Colectivo Licuado – Street Artists from Uruguay

Always in quest of new artistic talents, I discovered a few weeks ago a duo of exceptional street artists from Uruguay. Their name is “Coletivo Licuado”. They use the spray paint as virtuosos. I am positive that in a very short time they will have international recognition. I interviewed them for streetart360.  I have also added links to discover their artwork.  Enjoy!

Where are you from ? Where are you based?
We’re based in Montevideo, Uruguay. And we’re both born in Uruguay.

Why did you choose Colectivo Licuado as street artist name? Tell us more about your collective.
Licuado in spanish means: when you put a lot of fruits on a blender and makes a fruit juice, when we started to paint was like that, we used to picked images from differents places and put it on one work, like a collage but a little different, later we started to change but we love our name.

Colectivo Licuado - street artist and muralist duo from Uruguay
Colectivo Licuado

Are you only painting murals ?
Not only murals, canvases too, but of course we prefer murals.

Would you describe yourself as a painters or street artists ? …
We would like to describe our self like painter and street artist, because we´re both, we started as “street artist” but now we feel like we’re painters too, it’s our vocation

Where do you find your inspiration ?
In our family, friends, history, mythology and in every place where we paint we always search about the history of the place and we take inspiration of that.

Amazing Artwork by Colectivo Licuado delhi baja
Colectivo Licuado “delhi baja”

where can your murals be seen at present?
Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Gdansk, Milan, Rome, Airola (Italy), New Delhi

Did you collaborate with other street artists ?
Yes, sometimes we collaborate with our uruguayan friend Alfalfa

Is there any street artist you would like to work with ?
La robot de madera, Etam Cru, Aryz, Hyuro.

Colectivo Licuado Art from Uruguay
Colectivo Licuado Art

Have you had any gallery exhibitions in the past ?
No, not yet.

Is there a city or a place you dream to paint ?
Florence, Italy

Do you have any particular artistic projects in the future ? Exhibitions ? Art fests ?
Now we´re in a European tour for 3 months, in this moment we´re painting in Sisak, Croatia for Re-Think Festival, next stops: Berlin, Zaragoza, Vienna, Athens, Hamburg

Mural by Colectivo Licuado
Mural by Colectivo Licuado

Who are your favorite artists ?
Ingres, Alphonse Mucha, Klimt, Leyendecker, Mary Cassat, Sofonisba Anguissola, Artemisia Gentileschi.

Thank’s a lot . 

Colectivo Licuado Links: Theic Licuado Instagram –  Fitz Licuado Instagram –  Website Facebook  

Colectivo Licuado Art Gallery:

amazing artwork by street art duo colectivo licuado
Colectivo Licuado Artwork
Colectivo Licuado street Artists from uruguay
Colectivo Licuado Art
Artwork by street artist duo Colectivo Licuado
Artwork by street artist duo Colectivo Licuado
colectivo licuado, street artis duo from uruguay
Mural by Colectivo Licuado
Amazing artwork by street artist duo colectivo licuado
Mural by Colectivo Licuado
Fantatstic mural by a street artist duo from uruguay named Colectivo Licuado
Amazing Wall by Street Artists from Colectivo Licuado



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