Top 40 Brazilian Street Artists

From north to south and east to west, one thing you will not fail to discover all throughout Brazil on almost every street corner, there are tags, drawings, graffitis and paintings on the walls.
In short, there is something for all tastes, from small to large, black and white to colorful, from amateur to magnificent and from the committed to the purely aesthetic. Within Brazil, street art and street artists are well established… in fact street art is king. Whether the mayor of Sao Paulo agrees or not (he once tried to destroy artworks and graffiti poised on the walls of the city) This creative and powerful artistic explosion is unstoppable !
Brazilian street art is nowadays one of the most popular means of expression in Brazil. Just like the melting pot of the population, artists express themselves on every available wall. All styles are represented: Figurative, Abstract, Hyper-Realism, Surrealism … All techniques are used, spray can, paint roll, collage, stencils …

São Paulo effortlessly won the title of Brazilian Street art capital. It is known for being one of the most famous cities around the world in terms of Street art. And it’s justified! What an explosion of colours on every grey wall of the city. You will find street art on the facades of houses, Garages or entire walls dedicated to this art, such as the Beco do Batman in Vila Madalena.

Rio de Janeiro  is also a real Eldorado for street artists. A city that recently decided to support and organize the amazing expression of murals, Even with an environment so attached to its freedom. 130 artists have illustrated nearly 40 kilometers along the Line 2 of the metro, with an artistic theme inspired by each area of the city crossed by the metro. Graffiti is allowed in public places in Rio. However, the street-art Brazilian population, which is underground, often close to anarchism, is in tradition resistant to any desire for external control, especially from a rather unpopular mayor. Many citizens suspect Eduardo Peas strongly would like graffiti to move away from the chic and tourist districts of the South Zone: the emblematic Copacabana and Ipanema.

Here is a selection of 40 of the greatest street artists known in Brazil Whether you walk the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Paris, Berlin, Rio, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Cape Town … open your eyes! You’ve recognized their works without realizing that these art masterpieces are from Brazilian artists.
Incredible, creative, monumental or deliberately discreet, committed and varied, Brazilian street art is exceptional. That’s why we have made a selection for you of the most creative and talented street artists in Brazil. You will find here a small bio, photos of their artworks and useful links to discover more about them.

Top 40 Brazilian Street Artists:  Ethos, Os Gêmeos, Eduardo Kobra, L7m, Thiago Alvim, Mag Magrela, Sinhá, Enivo, Medo, Rimon Guimarães, Alexandre Orion, Nunca, Speto, Valdi Valdi, Herbert Baglione, Vitché,  Zezão, Cranio, William Morphos, Onesto, Nina Pandolfo, Feik, Decy Graffiti, Will Ferreira, Daniel Melin, Alex Senna, Binho Ribeiro, Paulo Ito, Diego Dediablo, Rodrigo Branco, Izolag, Fredone Fone, João Lelo, B-47 collective, Felipe Yung aka Flip, Zéh Palito, Treco, Nove, Lelê Paes, Panmela Castro.

Ethos, Claudio Rafael was born in 1982 in Brazil and now lives in Sao Paulo. Ethos is a renowned graffiti and street-art artist .
He began spray painting around the age of 15, at the end of the 90’s in a small city, called Birigui.  His style is unique and easy to distinguish. He’s using a minimal color palette, mostly black and white and  creates surreal characters on large scale murals. His artworks can be seen around the world. Links: Blog –  Instagram 

Claudio Ethos - Street artist from Brazil - surreal mural painted in black and white
Claudio Ethos Artwork
surreal mural by Claudio Ethos street artist from Brazil
Claudio Ethos Mural

Os Gemeos means “the twins” in Portuguese. Brazilian twins Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo are known in the street art community as OsGemeos.  Born in 1974 in the city of São Paulo,they started painting graffiti in 1987. Internationally recognized for their unique style that is inspired by American  hip-hop along with traditional traditional Brazilian art. Links: BlogFacebook – Instagram 

Osgemeos brazilian street artist duo. Artwork in Paris Palais de Tokyo Museum
OsGemeos Palais de Tokyo Museum
A fantastic Mural by Brazilian duo Os Gemeos.
OsGemeos Street Art Masterpiece

Eduardo Kobra is an internationally acclaimed Brazilian muralist. Exponent of new urban, artistic vanguard in Brazil, very well known for his massive-scale,  brightly colored murals. Links: Blog FacebookInstagramGoogle+ 

Eduardo Kobra famous Brazilian street artist from Sao paulo. Mural in Portugal (Lisboa)
Eduardo Kobra Mural in Portugal (Lisboa)
David Bowie tribute by famous brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra Jersey City USA
Eduardo Kobra – Tribute to David Bowie in USA

L7m, Luis Seven Martins was born in the countryside of São Paulo in 1988. He has been into art since childhood. L7m had his first introduction to spray paint at the age of 13. . He mixed spray paint with china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic. His artwork portrays combine geometrical elements and stylized color  puzzles with detailed realism.L7m, created a very famous and gorgeous series of graffiti birds combining realism with abstract gestures. Links: BlogFacebookTwitterInstagram 

fantastic Bird Mural by famous brazilian street artist L7m also known as L7matrix in Vannes France
L7matrix in Vannes – Bretagne – France
L7m Famous Brazilian street artist. Bird Artwork in Florianopolis Brazil
L7m Artwork in Florianopolis Brazil

Thiago Alvim is a Brazilian Street Artist from Belo Horzonte. He mainly works on nature, body, textures. He creates animist divinities. Links: FacebookBlog – Instagram – website 

Street Artist from Brazil Thiago Alvim Artwork
Thiago Alvim Artwork collab with Hyper
Brazilian street artist Thiago Alvim street art
Thiago Alvim street art collab with Magrela

Mag Magrela has been painting on the streets of Brazil cities since early 2007. She was born in Sao Paulo in 1985 and is one of Brazil’s leading female street artists. Links: FacebookBlog

Mag Magrela young female street artist from brazil Artwork
Mag Magrela Artwork
Mural by Mag Magrela - young muralist from Brazil
Mural by Mag Magrela

Enivo is a graffiti and street artist from Sao Paulo. Marcus Vinícius aka ENIVO discover art at the age of 12 and had his first experience with graffiti artwork in 1998. Since then he’s been painting  the streets of the city as a stamp of poetry, materializing ideas and feelings through the image.  Links: FacebookFlickr 

Street Art Masterpiece by Brazilian artist Enivo
Street Art Masterpiece by Enivo
Enivo Street Artist from Brazil mural . A portrait on a wall
Enivo Artwork

Rimon Guimarães is a self-taught artist born in 1988 in Curitiba -Brazil. He’s known for his huge colorful murals popping up around the globe.  Rimon Guimarães Art is a combination of design, performing art, video and music. Links: FacebookFlickrTumblr

Street Art from Brazil Rimon Guimarães mural
Rimon Guimarães mural
Brazilian street artist Rimon Guimarães mural
Rimon Guimarães mural

Alexandre ORION is a Brazilian street artist born in Sao Paulo city. Alexandre is strongly influenced by urban culture and graffiti world. He’s one of the most creative artists of the Brazilian Street art scene. Links: FacebookBlogInstagram 

Alexandre Orion Brazilian street artist Street Art Masterpiece in Frankfurt
Alexandre Orion Street Art Masterpiece in Frankfurt
Alexandre Orion street artist from Brazil Artwork in Belgium
Alexandre Orion Artwork in Belgium

Nunca is a Brazilian street artist Born in 1983 in São Paulo, Brazil. He was only 12 when he started painting graffiti on Brazilian streets. He uses a graffiti technique to create images that confront modern urban Brazil with its native past. Links: FacebookInstagram

street art mural by Nunca in Berlin
Nunca Artwork in Berlin
Nunca street art mural in Ukraine Kiev
Nunca mural in Kiev

Valdi-Valdi, Thiago Rogério de Castro Furtado is originally from Florianópolis, a paradisiac Brazilian island. He’s known in the urban art scene as ValdiValdi, and has been doing graffiti since 2006. Links:  Interview with Valdi-ValdiFacebookBlog 

Brazilian street artist Valdi-Valdi The Shark Lady
Valdi-Valdi The Shark Lady
Valdi-Valdi "crown of flora" in Florianópolis island Brazil
Valdi-Valdi “crown of flora” in Florianópolis island

Cranio Artes, Fabio de Oliveira Parnaiba, better known as Cranio (“Skull” in English). Born in 1982 and grew up in Sao Paulo. In 1998 Fabio began to cover the gray walls of his home town with his artwork. Links: FacebookBlogInstagram

Cranio Street Art in Brazil
Cranio Street Art
Street Artist from Brazil named Cranio Artwork
Cranio Artwork

Feik is a very talented and creative graffiti and street artist from Sao Paulo in Brazil. Links: FacebookBlog 

Feik Brazilian street artist artwork
Feik Street Art
street art in Brazil by Feik
Feik Artwork

Nina Pandolfo is one of the Brazilian pioneers in street art. She is internationally celebrated as one of the most exciting contemporary artist. Links: FacebookBlog 

Nina Pandolfo female brazilian street artist art
Nina Pandolfo art
Brazilian female street artist Nina Pandolfo mural
Nina Pandolfo mural

Herbert BAGLIONE was born in 1977 in São Paulo. Internationally known graffiti artist, He has been making compelling and narrative works on both the streets walls and in international galleries for years. Links: Blog Facebook 

Herbert Baglione mural Artwork in Brazil
Herbert Baglione Artwork

MEDO is a  Brazilian street artist. He works and lives in Sao Paulo, and recently shifted from dark, often creative geometrical human-like portraits to the anatomically correct abstraction. Links: Flickr 

Medo is a street artist from Brazil
Medo artwork

Sinha is a Brazilian female street artist living in Sao Paulo. Painting murals in Brazilian favelas and “urbex” with very original and creative style often depicting  surreal female characters.

mural by a famous Brazilian female street artist named Sinha
Sinha Mural in Brazil

Speto is a Brazilian street artist born in 1971. He began to paint in the 80’s in São Paulo.  Links: FacebookBlogInstagram

Speto Mural
Speto Mural

Onesto, Alex Hornest is a painter and sculptor who lives and works in Sao Paulo. Onesto Blog 

Onesto artwork
Onesto artwork

Vitché:  Facebook 

Brazilian street artist Vitché Mural
Vitché street art

Zezão:  Facebook Blog  

Zezão street artist from brazil mural
Zezão Artwork

William Mophos Street Artist from Brazil 

Artwork by William Mophos
Artwork by William Mophos

Decy Graffiti: Brazilian street artist born in 1975. Facebook 

Decy Artwork
Decy Artwork

Will Ferreira: Facebook 

Will Fereira artwork
Will Fereira artwork

Alex Senna:  Facebook 

Alex Senna Artwork
Alex Senna Artwork

Daniel Melin Street Artist from Sap Paulo 

Daniel Melin mural
Daniel Melin mural

Binho Ribeiro: Facebook 

Binho Ribeiro Artwork
Binho Ribeiro Artwork

Paulo Ito: Facebook 

Paulo Ito artwork
Paulo Ito artwork

Diego Dedablio: Facebook 

Brazilian street artist Diego Dediablo
Diego Dediablo artwork

Rodrigo Branco: Facebook – Tumblr 

Rodrigo Branco from Brazil Collab with Spanish artist Desi Civera
Rodrigo Branco Collab with Spanish artist Desi Civera

Izolag: Facebook

Izolag street artist from Brazil art
Izolag art

Fredone Fone: Facebook

Fredone Fone artwork
Fredone Fone artwork

João Lelo : Blog 

João Lelo Artwork
João Lelo Artwork

B-47 The collective is formed by the artists Dênis Rodrigues de Freitas and Tiago Ramos Gasques. Blog  

B-47 Brazilian crew Street Art
B-47 Street Art

Felipe Yung aka Flip: Facebook

Brazilian street artist Flip in London-Shoreditch
Flip in London-Shoreditch

Zéh Palito: Facebook

Street art in Brazil by Zeh Palito
Zeh Palito artwork

Treco: Flickr

Mural by Brazilian street artist Treco
Treco Artwork

NOVE is a visual artist and muralist based in São Paulo, Brazil: Instagram

Nove art
Nove art

Lelê Paes: Facebook

Lelê Paes brazilian street artist
Lelê Paes artwork

Panmela Castro: Facebook

Panmela Castro Artwork
Panmela Castro Artwork

All pictures by Courtesy of the artists 

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