ArtRepublic announces 2017 Fantastic Artist lineup !

Today, ArtRepublic revealed 19 of the most creative names in street art from around the world set to come to North Florida during the organization’s sophomore year. The extended 12 day exhibition will return to Downtown Jacksonville later this fall, November 1 to 12, 2017. After a successful year one, ArtRepublic returns with Public Art exhibitions,  Fashion Design Gala,   Lecture Series and an immersive Digital Art Exhibition.

This year artists include Faith47, Hush, Okuda, Bik Ismo, 2Alas, Dourone, Martin Ron, Bisco Smith, Oiterone, Ricky Lee Gordon, Francisco Bosoletti, Shaun Thurston, Cent, Nico, Halsi, David Petroni, Mario Mankey and returning this year Astro. “This November I will be collaborating with Inka Kendzia on new experimental work during ArtRepublic. We are really excited to see the results that will unfold in this enchanted partnership”, says South African based Artist Faith47.

Okuda for Art Republic in Jacksonville USA

ArtRepublic is the avant-garde of the street art movement, going beyond beautification and highly curating a collection of the icons of the great street art movement. Offering artists new opportunities and resources to create boundary pushing work, filling voids in the art industry between gallery and museum. “I’m excited to see the ArtRepublic artists working in the city I grew up in”, says North Florida based Artist Shaun Thurston. ”Having always dreamed of our walls being covered in monumental artwork and I see that ArtRepublic is progressively helping to make these dreams come true. I’m honored to be included in the line-up of so many inspirational artists.”

Faith 47 for Art Republic fest in Jacksonville USA

ArtRepublic is the first privately-funded public art organization to offer artists the opportunities and resources to create boundary-pushing work establishing an intentional system for infusing art and culture to elevate and inspire communities that can be implemented globally. “This system consists of adhering to a standard of excellence in all curation, developing featured artists, thoughtful collaborations with the academic art world, brands and corporations and creating an atmosphere that nurtures growth amongst high performing individuals”, says Founder and Curator Jessica Santiago.

ArtRepublic 2017 Line UP: Discover some famous artworks of these artists

Faith47 is an internationally-acclaimed female street artist from South Africa. Born in Cape Town in 1979. She began painting in 1997, three years after the end of apartheid.
Links: FacebookBlog

Lions by Faith 47 in Johannesburg
Faith47 in Johannesburg
famous zebras painted by Faith47
Faith47 “Zebras”

Hush is a British street artist born in Newcastle. You can discover his artworks around the globe throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States.Hush has participated in both solo and group exhibitions and shows worldwide, including galleries in Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, London, Basel, San Francisco and Berlin.
Links: Facebook Blog

famous artwork bu Hush
Hush in USA

Okuda is a Spanish street artist born in Santander in 1980. Now living in Madrid.
Links: Blog

Okuda San Miguel painted church in Youssoufia
Okuda San Miguel painted church in Youssoufia
Okuda in Hong-Kong
Okuda in Hong-Kong

Bik Ismo:
Bik Ismo is the rising star of the Puerto Rican street art scene.
Links: Instagram

very famous artwork by street artist Bik Ismo: A dog in 3D
Bik Ismo famous 3D Dog
Artwork, mural by street artist BIK ISMO in Las Vegas
Bik Ismo in Las Vegas

Miami artists Andrew Antonaccio, born in NYC, and Filio Galvez, from Havana, Cuba, joined forces to create the 2Alas collective.
Links: FacebookInstagram

2Alas in Miami photo by Diana Larrea
2Alas in Miami photo by Diana Larrea

Dourone started with graffiti in Madrid, Spain in 1999. His style is defined as SENTIPENSANTE (Contraction of the word feeling and thinking. Style created by Uruguayan journalist and writer Eduardo Galeano). In 2012, he starts working with Elodieloll forming a team and living in several countries. Today they continue with their world tour.
Links: FacebookBlog

Dourone mural in Helsinki
Dourone in Helsinki
Dourone street art

Martin Ron:
Martin Ron is an Argentinian street artist based in Buenos Aires. Martin Ron specializes in the creation of large inspirational murals.
Links: FacebookBlog 

amazing mural by martin ron
Martin Ron Street art
street art by Martin Ron
Martin Ron

Bisco Smith:
Bisco Smith (born in 1980) is an American contemporary street artist whose work is characterized as a blend of graffiti deconstruction, abstract gesturalism, action painting, calligraphy and style writing.
Links: BlogTwitterInstagram

Bisco Smith artwork
Bisco Smith

Oiterone aka Mohamed Lghacham is a multidisciplinar artist who uses to combine pictorial language with street art techniques.
Link: Facebook

Oiterone artwork
Oiterone artwork

Ricky Lee Gordon:
Ricky is a self-taught artist born in Johannesburg South Africa in 1984. He moved to L.A in 2016 to study classical painting. He is well known for his large-scale murals that can be seen in cities all over the world, from New York to Istanbul and Madagascar to Kathmandu.
Link: Blog 

Ricky Lee Gordon Oostende Belgium 2017
Ricky Lee Gordon in Oostende Belgium 2017
Ricky Lee Gordon in KYIV UKRAINE 2016
Ricky Lee Gordon in KYIV UKRAINE 2016

Francisco Bosoletti:
Francisco is a young Argentinian street artist born in 1988, best known for his poetic and eclectic large-scale murals.
Link: Facebook

Francisco Bosoletti artwork
Francisco Bosoletti
Francisco Bosoletti mural
Francisco Bosoletti

Shaun Thurston:
Shaun is an American street artist born in 1979 in Jacksonville, Florida.
Links: Blog Facebookinstagram

Shaun Thurston mural
Shaun Thurston
Shaun Thurston Frog, Newnan and Adams, downtown Jax
Shaun Thurston

David Petroni:
David Petroni is a street artist born in Argentina.
Link: Instagram

David Petroni
David Petroni

Astro is a French Street Artist based in Paris. His artwork is between geometry, calligraphy, 3D and anamorphism .
Link: Blog

Astro street art
Astro mural


All pictures by courtesy of the artists




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