Freddy by Gnasher

Halloween Street Art and Graffiti

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It’s Halloween! The time for all things scary! Vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, skeletons, zombies, Frankenstein, Dracula, …  are walking our towns and cities. Carved pumpkins will appear everywhere, kids knocking on doors calling “trick or treat”. Many of us will organise or take part in costume parties, … Tonight will see lots of scares and [….]

case maclaim in Basel

Case Maclaim “A hand gesture can say a thousand words”

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Andres Von Chrzanowski aka CASE Maclaim is one of the most creative and innovative urban artists Europe has seen so far. CASE Maclaim was born in 1979 and grew up in East Germany. Case is one of the founders  of the East German crew Ma’Claim which is probably one of the most renowned urban art [….]

street art masterpiece by Belin

Belin “when cubism and surrealism converge in urban art”

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I was so very happy to have the opportunity to meet and interview the fantastic street artist, Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes aka Belin, who I must confess is one of my favourite street artists at present! From Spain, Belin is extremely creative and original in his artwork. Belin is renowned for several years within the [….]

Anders Gjennestad galerie mathgoth street art in Paris

ART ELYSEES – ART & DESIGN In Paris (19th to 23rd october 2017)

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La foire Art Élysées – Art & Design fair continues to evolve and grow, becoming ever more qualitative and strong in its identity of Street Art, Modern Art and “Classical contemporary”. Fans, collectors and street art professionals like Galerie Mathgoth are representative of this as their visitor numbers grow year by year. Art Élysées – [….]

BANKSY Print Release Lottery

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BANKSY Print Release Lottery – Banksy is finally releasing a print via a lottery on the Pictures On Walls website . Banksy “Sale Ends” £500 Originally produced for the Barely Legal show in 2006 this print was substantially re-worked by the artist and then left on a shelf. POW have the full edition of 500 [….]

Thiago Goms art

Thiago Goms – a love affair with cats

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I have pleasure in sharing with you, a recent interview by Thiago Goms an artist who creates amazing artworks mainly on the theme of cats! One of my favorite subjects! This is what he had to say for Streetart360 readers followed by a colorful gallery of inspiring murals all of which use the beautiful form [….]

Mr Cenz Underground effect, Paris 2017

Interview with Mr Cenz “when lines, curves and colors become poetry”

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Today i invite you to discover Mr Cenz a very famous London based Street Artist, internationally renowned  for his amazing street art colored futuristic female portraits. It’s absolutely unique!  Mr Cenz will have a solo show called ‘Expansions’ in France at Galerie Bartoux in October 2017. If you’ve never seen any of his artworks i’m [….]

Swed Oner Art

Interview with Swed Oner “Talented French Street Art and Graffiti artist”

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Hi Swed, great to meet you. Swed Oner is your artist name? Can you tell us a bit more why you’ve chosen this name? Hi Laurent. My name is Swed Oner, I am 32 years old, my artist name comes from my past, having been a big weed smoker… I chose my artist name one [….]

Fintan Magee Savigny-le-Temple Wall Street Art Festival 2017 6

Fintan Magee new Fresco in France

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Fintan Magee is an Australian Street Artist Born in Lismore (New South Wales). Having grown up in Brisbane, he is now based in Sydney and has become internationally known for his Gigantic murals throughout Australia and the rest of the world. Fintan is a strongly committed artist involved in environmental preservation, human rights, … etc. [….]

cat mural by RogueOne

Cats in Street Art and Graffiti

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Many artists seem to be fascinated by cats, finding them inspirational, cats have been prominent in many artworks both past and still now in current day. An artistic free spirit and these distinct felines have had a long history in common, especially in painting. Since ancient Egypt, where they were considered as gods, cats were [….]