Interview with Nasimo “Street Artist from Bulgaria”

Hi Nasimo, it’s a pleasure to meet you. And i’m very proud to interview you and present your artwork to StreetArt360 readers.

Where are you from ?
I was born in Targovishte ,Bulgaria… It is a small and town in the northeastern part of Bulgaria.
Where are you based now?
I live in Sofia, but I constantly travel around the world to paint.
Nasimo is your name or an artist name?
It’s my pseudonym.

Nasimo is a bulgarian street artist based in Sofia
Nasimo – Bulgarian Street Artist

Are you primaliry an artist or do you have another job ?
That is what I do for living and everything else I did is just to help me continue painting.
How did it all start ? (when you were a kid ? At school ? later ? )
It all has started when I was kid, but doing walls I started at 15. I was great fan of skateboarding and then I touched the spray can … and here we go… I found the perfect way to say what I want and I found the crazy night life too 😉 So many bombs, so many trains…
Are you only painting murals ?
I do mainly murals but lately I am tempted by classical art and I am doing canvases in my studio.


Nasimo Artwork "abundance"
Nasimo Artwork “abundance”
Nasimo Mural named abundance
Nasimo Artwork “abundance” detail

Would you describe yourself as a painter or street artist ? …
I don’t know. It is really hard for me to tell that and to label myself. I am some kind of an artist but people would tell better than me what kind of an artist am I.
“това представлява истинска трудност за мене да се отъждествя с дадено течение или група и да си сложа сам етикет.някакъв вид артист съм,но това по- точно може да каже някои критик или публиката,аз наистина не мога да се определя.”
Where do you find your inspiration ?
Everywhere! I mean when I look around I see so much inspiration. I taught myself to see the little things, to see the existence of God in the relation and interaction between all living creatures, even in the air, in the holy books, in the art of other artists, but mostly in the process of seeking the ultimate truth.


Nasimo bulgarian street artist mural "UC DjadoDobri"
Nasimo “UC DjadoDobri”

where can your murals be seen at present?
Mostly in Bulgaria, but also in Canada, India, Greece, Italy, Hong Kong, UK, Belgium, Germany, Russia and others.
Did you collaborate with other street artists ?
In the past I have had collaborations with ARYZ, SAT ONE and some others. Nowadays I work with street artists like Sve from Bulgaria.
Is there any street artist you would like to work with ?
Of course, it would be interesting to do something together with Sebas Velasco, Axel Void or Etam cru
Have you had any gallery exhibitions in the past?
Yes, I have been part of many group exhibitions and also 8 solo ones. The last exhibition was in October 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria together with Iasen Geshev and Urban Creatures. We have transformed a huge underground parking space (40 000 sq.m.) into a gallery. Photos and more info here


Nasimo - "TheChains"Italy 2017
Nasimo – “TheChains”Italy 2017

Is there a city or a place you dream to paint ?
I don’t know… probably in Tokyo and NY
Do you have any particular artistic projects in the future ? Exhibitions ? Art fests ?
I have too many commissions and probably this year I will not be able to do another exhibition. I have many participations in festivals too but mostly I am focused on our project with Iasen Geshev – Urban Creatures in Sofia, Bulgaria, where we are trying to transform a whole neighborhood into a gallery. A neighborhood formed of concrete apartment buildings from the communist era of Bulgaria. here 
Who are your favorite artists ? Painters, street artists sculptor etc …
It is a difficult question; I have so many in my mind. It’s so hard for me to pick up just one so I will mention several of the most inspiring for me for the moment: Alexander Cabanel, Alma Tadema, Frederic Leiton, William Bougerou, Nicholas Uribeb, Jeremy Mann ,Lipking, Borondo, Axel Void, Sebas Velasco ,El Mac ,Mohamed Lgacham and many others


Nasimo street artist from bulgaria Mural
Nasimo Mural

Is there anything else you would like to share with us ?
Yes, regarding our project Urban Creatures with Iasen Geshev and Bozko and the rest of the crew… So for several years now we are trying to change the way people here in Bulgaria understand the art, so I would be happy if our project gets more popularity.
Thank you!
Thank’s a lot . It’s been a pleasure to meet you.

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Nasimo Art Gallery:

nasimo art in bulgaria
Nasimo art
Nasimo. Bulgarian Street Art
Nasimo Bulgarian Street Art
mural by Nasimo - street art in bulgaria
mural by Nasimo – street art in bulgaria
Artwork by Bulgarian Street Artist Nasimo
Artwork by Bulgarian Street Artist Nasimo
Nasimo work in progress in Sofia 2017
Nasimo work in progress in Sofia 2017
Nasimo Dutchman tattoo shop
Nasimo “Dutchman tattoo shop”
Nasimo the Mother
Nasimo the Mother
Nasimo Art - street art in Bulgaria
Nasimo Art
Nasimo street artist from Bulgaria and based in sofia - Portrait
Nasimo Portrait
Nasimo Art - portrait
Nasimo Art

All photos by courtesy of Nasimo 

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