New Banksy Artwork in Hull: Vandalism? Really?!

Banksy completed his latest artwork on a disused bridge in Hull on Thursday.  While most residents are exited and proud that their city`s walls were chosen, there seems to be less enthusiasm from the council, with some calling for the new mural to be removed.

banksy new artwork in Hull
Banksy New artwork in Hull . Photo SWNS

Hull Councillor John Abbott  said that Banksy’s work did not compare with “real art” such as that found in conventional art galleries, but did concede that Banksy was not “without talent” , “so the work should be preserved in some form”.  He has suggested that Banksy consider using canvas instead of free walls in the future.

What a  strange way to react to the talent of the most famous urban artist worldwide.

Let’s wait and see what will happen over the next few days. Fingers crossed they don’t decide to destroy the latest masterpiece of the English Urban art genius !

Watch BBC Video here 

Laurent Jacquet – Streetart360 Chief Editor

Banksy new artwork in Hull
Banksy New artwork in Hull . Photo SWNS







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