JPS Interview “Unofficial Collaboration Between JPS and Banksy”

Hi JPS, where are you from?
I was born and raised in Weston super mare uk but moved to Germany about a year ago

Why did you choose JPS as your artist name?
I chose to not hide my real identity to let people know that it is possible to beat addiction and turn your life around if you are prepared to put in the effort, the JPS is just my initials of my full name Jamie Paul Scanlon.

When did it all start? How did you discover art and create your first artworks?
I was heavily into art from about 4 yrs old and onwards but I stupidly fell into addiction around 20 years old and rarely picked up a pencil for 12 yrs, I attended Banksy’s museum show in 2009 and it was a real wake up call to how I’d thrown my life away so I started teaching myself street art and went to addiction therapy.

Is there any specific message in your artworks?
Most of the time I just like to make people smile or scare them with my horror pieces but occasionally I do works with deeper meanings.

JPS artwork , two kids
JPS artwork

JPS, you’re often compared to Banksy, how do you feel about that?
It doesn’t bother me greatly the Banksy comparison although I do think my work and ideas differ greatly from him and I often hear people say that I stole his technique but Blek le rat was doing Banksy’s technique long before Banksy and stenciling goes back as far as cave man Times, it’s a very effective way to get large pieces done neatly on a wall in a short time.

Do you have a favorite artwork of your own?
Personally my favorite would possibly be Robocop but my most successful piece was the gogo Yubari from kill bill where I made the piece look 3d by using a chain on the wall.

Can you tell us a bit more about your recent ‘Unofficial Banksy collaboration’ showing Donald Trump with policemen?
Well Banksy had recently used Basquiat’s artwork outside an exhibition of Basquiat’s works at the Barbican in London and called it an unofficial collaboration, I think that this time Banksy sent someone else to paint it as his freehand shading was missing off  the police officers and they looked a bit flat, I also thought that it would of been cooler had Banksy done them searching someone else, Banksy influences the street art game massively and if it’s ok for him to just take another artists work and call it a collaboration then I figured it was ok to do it with Banksy plus I’d get to see the police painted more as I’d expect from him. So I decided to use Donald trump as it’s possible that one day he will be searched and arrested and the title ‘Nothing to hide’ is satirical as he clearly does have a lot to hide. I’ve had a bit of stick for doing it, like I did it for publicity but that’s not true my own work gets good publicity any how and I could of easily used different police officers and took away the collab factor. But I am a fan of Banksy and I really wanted to make it a collaboration I hope one day we will get to work together for real.

JPS "Banksy unofficial collaboration"
JPS “Banksy unofficial collaboration”

Few days ago you respond to plea for Banksy graffiti artworks to help kids at Bristol Children’s Hospital. Can you tell us more about that?
Well I guess it’s difficult for Banksy to respond to appeals like that, if he did it would happen all day everyday and I’m sure he donates to great causes privately, Linda Buckman who made the appeal I’ve known a few years and someone tagged me to the article asking if I’d help, it’s such a worthy cause and I lost my cousin at a young age to cancer so felt that I should donate a decent piece to help. I donated a big deal canvas over 1 meter high at the moment it’s bids are close to 800 pounds but the auction ends this evening.

Any artistic projects in the next few month?
Yes I am In New York early next year but can’t say much more on it as yet.

Do you want to say something in particular to StreetArt360 readers.
It’s thanks to good pages like you that we have a platform to share work and it’s thanks to your readers for supporting these platforms and making street art more acceptable.

Thank’s a lot JPS

JPS Links: Instagram JPS_artist – Online shop JPS  and also works available at graffitistreet

JPS Artwork Gallery:

JPS "Robocop" street art tribute
JPS “Robocop”
JPS "Kill Bill" tribute. the gogo Yubari from kill bill
JPS “Kill Bill” tribute
JPS "Only Painting Because it Bugs The Owner"
JPS “Only Painting Because it Bugs The Owner”
JPS Artwork
JPS Artwork
JPS artwork
JPS artwork
JPS Street Art
JPS Street Artist
JPS Artwork
JPS Artwork
JPS unofficial banksy collab
JPS unofficial banksy collab
JPS "Use the Force"
JPS “Use the Force”
JPS Street Art
JPS Street Art
JPS Street Art
JPS Street Art
JPS street art tribute to "Freddy Krueger"
JPS “Freddy Krueger”
JPS "Batman" street art tribute
JPS “Batman”
JPS "Floyd Mayweather" street art
JPS “Floyd Mayweather”
JPS "Young girl" street art
JPS “Young girl”


All pictures by courtesy of JPS 

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