Juan Travieso: “When Perrier bottles become a street artist’s canvas”

Last Spring in Paris i had the opportunity to meet Juan Travieso, a Miami and New York  based Urban Artist. He was working on an artistic project with the famous French  sparkling water brand, PerrierI was fascinated by the originality and creativity of his artwork, but also touched by his committed  fight against the trafficking of endangered species. This is a cause  very close to all of the streetart360 team and i’m sure also to many of you as readers. StreetArt360 is  preparing an event highlighting the need of wildlife preservation in collaboration with other major organisations  at the end of the year, which will take place  in the United Kingdom. We will give you  more information about this soon. Stay tuned!  So today we will present you a great street artist,  Juan Travieso explaining who he is, where he comes from, his work, his projects, his collaboration with Perrier and his involvement for animal protection …  i’m sure you’ll appreciate his artwork and the cause he represents. 

Who is Juan Travieso?

Juan Travieso is an urban artist born in Cuba in 1987, in La Havana, and now  based in USA both in  Miami and New York City. His unique style gives a new meaning to our previous perspective  of what makes a portrait. The subjects which can  be humans or animals  find themselves extended in space by an abundance of colors, geometric shapes, 3D images, fractal effects and even  anamorphism on his mural artworks  … One can see in his artwork the obvious influence of Surrealism, even abstract expressionism all mixed by the creative  genius of Juan.  This leads us to a unique and crazy style. I  would define Juan’s art style as Surrealist Digital Age Urban Art.

Tiger by Juan Travieso
Tiger by Juan Travieso

Juan Travieso Art

Juan Travieso has  exhibited in different museums in the United States.  His work has been discovered  in Berkshire Museum,  MOAH Museum, Naples Museum of Art,  Ft Lauderdale Museum, Honolulu Museum Art School, Orlando Museum,  , Cornell Museum, … He  graduated from  New World School of the Arts in Miami Florida ,  Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California, and more recently he received a Masters of Fine Arts  from The Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. His work has been shown in many  international exhibitions, namely New York, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles … Juan’s work is strongly influenced by his Cuban origins and his own life experience and history with colors and geometric shapes recalling  his roots.  The majority of his artwork involves painting animals as this is an issue very  close to his heart and soul, “the struggle for the preservation of wild species”.  Travieso’s primary medium is painting, and he regularly uses acrylic, oil, gouache, and ink, with the help of tape to create angular lines. His paintings involve images ranging from Political propaganda and cartoons, to the iconic figures of the Cuban revolution.  Ambition and audacity are the qualities and spirit of Juan’s work. Juan  is an artist who does not leave onlookers indifferent and  offers an immense pleasure to the eyes and to the soul.

More About Juan Travieso: Juan Travieso Facebook PageInstagram Website 

Burrow Owl by Juan Travieso
Burrow Owl by Juan Travieso

Juan Travieso a committed street artist

Juan created a few month ago an artworks  collection called  “Endangered Birds”  He realized after two years of painting that the message from these works would  be expressed through power in numbers. The more different bird  species he painted, the more the audience could understand the great value of their loss for humanity.
One of Juan dreams  is to have once a retrospective exhibition with all of his bird paintings under the same roof.  Such an event  would be a grand statement on the toll  we have taken on nature and a strong message sent to everybody about the importance to preserve wildlife. As Juan said when we met ” Wildlife protection is so important to me. If we don’t do anything  what will we leave to our children?  Just memories? I don’t want that!  Animal species such as tigers, wolves, birds …    are a part of a whole called earth  and they are endangered. Everyone needs to be involved now, as very soon it will be too late, my art  is my contribution to this fight” 

I do believe an artist’s role is important in such a cause.  Juan Travieso as ROA, Dzia, Urbanimal …  are those who with  their artworks raise awareness, inform, and highlight  the importance of wildlife protection! Thank’s Juan for your commitment.

Juan Travieso Closeup of tiger section finished. Collaboration with Miguel Machado
Juan Travieso Closeup of tiger section finished. Collaboration with Miguel Machado

Perrier Art tradition: “Bubbles fits with Art”

After the great painters Salvador Dalí and Andy Warhol, the musicians Édith Piaf and Serge Gainsbourg,  the performer Dita Von Teese, the street artists JonOne, Sasu, Atlas and Eduardo Kobra,  it’s the time for Juan Travieso to offer “sparkling” artworks  for Perrier the famous  water brand .
We can now discover Juan Travieso’s contribution on limited editions PERRIER cans and bottles.
Juan was brilliant!  He creatively used these forms of bottles and cans  to magnify his artwork. Far from being easy he has had to quadruple his creativity, imagination, ingeniosity and technique  to achieve exceptional artworks, thus Perrier bottle has become an amazing  new street art canvas!

Perrier Tin Can by Juan Travieso
Perrier Tin Can by Juan Travieso

Perrier bottle become a Street Art Canvas – by Juan Travieso

Juan Travieso worked with Perrier to create an artistic limited edition of the brand, continuing Perrier’s long established collaboration with artists .   This time highlighting  the form of street art . Learn about Juan, where he finds inspiration, and his most recent Perrier project  through his own words  by watching his Youtube video …

Juan Travieso Art Photo Gallery:

Juan Travieso street art Two Tigers
Juan Travieso street art Two Tigers
Juan Travieso street art mural in Miami
Juan Travieso mural in Miami
juan travieso Exhibit B. Acrylic on wood panel
juan travieso Exhibit B. Acrylic on wood panel
Juan travieso painting of a feline
Juan travieso painting
Juan travieso Lion Perrier Painting
Juan Travieso “Lion” – Perrier
Juan Travieso collab Perrier Gorilla
Juan Travieso “Gorilla” Perrier
Juan Travieso "Tiger" Perrier
Juan Travieso “Tiger” Perrier
Perrier Bottle by Juan Travieso
Perrier Bottle by Juan Travieso







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