Ghent Street Art Guide and Map

I am delighted to have been invited and to take part in the Press Street Art trip in Flanders organised by Visit Flanders and Visit Ghent (also written Gent and Gand), our first destination is the city of Ghent.

Ghent is the fourth largest city in Belgium and home to nearly 250,000 inhabitants. Located near to an important river port, the city center of Ghent is a pedestrianised area that could be mistaken for a historical museum of Flemish architecture and still portrays the previous legacy of  medieval life within the city. Impressive Gothic sites, such as the Cathedral of St. Bavon, are breathtaking. This is a must see!

Ghent was the capital of the old county of Flanders, a large drapier and merchant city, and afterwards the birthplace of Charles V, from the twelfth century onward, and through the subsequent centuries Ghent flourished both economically and culturally. After the radiant period of the 16th century, Ghent today retains an abundant architectural heritage which embellishes its city center. In addition, it currently contains an intense cultural life and mix from museums and The Arts to annual festivals (Gentse Feesten) attracting nearly two million visitors and an international film festival, making the city a tourist center at the foreground! With the artworks of  Flemish masters assembled in the sumptuous Museum of Fine Arts.

And within this eclectic mix,  Street Art  and Graffiti?  The streets and walls of this wonderful Flemish city are a maze of creative artworks from native artists such as Cee Pil, Mr Mong, Klaas Van der Linden, Bue the Warrior, Resto and Sam Scarpulla  and artists from around the world, among which are Chase, ROA, Steve Locatelli, Smates, Bisser, A Squid Called Sebastian, Jesus Benitez, Super A, Violant  …

Do you need an online Guide to visit Ghent Street Art scene? Here it is!  A map, interesting streets, creative hubs, … and also where to drink or eat in creative places.

In This Guide you will find: Ghent Street Art Hot spots – Ghent Creative Hubs selection – Ghent Street Art Photo Gallery – A Street art Map of Ghent – Original places to Eat and Drink in Ghent

Ghent Street Art Hotspots:

Super A Artwork in Ghent . September 2017 for Sorry Not Sorry festival
Super A in Ghent – Sorry Not Sorry Fest – September 2017

City Centre: 
Take you time, and by walk or by bike, discover the historical center of Ghent. You will find amazing  graffitis and street artworks   almost everywhere, on every street corner. Use  the Street Art Cities Ghent map and mobile app. And you won’t miss a thing!

Here are some hot spots (Street Names that have street art and graffiti murals to discover)

  • Parijsberg: Walls by Strook, De Papzakken, Bue & Chase
  • Miriam Makebaplein: Wall by Michaël Borremans
  • Korianderstraat: Wall by Bue, Jamz & Cum Collective
  • Ketelvest, view from the bridge: Mural by Roa & Bue
  • Zuidstationstraat, cornerhouse: Wall by Siegfried Vynck
  • Pelikaanstraat: Artwork by Pol Cosmo
  • Jan Palfijnstraat: School of Murals & students from Kask
  • Stadshal/townhall: Mural by  Michaël Borremans
  • Korenmarkt: Artworks by Ayşe Erkmen en Ann Veronica Janssens
  • Sluizekenkaai: Walls by  Bue & Phase, Bue & Madame La Belges
  • Sleepstraat: Mural Artwork by A Squid Called Sebastian, Violant
  • Willem De Beersteeg: Street Art mural by Resto
  • Rembert Dodoensdreef: Graffiti artwork by Klaas Van Der Linden
  • Kraankindersstraat: Street Art Murals by A Squid Called Sebastian, Mr Mong, Strook,Mr Mong, Roa, Bue, Jean Spezial
  • Désiré Fiévéstraat: Erica Il Cane & Bastardilla, 2014, for Mira Miro

Sorry, not Sorry fest:
The City of Ghent brings Street Art, graffiti and Urban art to the forefront  by means of the “Sorry, Not Sorry festival”. More than 40 cultural partners and over 70 international and local artists have contributed to this four day event.  During the festival, visitors and art fans have been able to enjoy performances, view new murals, graffiti and art installations throughout the city. In September 2017 murals by  Violant (Portugal) SUPER A (Netherlands) etc ... For more informations visit  Sorry Not Sorry Website and map 

Situated in the old harbor of Ghent, Grinbakken is a legal zone open to street art and graffiti artists. In this zone of the doks, everything is changing constantly as one artist succeeds another thus replacing the previous artworks.  Amazing and very creative  graffiti  artworks everywhere! Often you can be left speechless with the discovery of incredible new talents. Grindbakken is an area full of emotion that will appeal to all lovers of graffiti and street art.

Ghent Creative Hubs:

Sam Scarpulla in ghent at Kapow Collective workshop
Sam Scarpulla in ghent at Kapow Collective workshop

Kapow collective:
Sam Scarpulla Kingdom!  Kapow is an organic artistic collective, constantly growing and seeking new talent. Graffiti artists, Street Artists, Musicians, Film Makers, … All creative artistic expression is welcome in the temple of creation which is Kapow in the city of Ghent.  It’s a place you must visit to meet artists and discover some Street Art masterpieces by Bisser, Klaas Van der Linden …
Visit Kapow Facebook Page 

Topo Copy:
A fantastic “openlab research center” for print, zines, paper, copy, ink and art … with a self-publishing label & library, activities such as workshops,  lectures, interventions and exhibitions take place in this incredible space. Topo Copy is a cool and social project by El Topo, Jonas Nachtergaele (a.k.a. Copy), Jens Wijnendaele and Dries Deriemaeker.  They operate an open atelier with machines for creation using ink and paper! And they print Riso! A must see and must visit in Ghent. You can contact them through their Website. You will be made very welcome.
Topo Copy Website

Ghent Street Art Maps and Mobile App

You can use this great mobile app, constantly updated by street art and graffiti local enthusiasts. You will effortlessly find street art murals, graffiti artworks and creative hubs in Ghent through using this mobile app (available on Android Play Store and Apple App Store) . This will help you  plan a walk or bike ride to discover  Ghent’s urban art scene and historical city (click the banner to access the map)

 Places to Eat & Drink in Ghent

where to eat and drink in Ghent

Here is a selection of cool and good locations established with collaboration from local Street Artists and Urban Art lovers in Ghent.  Having visited these bars, shops and restaurants  on my recent trip, i was most welcomed by the friendly locals and would have no hesitation in recommending  the places i have listed if you wish to experience Ghent away from the typical tourist paths.

By Nicolas Vanaise. You’re looking for creative and delicious chocolates? This is the place! A mix of Art and Gastronomy. A must!

De Superette 
Is a bakery and restaurant by Kobe Desramaults (very famous Belgium chef). The most delicious bread i have experience in a while, amazing pizzas and very creative food.

Bibb Gent:
Fusion Tapas & Cocktail bar. BiBB is a rooftop tapas bar in Gent. Very creative food in a very original rooftop space. I recommend.

Drinks, dinner, on a boat in Ghent doks? Then this is  for you. Amazing food and cool price.

De Dulle Griet:
Belgium = beer. And here you can choose from more than 500 beers. Touristic, but when in Belgium you must try some Belgium beer.

A vast menu of shots, many different tastes and flavors for you to try.  A special atmosphere for both locals and tourists.

Holy Food Market:
Here you can experience Street Food in the beautiful surroundings of an old chapel. More expensive but great food

Hot dogs with a twist. Created by a famous Belgian chef.

Balls & Glory:
Meat balls and vegetables, that’s all they serve … but damn good

Hot Club de Gand:
Jazz club, with good drinks and regular concerts

Pizza has been revisited. Excellent … and served with beer

Bar with fantastic drinks, and regular concerts

Vegan restaurant  by buffet … much choice and some  amazing vegan  discoveries.

De Loge:
Bar with small food menu (Tasty organic food & Great Value) Regular concerts from local talents

Le Bal Infernal:
Café, relaxing atmosphere between old books.

OR Coffee:
Coffee house that imports it’s own coffee beans, exclusive tastes at this venue for coffee lovers.

Clouds in my coffee:
Coffee & food in a great environment, where creative people also sell some goods (can be busy)

Bar Bricolage and DOK, these are summer bars that close at the end of September. Reopens spring.

About Street Art in Flanders: 

Flanders Street Artists you absolutely need to know – Stan Slabbinck aka STSJASTA “Street Art in Flanders” –  ROA “Lifesize Animal Murals” – Interview with Smates “Talented Street Artist from Flanders” – Dzia Street Artist from Antwerp “Animals on the wall” – SMOK interview in Antwerp Klaas Van der Linden “talented street artist based in Ghent” Interview with Sam Scarpulla “Street Artist in Ghent”

Ghent Street Art  Gallery: 

Grindbakken Graffiti Hotspot in Ghent
Grindbakken Graffiti Hotspot in Ghent
Grindbakken Graffiti Hotspot in Ghent
Grindbakken Graffiti Hotspot in Ghent
Grindbakken Graffiti Hotspot in Ghent
Grindbakken Graffiti Hotspot in Ghent
Mattew Dawn artwork in Ghent
Mattew Dawn in Ghent
Resto in Ghent
Resto in Ghent
Gijs Vanhee artwork in Ghent at Kapow collective workshop
Gijs Vanhee artwork in Ghent (Kapow Workshop)
Bisser Bisser artwork in Ghent at Kapow collective
Bisser Bisser artwork in Ghent (Kapow Workshop)
A Squid Called Sebastian in Ghent
A Squid Called Sebastian in Ghent
DhearJesus Benitez in Ghent
DhearJesus Benitez in Ghent
Sam Scarpulla Mural "Car" in Gent
Sam Scarpulla Mural “Car” in Ghent
At Kapow Collective in Ghent - By Kaas Van Der Linden
At Kapow Collective in Ghent – By Kaas Van Der Linden
ROA in Ghent
ROA in Ghent
Violant Artwork in Ghent – Sorry Not Sorry fest – September  2017
LOST AT SEA WallPainting By Klaas Van der Linden In Ghent City BELGIUM
“LOST AT SEA”  WallPainting By Klaas Van der Linden In Ghent City

And Many More ….  

Special Thanks to great people and street art lovers from Ghent:

Katalin Chovanetz: Visit Gent
Dries Van Melkebeke and Sam De Brabander #sorrynotsorrygent Sorry Not Sorry Gent 
Ferdinand Feys:  InstagramFlickr 

And of course thank’s to the artists we met in Ghent during that press trip: Sam Scarpulla, Violant, Super A, Klaas Van der Linden

Photos by: StreetArt360 and Ferdinand Feys 

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