Case Maclaim Solo Show in Paris “Everyday Robot”

Case Maclaim, Andres Von Chrzanowski, was born in Germany in 1979 and began his graffiti career in 1995. It was In 1999, he founded a  famous graffiti crew with Akut (from HERAKUT duo) and Rusk, which was to become Maclaim once the artist Tasso joined them.

Maclaim has been known for more than twenty years to be the pioneers of the photo-realistic style, with visual creations sometimes reflecting surrealism. Having been asked in  September to be the guest of the MUR Oberkampf in Paris, Case is exhibiting from November 9th to December 2nd for the first time in France at Galerie Mathgoth for a solo show named »Everyday Robot”.

case maclaim at mathgoth gallery

Case holds a diploma of conservation and curator of art, the peculiarity of Case resides in his very technical compositions superimposing human hands, which he has created over many years in large format with the aerosol bomb on the walls of the entire world. The hands are one of the oldest subjects in the study of painting, especially when we consider the rock-cut Paleolithic stencils found in caves. Organs of prehension, they have a wide range of human function, in art, they are often the vector of nonverbal exchanges that are an integral part of a language. An element often found in political propaganda posters, Case appropriates “the hand” as a symbol of power and unity.

The position of the fingers and their gestures relay all the expressiveness of the painting to convey either a message, an emotion or an idea. In “V” showing the fist, in the form of a letter, for Case the pictorial code goes through a graphic alphabet which almost replaces the traditional lettering of graffiti. In an ultra digitized world, painting hands in interaction with screens make perfect sense.

In this new exhibition of Case Maclaim, hands even if they are not the entire subject still constitute the heart of the artworks, often to the detriment of the faces sketched in withdrawal, dark or blurred.

case maclaim solo show at mathgoth gallery in paris

Whether they are in the foreground or occupy a substantial part of the canvas, Case casts on them the light a little like Caravaggio paintings. They seem here to serve as a bulwark, protection against the outside world. The title Everyday Robot suggests the alienation of man to a routine that dehumanizes him. The paintings of the artist are working to translate this “monotonous mechanics”, in his own words, highlighting human mutations, present within the future. Thus the hand, possible extension of thought via writing or creation, is itself prolonged by technological tools increasingly alienating and addictive: smartphones, tablets and other connected objects are examples of instruments of communication become as indispensable to the modern and robotic societies as the bomb and the brush has for Case.

Case Maclaim is directly inspired by his own life, experiences, encounters and conversations during his travels. So there is nothing virtual or outdated in his approach, and the artist remains faithful to his technique: is it not by directly drawing inspiration from the tangible surrounding world that we can reach such a level of realism and authenticity?


“Everyday Robot” Case Maclaim Solo show in Paris

Galerie MathGoth – 34, rue Hélène Brion 75013 Paris
From 9th November to 2nd December 2017
From Wednesday to Saturday 2.00 PM to 7.00 PM
Opening with the artist on Thursday 9th November at 6.00 PM

More About: Case Maclaim “A hand gesture can say a thousand words”

Artwork catalogue on request:

Photo Gallery:

case maclaim solo show at mathgoth gallery

case maclaim canvas for his solo show in paris

case maclaim solo show in paris

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