Interview with Chemis “A writer they call street artist”

I discovered Chemis artwork a few weeks ago in Antwerp (Belgium) I’ve been fascinated by the poetry of his murals and also by his fantastic technique. He kindly accepted to answer a few questions for StreetArt360. Here’s his interview.

Hello Dmitrij , great to meet you. Chemis is your birth name or artists name?
Hi Laurent, its my pleasure. Chemis is my artist name.

Where are you from?
I’m originally from Kazakhstan, but I’ve started to paint and live in Prague, Czech republic.

How and when did you discover art and create your first artworks?
I started with graffiti at elementary school when I was 15. I Was inspired by hip hop mags and wanted to try it.

Where was your first mural? Is it still available to see today?
My first piece was made in the middle of winter, so I was freezing painting over a billboard. It didn’t come out good at all:) and luckily its no longer there. But you can still see my first pieces in the town of Benesov, where I starting to paint. They are still fresh and reminisce good times, when I´m passing by.

Where can we discover your murals around the world ?
Well in a lot of places last Mural you can see in Antwerp/Belgium, I did a lot in USA- Baton Rouge, New York, Israel – Netanya, Tahiti, Russia-Chita, Aruba, Malta…

Chemis Street Artist
Chemis Street Artist from Kazakhstan / based in Czech republic

What is your personal favorite mural artwork ?
It s 3D piece at Copenhagen and painting called Little doctor, also 3D in Israel.

Do you paint with spray cans or do you use any other techniques?
I´m a writer, so I do free hand with spray cans, but I have also used chalk, brush and airbrush, though still spraycan is the best and only!

Did you collab with other artists ? Do you have any artists you would like to collab with in the future?
Oh yes, I do collabs with my brothers and sisters:) can name a few – Pariz one, Mr Dheo, Pose Two, Point 3 crew.
Fruits of Doom! though mostly I do on my own. Hadn’t actually thought about it, but I think I would be a good match with Herakut, Sofles and with anyone who creates different styles of art, is good at it, but I don´t have anyone in mind now, like Damian Marley 🙂

Where do you get your inspiration ? Any specific message in your artwork?
Life is one big inspiration, social issues, small everyday things, wishes and fears.
I always have a message! Generally – to make life and the world better, make people think and act.

"the far side of the cube" by Chemis
“The far side of the cube” by Chemis

If you can describe yourself, would you say you’re a Street Artist, a Painter, an artist … or something else.
A writer they call street artist. 🙂

Do you have a “favorite” city where you love to paint ? Is there a dream place around the world you would like to go for a mural artwork?
For me it´s not about the place, but circumstances. The people you’re with, weather you have, food and drinks on the table and troubles you face. I love to travel and there have been nice places, but hard to work, and opposite.
I’m still looking forward to visit many places, Japan, Australia, Africa, South America..oh yeah, I want to paint it all.

Do you have any exhibitions and upcoming art fests in the future?
Just packing for Aruba Art Fair and then I have Bangkok, First Wall art fest ,If all goes well, I will have my first show in Prague next year.

Thank’s a lot . Would you like to add anything else for Streetart360 readers?
Well, this will go with my previous answer. I would like to ask everyone, who loves my work to vote for me at by my name Dmitrij Proskin, by winning this competition,I can arrange my first exhibition and the proceeds I would like to donate to Pink Crocodile organization to help build a hospice. Also you can visit my website to watch some videos from my trips and projects. Thank’s Laurent 🙂

Thank you Dmitrij 🙂 

More about Chemis: FacebookChemis WebsiteInstagram VkontakteYouTube 

Chemis Artwork gallery: 

mural by street artist Chemis
Chemis artwork
Chemis dedicated artwork for Paris
Chemis artwork “for Paris”
Chemis artwork on a boat
Chemis artwork on a boat
chemis in Tábor
Chemis artwork in Tábor
Chemis artwork in sweden
Chemis artwork in sweden
Chemis mural
Chemis mural
Chemis Artwork
Chemis Artwork
Chemis artwork in Czech Republic
Chemis artwork in Czech Republic
"Domino, 3D malba na ostrově Lanzarote" in 2016 by Chemis
“Domino, 3D malba na ostrově Lanzarote” in 2016 by Chemis
Each one teach one Netanya,Israel by Chemis
“Each one teach one” in Netanya,Israel by Chemis
Nová doba kamenná v Olbramovicích by Chemis
“Nová doba kamenná v Olbramovicích” by Chemis
Over the fence by Chemis
“Over the fence” by Chemis
Save the bees by Chemis
“Save the bees”by Chemis
Chemis Artwork in Antwerp - Belgium
Chemis Artwork in Antwerp – Belgium
Chemis Artwork in Antwerp - Belgium "detail"
Chemis Artwork in Antwerp – Belgium “detail”
Chemis artwork in Helsingborg - Sweden
Chemis artwork in Helsingborg – Sweden
Chemis 3D Graffiti Artwork
Chemis 3D Artwork

Photos by courtsey of Chemis and by StreetArt360 (for Antwerp artwork) 

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