Spanish Street Artist Acid Collapse “Tretze” has died.

Tretze, Acid Collapse. This bright young street artist from Barcelona was without doubt one of the most creative and talented people of his generation. I feel lucky to have not only had the pleasure of watching him paint but also to count this truly amazing person as a friend.

RIP Tretze. Your influence and spirit will live forever.

amazing mural by spanish street artist Acid Collapse
Acid Collapse / Tretze  artwork
mural by spanish street artist tretze aka acid collapse
Acid Collapse artwork
Acid Collapse , Treze artwork
Acid Collapse Mural
street art mural by acid collapse
Tretze / Acid Collapse street art
street art mural by spanish street artist acid collapse
Acid Collapse Street Art
street art and urban art by acid collapse aka treze
Tretze / Acid Collapse Mural
Street art wall by Acid collapse
Acid Collapse Artwork
Tretze aka Acid Collapse mural
Acid Collapse Art
Tretze, Acid Collapse Art
Tretze, Acid Collapse Art

Photos by Tretze 


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  1. Alex says:

    So sad . 🙁

  2. Que triste 😭😭😭😭

  3. Incredible talent.

  4. Such a great loss to everyone. I’m so sorry to hear this terrible news. He was a beautiful person, you can see it in his work.

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