Street Art Best Of August 2017

As Every month here’s StreetArt360 Best of Street Art. All these artworks were realised in the last few weeks.
If our urban art selection was a wine i would say “August is a fantastic Vintage Wine ! ”
It has been very difficult to make a selection of artworks for my August’s street art and graffiti best of!
Indeed so many artworks created during the last 4 weeks are pure street art and graffiti masterpieces.
I know that this selection remains subjective and i unfortunately can’t show you all the “art wonders” created during this fertile month of August.
This month you’ll dicover artworks by: Wasp Elder(British street artist based in Berlin), Lonac (Street Artist from Croatia),
Edardo Kobra (Famous Brazilian Urban Artist), David Zayas (talented artist from Puerto Rico), Jade Rivera (from Peru), Fintan Magee (So talented street artist from Australia), Bkfoxx (USA), Case Maclaim (Germany), Adnate, Marka27, Sasha Korban (the Famous Ukrainian Muralist), Gomez, Zed1, Dale Grimshaw, Dan Kitchener, Rone, Gnasher, Akse P19, Mantra Rea, Jody  …

Feel free to comment on our August best of selection suggesting your personal favorites if they’ve not already been included here! Enjoy!

Wasp Elder (Berlin based British street artist)
New mural in Moncton, Canada for the Festival Inspire.
Links: FacebookInstagramWeb

Wasp Elder fantastic mural in Canada
Wasp Elder new artwork in Moncton, Canada

Lonac (Croatia)
“Dionysus” new artwork in Bol, Brac island, Croatia for the Graffiti Na Gradele festival.
Links: FacebookInstagramWeb
Read also my Article about Lonac on StreetArt360

Lonac hyper realistic artwork mural of “Dionysus” ancient roman and greek god in Croatia
Lonac “Dionysus” new artwork in Croatia

Eduardo Kobra (Brazil)
Tribute to the French Painter Claude Monet in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
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fantastic mural by brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra - Tribute to Claude Monnet
Eduardo Kobra – Tribute to Claude Monet

David Zayas (Puerto Rico)
New artwork in Lynn, Massachusetts, USA for Beyond Walls.
Links: FacebookInstagram

very romantic artwork by David Zayas in USA
David Zayas in USA

Jade Rivera (Peru)
New mural in Jacó, Costa Rica for the Artify Jaco project.
Links: Facebook InstagramWeb

Jade Rivera new artwork
Jade Rivera in Costa Rica

Jody (England)
for Upfest in Bristol, UK, 2017
Links: Facebook

Jody at upfest 2017 in Bristol
Jody at upfest 2017 in Bristol

Fintan Magee (Australia)
“Walking in Circles” Artwork in Waterford, Ireland: New piece for the Waterford Walls.
Links: Blog FlickrFacebookInstagram

Fintan Magee - amazing mural in Waterford, Ireland
Fintan Magee – Mural in Waterford, Ireland

BKfoxx (USA)
New mural in New York, USA
Links: WebFacebook Instagram

hyper realistic new mural by Bkfoxx in New york
Artwork by Bkfoxx in New York

Ernesto Maranje (Miami based Spanish street artist)
Artwork in Beirut, Lebanon.
New piece for the launch of aptART‘s project in Lebanon called Paint Outside The Lines.
Links: WebFacebookInstagram

Ernesto Maranje new arwork in Beirut . A rhino on a wall
Ernesto Maranje in Beirut

Case Maclaim (Germany)
New artwork in Sweden, Karlstad, for The Bushwick Collective.
Case, aka Andreas von Chrzanowski, a founding member of the reknown East- Germany Ma’Claim Crew, has been a photorealism pioneer for over two decades, primarily using the medium of spray paint to embrace the power of movement through the universality of hands. “Power” and “movement” have individually played key roles in the backbone of his German roots, inspiring him to communicate his strong messages of unity and power by overlaying hands. The overlaying “movement” is not just the physical body movement but political movement, generally being left without a particular context in which the viewer is left to visualize the remaining story and/or emotion, relative to their current situations. Having travelled to over 20 countries he has literally left his fingerprints in each, continually leaving bits and pieces of a language understood by all – after all a hand gesture can tell a thousand words.
Links:  FacebookInstagram

Case Maclaim fantastic mural in Sweden
Case Maclaim mural in Sweden

Sonny Sundancer (British-born artist, living in South Africa)
New mural in Waterford, Ireland – For Waterford Walls.
Links: InstagramFacebookWeb

very new artwork by Sonny Sundancer in Ireland . Portrait of a tiger
Sonny Sundancer in Ireland

Adnate and Li-Hill collab
New mural for The Bushwick Collective – Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York
Links Adnate: WebInstagramFacebook
Links Li-Hill: WebFacebookTwitterinstagram

Amazing collab Adnate and Li-Hill in NY USA
Adnate and Li-Hill collab in New york

Marka27 (Based in Dallas, USA  and born in Mexico)
New artwork in Lynn, USA for Beyond Walls.
Links: FacebookInstagramWeb Twitter

Very poetic street art mural . Marka27 New artwork in USA
Marka27 New artwork in USA

Sasha Korban (Ukraine)
New Street Art masterpiece in Naples, Italy for In Wall We Trust – International Street Art Exhibition.
Links: FacebookInstagram

Dancer mural . A street art masterpiece by ukrainian street artist Sasha Korban
Sasha Korban street art masterpiece in Italy

GÔMEZ (Based in Italy and born in Venezuela)
New mural in Mosciano Sant’Angelo, Italy
Links: Facebook 

Street Art masterpiece in Italy, by Gomez . Portrait of a woman
New artwork by Gomez in Italy

Zed1 (Italy)
New artwork in San Gavino Monreale, Italy for Skizzo Association.
Links: FacebookInstagram

Zed 1 new artwork in italy
Zed 1 new artwork in Italy

Dale Grimshaw (England)
New mural in Hanover – Germany
Links: Facebook InstagramWeb
Read also my Article about Dale Grimshaw on StreetArt360

Dale Grimshaw new masterpiece in Hanover - Amazonian Native portrait
Dale Grimshaw new masterpiece in Hanover

Dan Kitchener (England)
New Street Art masterpiece in Eureka, California
Links: FacebookInstagramWeb – Twitter

Street Art masterpiece by Dank
Street Art masterpiece by Dan Kitchener in California

Rone (Australia)
New Artwork by Australian street artist Rone for The Omega project.
Links: InstagramWeb
Read Also my article about Rone on StreetArt360 

A new female portrait by australian street artist Rone
Rone new Street Art Masterpiece

Gnasher (England)
Fantastic hyper realistic portrait
Links: FacebookWeb
Read also my Article about Gnasher on StreetArt360

kid portrait by British street artist Gnasher
Gnasher Amazing new Artwork

Mantra (France)
Fantastic new mural in Wien, Austria.
Links: Facebook
Read Mantra interview on StreetArt360

butterfly mural by Mantra in Wien austria
Mantra street art masterpiece in Austria

Akse P19 (Street Artist Based in Manchester and born in France)
New Artwork portrait of Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) in London Shoreditch
Links: Facebook – Instagram – Web
Read also my article about Akse P19 on StreetArt360

Fantastic portrait of Tyrion Lannister by Akse P19 in London
Portrait of Tyrion Lannister by Akse P19 in London

All pictures by courtesy of the artists 

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  1. Alex says:

    Je suis fasciné par les papillons de mantra et la danseuse de korban. Très belle sélection. Merci.

  2. Patrick Wood says:

    S P E C T A C U L A R !!! The 3 dimensional effect is superb!!

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