Dzia Street Artist from Antwerp “Animals on the wall”

Dzia is a Belgian Flanders street artist from Antwerp and something of an enigma. Not much is known about this artist and he strongly keeps a mystery on who he is.
However, one thing is clear, he is an extremely talented artist in every sense! His original artistic creations catch immediately the attention of passers-by.

It is notable that the vast majority of his artworks represent exotic wild animals or European countryside animals. Always painted with a very singular technique mixing geometric shapes and colors.

Diza street artist from flanders artwork in Norway "birds"
Diza artwork in Norway “birds”

Another particularly important thing seems to be the fact that he chooses with great attention the places where he creates his works.

An abandoned wall becomes the new shelter for a deer, a lion will be found on a rust-covered aeration grill, a fox will sit next to a half-broken door, a bird will be laid on an old brick wall …
You quickly understand by observing Dzia paintings and the places where they are installed that dzia wishes to see the city flowing once again by fauna, giving back to the city its wild character. Symbolically the objects and constructions of the city transform into the clearing of a sub-wood, a tree and its branches, …
The puddle at the edge of a sidewalk will become a pond, a grey wall the rock where a bird will land, …

Dzia artwork in Antwerp . Rabbits on a wall
Dzia artwork in Antwerp

I sincerely believe that Dzia is an artist who, in such a delicate and creative way, gives urban dwellers an image of what has been lost: nature, fauna and flora.
Dzia’s artworks can be found in Flanders (Antwerp, Ghent) and all around Europe . I most recently discovered a fantastic lion Mural and a poetic Dear in Glasgow just a few weeks ago .
I hope you enjoy his work as much as I!

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Dzia Artworks Gallery:

Dzia street artist from Antwerp paint a cat on a wall
Art by Dzia “cat”
Dia from Antwerp paint a fish in Norway
Dzia mural in Norway
Dzia street artist from Antwerp. flamingo mural
Dzia street art flamingo
Dzia Street artist from Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium . A mural painted in Italy Torino
Dzia Artwork in Torino
Dzia Artwork in Glasgow, Scotland
Dzia Artwork in Glasgow, Scotland
Dzia artwork in Etterbeek ” a fox”
Dzia , A lion in the streets of Glasgow
Dzia , A lion in the streets of Glasgow
Dzia from Antwerp . Mural of a fox in Etterbeek
Dzia Artwork
Dzia Artwork
Dzia Artwork in Breda
Dzia street artist from Antwerp
Dzia street artist
Dzia street art mural of a "Rat"
Dzia street art “Rat”

Photos: by courtesy of Dzia , and by StreetArt360 for Glasgow 

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