WWF Cause to double the Tigers – Street Artists contribute

Today, we have lost over 95% of the world’s wild tiger population. They were more than 100.000 just a century ago.
The reasons: Rampant hunting and habitat loss.
The Tiger is probably one of the most iconic animals on the planet.
Sadly less than 3.200 of them are still alive today!
A very ambitious and visionary species conservation goal was set by the governments of the 13 tiger range countries: to double the number of wild tigers by 2022 !
This is the “Tx2 goal”: Double the wild Tiger.
The WWF’s global tiger programme needs our help. Please donate generously what you can through the link :  Tx2 Goal 
Please help promote this cause by sharing on all your social media platforms.


Street Artists Artworks celebrating the Tiger:

Gnasher, Natalia RAK, Andrew Bourke, Otto Schade, Wild Welva, Mosko & associés, JXC, Ernesto Maranje, Rogue One, Klingatron, Spagnola, Seno, Kraser, Sonny, Farid Rueda, DaLeast, Insane51, Kremen, …

Tiger mural by English street artist Gnasher
Tigers Eyes painted by Gnasher
White tiger mural painted by Natalia Rak
White tiger by Natalia Rak
Tiger mural By Andrew Bourke
Tiger By Andrew Bourke
The Pink tiger by Mosko & associés
The Pink tiger by Mosko & associés
Tiger mural painted by English graffiti artist JXC
Tiger by JXC photo by Gary Kearns
tiger by Ernesto Maranje paints outside the lines in Portland
tiger by Ernesto Maranje
Famous mural of a tiger by Klingatron aka james Klinge in Glasgow scotland
Klingatron Tiger in Glasgow
Spagnola mural of a tiger
Tiger mural by Spagnola
Sock • Dens Tiger Mural
Sock • Dens “Tiger”
White tiger mural by Seno
White tiger by Seno
Tigers Painted by Otto Schade
Otto Shade Tigers
tiger mural painted by graffiti artist Kraser
Tiger by Kraser in Milan
Tiger mural painted by street artist Insane 51
Tiger by Insane51
Tiger painted by Hua Tunan
Hua Tunan Tiger
Tiger painted by Daleast in London Shoreditch
Tiger by DaLeast in London
Summers Mural in San Diego USA . Tiger
Tiger by Summer in San Diego
Tiger mural by Sonny
Tiger by Sonny
Tiger mural painted by scottish street artist RogueOne in Glasgow
Tiger by RogueOne in Glasgow
Tiger by Spanish Street Artist Wild Welva
Tiger by Wild Welva
Tiger Mural painted by Farid Rueda in Mexico
Tiger by Farid Rueda
Tiger by Farid Rueda
Tumblr Graffiti Art The Street Art Tumblr – Graffiti Art
Tiger painted by Adore
Tiger by Adore
Chris Saunders art mural in Santa Monica
Tiger by TWOONE
Tiger by TWOONE
Tiger mural by Kremen
Tiger mural by Kremen
Tiger Street Art Mural
Tiger Mural
Tiger graffiti mural
Tiger Graffiti mural
Save the Tiger, Brick Lane
Save the Tiger, Brick Lane
tiger mural by street artist Elisa Rank
Feline by Elisa Rank in Mexico
Tom Bob Tiger
Tom Bob Tiger
tiger mural by street artist XAV
Tiger painted by XAV
Tiger mural by Brandon Sadler aka Rising Red Lotus
Brandon Sadler aka Rising Red Lotus “Tiger”
Tiger by English street artist Gnasher
Tiger by English street artist Gnasher


All Pictures by Courtesy of the Artists 



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  1. I LOVE this so much and yet my heart is broken. I’d so much rather have 95% of the humans missing than the cats, even if I were one of them.

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