Fats Patrol “An Indo-Canadian Street Artist in Dubai”

Hi Fats Patrol, can you tell us where you’re from ?
Not really any one place. My family is Indian. I was born and raised in Dubai and immigrated to Canada when I was 17 and eventually became a Canadian citizen. At the moment I’m based back in Dubai though for the last 10 years.
Are you primarily an artist or do you have another activity ?
Primarily an artist. I also run a small company in Dubai called The Domino that curates commercial art projects.

Fats (Patrol) female street artist based in Dubai - photo by Karen Dias
Fats (Patrol) – photo by Karen Dias

How did it all start ? (when you were a kid ? At school ? later ? )
My brother and I grew up with a lot of reading and comic books so we love illustration. He’s a cartoonist now in Toronto. We’ve both always drawn, it’s second nature and what’s given us a sense of I identity think when we’ve grown up with so many different cultural influences. I went on to do my degree in fine art in Toronto and my masters in sociology in London at a time when I was looking for social relevance in art. Eventually I moved back to Dubai and I’m still drawing and painting. It’s like breathing for the brain 🙂
What is your preferable surface to paint on ? Walls, Canvas, …
I love public walls. Because of scale and because of context. At the same time I love the absolute opposite. Sitting alone with a sketchbook.

Artwork by Fats Patrol , young female street artist based in Dubai
Fats (Patrol) Mural

Do you define yourself as a classical painter or street artist ? …
More of a street artist I’d say. That’s the context I love. My style is also by no means classical.
Where do you find your inspiration ?
I think from trying to find a little bit of humanity and romance as the world becomes more chaotic and impersonal. Everyday experiences of suffering need to be balanced with reminders of hope and the things that make us individual and the things that we all have in common. Lately I’ve been exploring all of this through birds who I think mirror human behavior in a lot of ways. The good parts. Finding the beauty in chaos. The humanity in struggle. The abundance in difference. That sort of thing.

Fats Patrol is a young street artist From India and Canada and based in Dubai
Fats Patrol “Boxpark”

where can people admire your work at present ?
I’ve just finished a big wall in Amman, Jordan and in Port Adelaide, South Australia. There’s also couple in Dubai. It’s all on my website  or Instagram .
Have you collaborated with any other street artists ?
Briefly but not on any major projects. I painted with Autone at Upfest last year. With Mealism in Ithaca, up state New York.
Is there a particular street artist you would like to work with ?
I’ve loved ROA’s work for a very long time.

Fats Patrol wall - street art by a young canadian street artist based in dubai
Fats Patrol wall

Have you had any gallery exhibitions in the past ?
Not in a few years. I’ve been more focused on walls than studio work. But I’m working towards something at the moment.
Do you have a place or city that you dream to paint ?
With my Indian roots I’d like to paint there at some point. And as much as I love painting amongst the buzz of the city, I haven’t had enough opportunities to paint out in the country amongst nature. I’d like to do more of that.

Fats Patrol live at du Arena Yas Island Abu Dhabi
Fats Patrol live at du Arena Yas Island –  Abu Dhabi

Do you have any particular artistic projects in the future ?
I’ll be at Upfest in July and then I have a project in Toronto in August and a few other things I’m working on.
Who are your favorite artists ? Painters, street artists sculptor etc …
Is there anything else you would like to share with us ?
That’s’ it!

Thank’s a lot Fats. See you in July in Bristol for the Upfest .

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Fats Patrol Art Gallery :

Fats Drawing
Fats Patrol Drawing
Fats Drawing
Fats Patrol Drawing
Fats Patrol Art
Fats Patrol Art
Fats Patrol Artwork
Fats Patrol Artwork
Fats Patrol Spray Cans
Fats Patrol Spray Cans
Fats Patrol in Amman Jordan
Fats Patrol in Amman Jordan
Fats Patrol Mural
Fats Patrol Mural
Fats Patrol Artwork
Wonderwalls 2017 Port Adelaide by FatsPatrol on Quebec Street
Fats patrol wall Sofitel Dubai
Fats patrol wall Sofitel Dubai
Fats Patrol , female street artist based in Dubai Mural
Fats Patrol Mural


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