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Urban Art in Paris “Art for which you don’t need to buy a ticket”

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Walls have been perfect places for communication since ancient times. In all major world cities, alongside museums and galleries, the attention of visitors is attracted by art on the streets – this is also perhaps the best way to get to know the true spirit of a city and its inhabitants.  Paris has over 130 [….]

case maclaim solo show in paris

Case Maclaim Solo Show in Paris “Everyday Robot”

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Case Maclaim, Andres Von Chrzanowski, was born in Germany in 1979 and began his graffiti career in 1995. It was In 1999, he founded a  famous graffiti crew with Akut (from HERAKUT duo) and Rusk, which was to become Maclaim once the artist Tasso joined them. Maclaim has been known for more than twenty years to [….]