Flanders Street Artists you absolutely need to know

Tomorrow Wednesday 20th of September 2017 i’am attending the opening of the Urban Art Press trip in Flanders. To start this occasion i’m presenting to StreetArt360 readers a selection of best street artists and graffiti artists from Flanders.

Special thanks to Visit Antwerpen , Visit Gent,  Visit Flanders.

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You are  planning a trip in Belgium? You would like to visit Flanders? And you Love Street Art?
Flanders  is very welcoming and its amazing cities Ghent (Gent), Antwerp (Antwerpen) , Bruges (Brugge), Leuven … are  full of creative artworks.
Of course you will discover Flanders delicious Beers, sweet chocolates, amazing gastronomy, you must absolutely try the famous Carbonnade named in Flemish  “Stoofvlees” …
You’ll discover the fantastic historical patrimony of the main cities of this amazing  part of Belgium.
But did you know that Flanders is nowdays one of the most important street art hotspots in the world?
Did you know Flanders is an amazing source of artistic creation?
It’s never easy to establish a “best of” list of artists, but i would like you to discover a group of very creative artists from and based in Flanders.
You’ll discover their artworks in Ghent (Gent), Antwerp (Antwerpen) … and also all around the world.
Please don’t hesitate to comment and give us other artists names that we haven’t been able to mention and we’ll add them.


ANTWERP Street Artists

Steve Locatelli
Steve is a Belgian street artist and contemporary artist very well known for his colourful artworks often featuring skulls.
He is an important figure in the street art scene in Flanders and reknown all around the world. His murals can be seen all over Belgium (Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, …) and also in Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom, …
Links: Website Facebook profile – InstagramTwitter

Steve Locatelli in Ghent, Belgium
Steve Locatelli in Ghent, Belgium
Steve Locatelli in front of his famous artwork representing a gun - Antwerp
Steve Locatelli in front of his artwork – Antwerp

Dzia is a very talented Belgium Street Artist based in his hometown of Antwerp. Dzia is something of an enigma, and such a mysterious artist.
His murals always represent animals and pop up all over the city’s walls, bringing life to abandoned urban areas. He’s an extremely  committed artist for animal preservation!
You can discover his artworks all around Europe as well as appearing in other cities all across Europe.
Links: Article about Dzia – Website Instagram

Dzia mural of a Fox - Etterbeek Belgium Flanders
Dzia “Fox” – Etterbeek
Cat on the prowl by Dzia
Cat on the prowl by Dzia

Antwerp-based street artist Smok has a fantastic talent for making lively photorealistic murals of animals. In every artwork his focus is primarily on only one animal which he magnifies!
Taken from their wild environment animals are placed in urban areas creating a kind of urban jungle.
Links: Interview with SMOK –  WebsiteFacebook 

Monkey mural by SMOK in Edegem Flanders
Smok – Edegem, Flanders
Smok tribute to René Magritte - Flanders
Smok tribute to René Magritte – Flanders

Discover more artists: Rise One – Joachim 



Bart Smeets, better known as Smates, is a Belgian street artist born in Asse (close to Brussels) and now based in Mechelen. He’s one of the street art hyper realistic movement masters.
His masterpieces can be seen not only in Flanders (Antwerp, Ghent,…) but all around the world.
Links:Interview with Smates – WebsiteFacebook Profile

Smates famous dog in Flanders photo by Gijs Vanhee
Smates famous dog mural in Flanders photo by Gijs Vanhee
Smates for DayOne Festival in Roeselare
Smates for DayOne Festival in Roeselare – Flanders

Gijs Vanhee
Gijs Vanhee is a Graphical artist and a street artist from Mechelen in Belgium Flanders. His artworks are often focused on animals brought forward in detail through the creativity and original perspective of the artist.
Using vivid colours he paints walls in a unique and very poetic manner.
Links: Facebook ProfileWebsite 

Gijs Vanhee - Ghent
Gijs Vanhee – Ghent
Gijs Vanhee - Antwerpen street art
Gijs Vanhee – Antwerpen

Matthew Dawn
Matthew is a very creative graffiti artist from Belgium. Creator of the TINYPINK stencil cap.
Links: Website TwitterInstagramPinterestUtube

Matthew Dawn Street Art - Belgium Flanders
Matthew Dawn Street Art – Belgium Flanders
Matthew Dawn Street Art - Belgium Flanders
Matthew Dawn Street Art – Belgium Flanders


GHENT Street Artists 

Roa is a street artist from Ghent in Belgium. His artwork has often been recorded and photographed, and he’s one of the most famous and renowned international urban artists in the world. He has painted murals through the 5 continents.
But very little is known about him and he keeps strongly this mystery. His art technique is absolutely amazing and he only paints animals, often with a strongly committed message.
Links: Article about ROA –  An Unofficial Facebook fan page for ROA

ROA rabbits mural in GENT
Buffalo mural by Roa in Doel village - Antwerp - Flanders
Roa in Doel village – Antwerp – Flanders

A squid Called Sebastian
A Squid Called Sebastian (ASCS) was born in Belmont, Massachusetts (USA) where he discovered graffiti and street art culture. His family moved and settled in Belgium in 1989. He’s a very creative and talented artist. I invite you to discover his murals and artwork.
Links: WebsiteInstagramFacebook

A Squid Called Sebastian - Antwerp
A Squid Called Sebastian – Antwerp
A Squid Called Sebastian - Ghent
A Squid Called Sebastian – Ghent

Mr Mong
Mr. Mong lives and works in Ghent.Humor. Horror. Monkeys. Girls with Curls. Rock ‘n’ Roll.
These are his favorite ingredients that could serve you an exclusive Mr. Mong cocktail to sip.
Links: WebsiteInstagramFacebook

Mr Mong collaboration with Derm
Mr Mong collaboration with Derm
Mr Mong Artwork
Mr Mong Artwork

Klaas Vanderlinden
Flemish street artist Klaas Van der Linden loves nothing more than a few aerosol cans, some tubs of paint and a massive wall.
Links:Street Art360 Article about Klaas Van Der Linden   WebsiteFacebook 

Klaas Van der Linden Artwork
Klaas Van der Linden Artwork
Klaas Van der Linden - Ghent
Klaas Van der Linden Ghent


Bue the warrior
Bué travels around the world to find new exiting places and lets the environment influence his work. His paintings and interventions are always inspired by the direct surroundings of the wall or by the people he meets on the road.
Links: Website Twitter Instagram 

Bue the Warrior
Bue the Warrior
Bue the Warrior
Bue the Warrior


Sam Scarpulla
Born in 1985 Sam Scarpulla is a US/Belgian contemporary artist deriving from the global street art movement. Sam who has New York, Sicilian and Belgian blood running through his veins, grew up in an artistic family in Italy and studied graphic arts in Ghent, Belgium.
Links: Facebook Page Instagram

Sam Scarpulla - Ghent
Sam Scarpulla – Ghent
Sam Scarpulla Art
Sam Scarpulla Art

Discover more artists:  Resto (Article on I Support Street Art) Cee Pil (Artist Facebook Page) 


Siegfried Vynck
Siegfried Vynck is an Ostend-born artist whose inspirations spur from the Baroque art , surrealism, japanese manga , pop art, and also comic books. He also belongs to the world of graffiti, as the majority of his artworks are executed with the spray can paint.
Links: Facebook Profile

Siegfried Vynck - Antwerpen
Siegfried Vynck – Antwerpen
Collab Marz Nulvijf, Jatse Verschoore, Siegfried Vynck et Boris Lostflammos
Collab Marz Nulvijf, Jatse Verschoore, Siegfried Vynck et Boris Lostflammos


Bisser is a 25 year old Belgian street artist, born in Leuven and studying animation in Ghent. Bisser’s comic book inspired graffiti and drawings became popular after Bloop Festival in Ibiza, Spain.
Links: Facebook Page 

Bisser Mural in Ghent
Bisser Mural in Ghent
artwork by Bisser
artwork by Bisser


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STREET ART AND GRAFFITI IN FLANDERS  – Visit GhentVisit AntwerpThis is Antwerp 

Pictures by courtesy of the artists 

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