Street Art Book: ELLA and PITR “Comme des fourmis”

New Street Art Book: in bookshops from October 12th
ELLA & PITR “Comme des fourmis” éditions Alternatives

The first monograph ever published of the very famous French street artist duo from Saint Etienne ELLA & PITR. These artists are internationally renown for their gigantic and magnificent  frescoes.

Since 2007, ELLA & PITR have shared their life and their artistic career together. After an unexpected and unpredictable  meeting in a street of their native city, they have rarely been apart ! Here combines a beautiful love story and amazing artistic adventure.  Since then they have painted walls, floors, and roofs all over the world displaying  characters out of the ordinary such as colossi asleep, big birds with heavy wings, ogres, facetious old men,  Icarus fallen on the floor, women with beards, stones bearers  …  Such an unusual gallery that is also found in their serigraphs, anamorphoses, and on billboards that the artist couple  love to create on.
If in their artwork a comical theme is present ,  humor and poetry are strongly represented.  This unique and extremely special artistic universe has touched those from all walks of life  as you will discover   in the texts written throughout this book.

Ella and pitr street artists from saint etienne

Many of the different contributors to this book  emphasized  their sentiments felt through  ELLA & PITR artworks.   Some are specialists in  street art like Sophie Pujas (author of several books on urban art who also signs the introduction of this book), others are simple aficionados  like the French actors Rufus or Denis Lavant, the famous director Joel Pommerat (Molière Award for Best Show in a Public Theatre) , the famous choreographer  Maguy Marin and the urbanist Alexander Chemetov, Babouillec, Yoann Bourgeois,  Pierre Guichard, Gilles Hittinger-Roux, Denis Lavant, Franck Le Feuvre, Pierre Meunier, François Rancillac, Martyn Reed, Thomas Schlesser, Jordan Seiler  …  expressed how much the work of ELLA & PITR speaks to each of us leaving a warmth in our memories and hearts.

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ELLA & PITR Artwork Gallery:

ELLA & PITR "like two slippers lost" in Chicago
ELLA & PITR “like two slippers lost” in Chicago
Ella and Pitr "La femme canon"
Ella and Pitr “La femme canon”
ELLA and PITR anamorphism
ELLA and PITR “anamorphism”
ELLA & PITR Artwork
ELLA & PITR Artwork
ella and pitr Chicago, June 2016
ELLA & PITR Chicago, June 2016
ella and pitr Holidays in Saint Etienne beach
ELLA & PITR “Holidays in Saint Etienne beach”
ella and Pitr in Saint etienne
ELLA & PITR in Saint Etienne – France
ella and pitr La mamie de Valparaiso
ELLA & PITR “La mamie de Valparaiso”
ella and pitr La Mamie des Verts
ELLA & PITR “La Mamie des Verts”
Ella and Pitr Le grand brimé in Montréal
ELLA & PITR “Le grand brimé” in Montréal
Ella and Pitr Les Rois d'en bas de la rue Notre Dame. Montréal
ELLA & PITR “Les Rois d’en bas de la rue Notre Dame” Montréal
ELLA & PITR Lilith and Olaf in Norway
ELLA & PITR “Lilith and Olaf”  in Norway
ella and pitr Montréal 2016
ELLA & PITR artwork in Montréal 2016
ella and pitr Ostende, la reine des plages
ELLA & PITR in Ostende, “la reine des plages”
Ella and Pitr Paris la defense Ines is dreaming, others are drowning
ELLA & PITR in Paris la Defense “Ines is dreaming, others are drowning”
Live fast die old by Ella and Pitr
“Live fast die old” by ELLA & PITR
ELLA & PITR Artwork
ELLA & PITR Artwork

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All Pictures by courtesy of ELLA & PITR

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