New Banksy artwork in Folkestone ?

Yesterday a strange and mysterious artwork suddenly popped up outside New Look’s store  in Bouverie Place in Folkestone (United Kingdom), imitating one of Banksy’s most  famous pieces called  “Art Buff”.

For the anecdote Banksy’s  “Art Buff”  appeared in Folkestone 3  years ago. Sadly this artwork that appeared on the side of Palace Amusements arcade in Payers Park in 2014 was devastated  by graffiti and later sent to auction in Miami by the building’s owners.

It seems to be a copycat version of Banksy’s  famous piece.  Created on to a free-standing canvas the artwork has had much attention with crowds gathering daily.  The artwork is coned off and states  “Pre-Brexit price only £300 k”

We look forward to hearing communication of  Banksy in the next few days for validation that it is indeed his work.

Banksy Artwork in Folkestone
Original Banksy Artwork in Folkestone called “Art Buff”
"Art Buff" by Banksy
“Art Buff” by Banksy
“Banksy Like”  artwork – Photo ©Kent Online


Banksy Website : Here 



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