Street artist from Ghent - Flanders - Belgium. Roa street art masterpiece "Bird"

ROA “Lifesize Animal Murals”

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As this week is devoted to Street art in Flanders, It is absolutely essential to dedicate an article to ROA. ROA is a Belgium Street Artist from Ghent and probably one of the most famous urban artist’s in the world. Whether on social networks or on a wall, it is likely we have all seen [….]

Street artists from Belgium Flanders . Roa mural

Flanders Street Artists you absolutely need to know

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Tomorrow Wednesday 20th of September 2017 i’am attending the opening of the Urban Art Press trip in Flanders. To start this occasion i’m presenting to StreetArt360 readers a selection of best street artists and graffiti artists from Flanders. Special thanks to Visit Antwerpen , Visit Gent,  Visit Flanders. Follow us on social networks with:  #visitantwerp [….]

Fin DAC Artwork in Breda

Interview with Fin DAC

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Hi Fin DAC, great to meet you . I’m really pleased you’ve accepted this interview for StreetArt360. I’m a great fan of your art and I feel you’re probably at the origin of my growing passion for urban art. I fell in love a few years ago with your geisha stencil under Vitry-Sur-Seine Train Station [….]

Pijanista Belgrade

Street Art in Belgrade “Book launch in Paris”

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In a few days the book “Street Art Belgrade”  by Aleksandar Djordjevic will be released in bookstores. For this release  an exhibition will be held in Paris. This gives an  opportunity for StreetArt360  to talk about Belgrade, one of the street art capital cities in Europe,  present you Aleksandar’s  book  and invite you  to  visit [….]

Mona Lisa street art, Columbus, Ohio

Mona Lisa “On the Wall”

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Mona Lisa, “La Joconde” in French,  is one of the most emblematic portraits in the international history of painting. Painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century,  Mona Lisa entered the collections of the courtyard of France to finally be part of the artworks exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris. It is said [….]

Dan Ferrer is a Spanish Street Artist. A mural painted by the artist . A woman praying

Interview with Dan Ferrer – Street Artist from Spain

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Hi Dan, great to meet you . I’m really pleased you’ve accepted this interview for StreetArt360. I’m a great fan of your art and i wanted to know a little bit who is behind theses incredibly creative murals signed Dan Ferrer First, can you tell us where you are from and where you’re based today? [….]

New Banksy artwork in Folkestone ?

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Yesterday a strange and mysterious artwork suddenly popped up outside New Look’s store  in Bouverie Place in Folkestone (United Kingdom), imitating one of Banksy’s most  famous pieces called  “Art Buff”. For the anecdote Banksy’s  “Art Buff”  appeared in Folkestone 3  years ago. Sadly this artwork that appeared on the side of Palace Amusements arcade in Payers [….]

Dancer mural . A street art masterpiece by ukrainian street artist Sasha Korban

Street Art Best Of August 2017

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As Every month here’s StreetArt360 Best of Street Art. All these artworks were realised in the last few weeks. If our urban art selection was a wine i would say “August is a fantastic Vintage Wine ! ” It has been very difficult to make a selection of artworks for my August’s street art and [….]