Case Maclaim “A hand gesture can say a thousand words”

Andres Von Chrzanowski aka CASE Maclaim is one of the most creative and innovative urban artists Europe has seen so far. CASE Maclaim was born in 1979 and grew up in East Germany.
Case is one of the founders  of the East German crew Ma’Claim which is probably one of the most renowned urban art crews in the world.
The beginning “Maclaim Crew foundation”
Case began graffiti in the early 90s, and become known in the world of urban art in 1999.
At this time, CASE along with fellow artists Rust and  Akut (the masculine half of the Herakut duo) began to collaborate on joint projects.
Two years later, Tasso joins this artistic group and they found one of the most famous European crews, becoming known as the Maclaim crew.
This group of young and very talented artists have designed and created  some of the best graffiti photorealistic artworks the world has ever seen.
While the crew were painting amazing hyper-realistic frescoes based on  portraits and  human bodies  … case began to stand out by bringing a touch of surrealism into the artwork.
case maclaim Baton Rouge museum of public art
Case Maclaim Baton Rouge museum of public art
Surrealism and hyper realism
His art style is predominantly representative of components of the human body, which are extracted from their origin and are attributed with new narrative elements, whether it be scary, animal or mythical.
This very particular style allows Andres to question many commonly accepted ideas about humanity, representing them with unique and impressive images.
The artist often focuses on representing hands, as for Case this is the natural link between the human brain and the real world.
His perfect mastery of drawing allows him to play with the form of fingers and knuckles to convey emotion and message throughout.
With Case Maclaim, the layering of hands is not just a physical movement of the body but also a political movement placed in a particular context where the viewer can visualise recent history and powerfully feel its emotion.
He has left his fingerprints in more than 20 countries worldwide, leaving a universal message of  “a hand gesture can say a thousand words”.
case maclaim Wynwood Miami
Case Maclaim Wynwood Miami
International recognition 
Case Maclaim is also widely recognized as one of  the world’s leading photorealistic aerosol authors.
All lovers of urban art look anticipate the arrival of every case Maclaim new artwork.
Each of his works is a unique piece of art and can be discovered throughout the world.
Case holds one of the most extraordinary techniques known within urban art.
Case Maclaim Solo Show in Paris 
In a few days Case Maclaim will exhibit in Paris. An exhibition that will most certainly unfold many surprises. This is an event not to be missed!
Stay Tuned, as I’ll provide more information about the amazing Case solo exhibition show very soon!
9th November – 2nd December 2017
34, rue Hélène Brion · 75013 Paris
Mathilde Jourdain : +33 (0) 6 63 01 41 50
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 Case Maclaim Artwork photo Gallery:
case maclaim 200 Newark Ave Jersey City NY
Case Maclaim 200 Newark Ave Jersey City NY
case maclaim boulogne sur mer
Case Maclaim Boulogne sur Mer
case maclaim hand artwork
Case Maclaim “hands” artwork
case maclaim in Basel
Case Maclaim in Basel
case maclaim in Berlin
Case Maclaim in Berlin
case maclaim Mama Argentina Republica De La Boca Buenos Aires Argentina, 2017
Case Maclaim “Mama Argentina Republica De La Boca” Buenos Aires Argentina, 2017
case maclaim Miami Wynwoodwalls
Case Maclaim Miami Wynwoodwalls
case maclaim North West Walls Werchter Belgium 2016
Case Maclaim North West Walls Werchter Belgium 2016
case maclaim Rhythm livin in Biarritz
Case Maclaim “Rhythm livin” in Biarritz


case maclaim Unter Der Hand Berlin
Case Maclaim “Unter Der Hand” Berlin
case maclaim mural
Case Maclaim mural
case maclaim in Brooklyn NY
Case Maclaim in Brooklyn NY
Case Maclaim Pile ou Face Wall Street Art Festival – Grigny
Case Maclaim Pile ou Face Wall Street Art Festival – Grigny
 pictures by courtesy of Case Maclaim 

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