Street Art Best of December 2017

Here’s our selection of street art and urban art masterpieces for december 2017. This month artworks by Bordalo II, Sasha Korban, Casey Kawaguchi, Wild Drawing, Bikismo, Faith 47, Salla Ikonen, Fanakapan, Dourone, Jorge Pina, Adry del Rocio, Peeta, Zed1, Arlin, SmugOne, Fin Dac, ROA, Adnate, Otto Schade aka OSH, Drew Merritt, Fintan Magee, Louis Masai Michel, Tristan Eaton, Telmo Miel, INO, Nicola Alessandrini and Lisa, Ruben Ubiera, Artez, Andy Dice Davies, Irony, Nils Westergard, Tom Bob, Nuno Viegas.


New street art masterpiece in Paris 13 by Bordalo II. Read more about this artwork here.

New mural by Street Artist Bordalo II in Paris 13.
Bordalo II in Paris 13


New mural by Ukrainian street artist Sasha Korban. Discover also Kiev a city of murals.

new street art masterpiece by Sasha Korban
New mural by Sasha Korban


New artwork by Casey Kawaguchi in Denver, Colorado.

street art mural by Casey Kawaguchi
Artwork by Casey Kawaguchi


New mural by street artist Bikismo.

Bikismo new street art wall
Bikismo mural


New street art mural by South African artist Faith47. United Arab Emirates.

urban art mural by Faith47in united arab emirates
Faith47 new artwork


New urban art collab by Salla Ikonen. Tempere, Finland. Read more about the artist here.

Salla Ikonen street art
Salla Ikonen new mural artwork


“High5” New street art mural by Fanakapan. New York City, USA

Fanakapan urban artwork in New york city
Fanakapan in NYC


“Thinking about Change” by Spanish artist Dourone for the Points de Vue Street art week in Bayonne, France. Read more about Spanish street artists here.

Dourone street art in Bayonne France
Dourone in Bayonne


New artwork by Jorge Pina. Cuevas del Rodeo Rojales in Spain

Jorge Pina street art mural
Jorge Pina artwork


New anamorphic artwork by Adry del Rocio. Guanajuato, Mexico

amazing street art mural byAdry del Rocio
Artwork by Adry del Rocio


New anamorphic piece by Peeta for the Urban Area 2017 Project. Agropoli, Italy

Peeta fantastic anamorphic artwork
Peeta artwork


New artwork by Jorge Pina. Torre-Pacheco, Murcia, Spain

Jorge Pina new mural
Jorge Pina street art


New mural by Italian artist Zed1. Fortaleza, Brazil

Zed1 street art
Zed1 Artwork


New urban art masterpiece by Arlin for Murals In The Market. Detroit, USA

street art mural of a tiger by Arlin
“Tiger” by Arlin


New artwork by Australian artist Smug One.

new mural by Smug One, street artist based in Glasgow
Smug One street art masterpiece


New mural by Fin DAC.Wynwood, Miami, USA. Discover more about the artist here.

Findac, Fin Dac street art mural
Fin Dac new mural


New street art masterpiece by Belgian artist ROA for Vertical Gallery.Kigali, Rwanda. Read ROA interview here.

roa wildlife street art murals
Roa street art


New mural by Australian artist Adnate. Melbourne, Australia.

street art and urban art masterpiece by Adnate
Adnate artwork


“Who’s next?” New artwork by street artist Otto Schade for East Village Walls. NYC, USA. Read more about the artist here.

Otto schade new mural
Otto Schade new artwork


New artwork by American street artist Drew Merritt for the Basel House Mural Fest. Miami, USA.

Street art mural by street artist drew merritt
Drew Merritt artwork


New masterpiece by Australian street artist Fintan Magee. Melbourne, Australia. Discover more about Fintan Magee here.

Fintan magee new urban art mural
Fintan Magee new street art masterpiece


New mural by English street artist Louis Masai Michel in Berlin.

a fish by Louis masai michel in Berlin
By Louis Masai Michel in Berlin


“American Power” New masterpiece by Tristan Eaton

Tristan Eaton creative street art mural
Tristan Eaton street art


New mural by Telmo Miel for BLINK fest. Cincinnati, USA

telmo miel street artwork in cincinnati usa
Telmo Miel Street Art mural


“Broken” by iNO for Festival Concreto. Fortaleza, Brazil. More about INO here.

street art by Ino in Brazil
Ino in Brazil


“Specie Migranti New art collab by Nicola Alessandrini and Lisa.

urban art collab by Nicola Alessandrini and Lisa
collab by Nicola Alessandrini and Lisa


New mural by American street artist Ruben Ubiera. In Wynwood, Miami, USA

street art masterpiece by Ruben Ubiera
Ruben Ubiera artwork


Mural by Serbian street artist Artez for 167 Art Project.Kragujevac, Serbia

Artez street art masterpiece
Artez street art


New artwork by Andy Dice Davies.

street art wall by Andy Dice Davies
Urban art by Andy Dice Davies


New masterpiece by British street artist Irony in Liverpool, UK.

new artwork by british street artist irony
Mural by Irony


Very new mural by Nils Westergard in Richmond, USA.

Street art masterpiece artwork by Nils Westergard
Nils Westergard artwortk


New piece by American street artist Tom Bob. Discover his artwork here.

Tom bob new humoristic artwork in NYC
Tom Bob Artwork


New street art collab by Nuno Viegas and Fanakapan in Ghent, Belgium. Visit Streetart360 Ghent street art city guide here.

collab by Nuno Viegas and Fanakapan in ghent belgium
Nuno Viegas and Fanakapan in Ghent


Discover more street art and Urban “best of” here.

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