Interview with Farid Rueda

Hi Farid, great to meet you.

Where are you from? Where do you live ?
I’m from Mexico City, I have my studio/atelier over there, but actually I live travelling around the world (Europe and Latino America)

How did it all start ? At school ? Later ?
I started to draw when I was kid, later I should to choice for a career and its when I studied at Fine Arts School in Mexico (Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas now called FAD, }facultad de Artes y Diseño); in this place I met a few street artists and under the influence of them I started to paint outside using only walls to express my anxiety and wishes.

Farid Rueda Street Artist from Mexico painting a colorfull Eagle
Farid Rueda, Mexican Street Artist

Are you only painting Murals ?
Since I started painting on wall I stopped painting on canvas, so yes, the most of my work now is based in paint murals. Now I’m very slowly working on digital illustration.

Where do you find your artistic inspiration?
Travel and paint is a good way to know and to have experiences that helps you grow your inspiration and perspective about yourself and what you want to do with your skills. So by this way was how I learned about my own roots as mexican and I discovered a lot inspiration from the culture already still existing in the country, during this process I got in contact with how important was the nature and the animals, so this was something define my thinking in themes when I paint.

A Frog painted mural by Mexican street artist Farid Rueda
Farid Rueda “Frog”

Did you collaborate with other artists?
Well, when I started to paint on walls I used to share more painting with friends of whom I learned a lot, over time and when defining my technique and style, along with my ideas, it was more difficult to combine or work as a team. So, I currently work only to have the freedom to experiment and continue to develop my own language.

Have you had any gallery exhibitions in the past ?
Yes, at the beginning of my career I got to participate in several exhibitions, but now I work outside the house and my workshop, which makes it difficult for me to work on canvas and prepare work for an exhibition.

colorful Mural "turtle" painted by Farid Rueda from Mexico
Farid Rueda “Turtle”

Do you have a “favorite” city, country where you love to paint ? Is there a dream place around the world you would like to go for a mural artwork ?
Sure, quite a few. I want to know without doubt more countries in Latin America, Chile, Brazil and Argentina lately call me much attention for the type of art they are generating and a dream would be to go to Machu Pichu in Peru, even if it was not to be painted.
Lately I have the desire to go to Thailand to learn about their culture and art, the connection they can have with nature and see the contrast with mine, I feel it is something that would help me to grow.
Africa is also a continent that I find interesting but the first ones I mentioned lead my desires.

Where can we discover your artworks ? Your Murals ?
Well, I’ve painted in some important capital cities, some of them in visible places, but this year happened a curious thing, I made murals in small towns or far from big cities, which was a great change compared to having painted in the Plaza del Pilar in Zaragoza, Spain or in the main avenue in Bogota, Colombia.
Some of the countries I have had the opportunity to paint have been Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Brussels, Germany, France, Italy, Estonia, Croatia, Serbia, Portugal, Holland, etc.

Wolf mural painted by Farid Rueda, street artist from Mexico
Farid Rueda “Wolf”

Do you have any particular artistic projects in the future ? Exhibitions ? Art fests ?
Right now I’m moving to Germany to paint for a comission in a privet house, after of this I should to go to Spain to paint in a festival in Santiago de Compostela, this is how I close this tour in europe and then I travel for a month to Colombia to be part in a cultural project and also in the edition of the international event Meeting of Styles.

Who are your favorite artists ?
Well, I have several favorite artist, not all of them are street artists. For example, Gustav Klimt, Alphons Mucha, Rembrandt, Picasso, Miguel Angel, like classical artist that I love.
Contemporary artist could be James Jean, Cix, who is a mexican street artist so amazing, Chiara Bautista, just to say someones.

Farid Rueda colorful Eagle
Farid Rueda “Eagle”

Do you want to tell us something else about you ?
Something that I discovered traveling was to know that everywhere I go people are surprised that I have managed to travel and live just painting, there was a time when I thought that this surprise was due to the lack of culture of people Or socioeconomic level in which I was, but traveling in different countries considered as an example of culture and economy, I realized that the surprise continued, it was then that I could understand that most people are not living the life they wanted for themselves, do not live out of their dreams and because of this they are surprised when someone dares and succeeds, people live in fear of failure and fear is the thing that make them to fails in life.
This is what I mean: Do whatever you do, do it because you love it, because every day of your life is justified by doing it. Peace …

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Farid Rueda Murals Gallery:

Farid Rueda street artist from Mexico colorful mural
Farid Rueda Artwork
Street art in Mexico . Owl painted by Farid Rueda street artist based in Mexico
Farid Rueda “Owl”
Farid Rueda colorful and creative Raccoon
Farid Rueda “Raccoon”
Farid Rueda creative and colorful Wolf
Farid Rueda “Wolf”
Farid Rueda Old man portrait mural
Farid Rueda “Old man portrait”
Farid Rueda Old man Portrait . Street Art in Mexico
Farid Rueda “Old man Portrait”
Farid Rueda colorful Tiger in Mexico
Farid Rueda “Tiger”
Farid Rueda incredible Tiger mural
Farid Rueda “Tiger”
Farud Rueda incredible seahorse mural
Farid Rueda “seahorse”
Farid Rueda from mexico painted an amazing mural of a colorful Caribou
Farid Rueda “Caribou”
Street Art in Mexico by Farid Rueda. Panther Mural
Farid Rueda “Panther”
Farid Rueda painting a "Feline"
Farid Rueda “Feline”
Farid Rueda so creative Artwork. Street Art in Mexico
Farid Rueda Artwork
Farid Rueda very colorful and creative Wolf
Farid Rueda “Wolf”
Farid Rueda famous Eagle street art mural
Farid Rueda “Eagle”
Farid Rueda street artist from Mexico painting a colorful panther
Farid Rueda painting a colorful panther
Farid Rueda Street Art
Farid Rueda Street Art
Farid Rueda Street Art
Farid Rueda Street Art
Farid Rueda Street Art
Farid Rueda Street Art
Farid Rueda Street Art
Farid Rueda Street Art

All Pictures by courtesy of Farid Rueda 


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