraying the mutated, insane half-man half-rabbit in this cult hit graphic novel adaptation of the same title; Sleeping in Plastic, a gritty indie film about small town drug dealers; several Lifetime Movie Network thrillers titled Snatched and A Parent’s Nightmare; and Haunted: 333, a disturbing horror film about ghosts and psychosis. Corin adapted Venice High from one of many screenplays he’s written and plans on turning all into novels, so keep an eye out for future books, films, TV shows, and should you see a mural on the freeway while driving, that may be Corin too

Corin’s book, Venice High is released through Lulu Publishing and can be purchased on their website,, and online only, just type in “Venice High” into the search bar on the websites. Also, through Lulu publishing is Corin’s photography book of Mickey Avalon, Pimp’s Paradise and The Paper Chase, a photo-book displaying street- art Corin has done around the world. 

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Lily Cole by Corin Nemec
Lily Cole by Corin Nemec
Corin Nemec, famous american actor and also graffiti artist and novelist
Corin Nemec graffiti art
Corin Nemec "Venice High"
Corin Nemec “Venice High”



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