20 Amazing Greek Street artists we all need to know

Art and Greece. Two words that are actually one and the same. The origins of ancient Greece has influenced culture all over the world and especially in sculpture and architecture.
Even today, Greek artistic creation is flourishing as urban artists are full of originality and creativity through Greek origin.
Athens has today become a European capital of street art and attracts every year thousands of tourists in quest of urban discoveries.
Many of you might go to Greece for vacations in the sun, so I’ve decided an overview of the Greek street art scene may be of help. These are 20 Greek urban artists I feel are not to be missed! Enjoy !

INO is a fantastic street artist based in Athens, Greece. He began painting in 2000 when he was just 15 years old. At the beginning he mostly produced letters and bombing Graffiti.
In 2008 he began to develop his very specific style based artwork on monochromatic characters painted on buildings facades. INO studied Fine Arts at Athens School of Fine Arts and is one of the most active street artists in Greece. He’s one of the most famous Greek street artists. Some of his murals photos are in Street Art books and magazines.  You can discover INO Artworks all around the world. Visit INO Website 

One of the most famous murals by Ino. A street art masterpiece of the greek street artist
INO Street Art Masterpiece
Amazing mural by greek street artist INO
Fantastic Mural by INO
Photo-Realistic Artwork By Greek street artist INO
Photo-Realistic Artwork By INO
Amazing Mural by INO _ street artist from Greece
Amazing Mural by INO

Achilles the Master of Anamorphic Street Art. Achilles is a Greek street artist born in 1986. He’s based in Athens.
Very well known for his Fantasy and very original art style. He’s one of the leaders of “the avant guard” of the greek street art scene. Visit Achilles Facebook Page 

 3d Anamorphic portrait by Achilles greek street artist based in Athens
Achilles 3d Anamorphic portrait
Eye on a wall by Greek street artist Achilles
Achilles street art
Portrait of a woman by the greek street artist Achilles
Portrait by Achilles

FIKOS “Modernism and Tradition”.  Fikos was born in 1987 in Athens. Having a background as both a graffiti artist and an iconographer in the pure Orthodox Christian tradition.
His artwork is based on Byzantine traditional art (at the beginning under the guidance of George Kordis). His style his absolutely unique and amazing!  The themes of his murals are inspired by iconography and ancient Greek mythology. Visit Fikos Facebook Page

Fikos street art masterpiece
Fikos street art masterpiece
Fikos Greek Street Artist in Bangkok - Artwork on Siamese and Greek style
Fikos in Bangkok – Artwork on Siamese and Greek style
Amazing mural by Greek street artist Fikos
Fikos Street Art Mural
Fikos Greek Street artist Mural of Hesperides
Fikos “Hesperides”
Fikos Greek street artist - in Cyprus. When street art meet iconography . On a church
Fikos in Cyprus “When street art meets iconography”

Stamatis Laskos is a Greek street artist, illustrator and painter also known as “Sive One” . Born in Volos in 1985. He studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts.  He works in both street art and illustration. His style his unique and surreal. He depicts incredible dream worlds inhabited by phantasmagoric figures with abstracted bodies, strange faces, … Have a look to Stamatis Facebook page 

Stamatis Laskos greek street artist surreal mural
Stamatis Laskos mural
Artwork by Greek street artist Stamatis Laskos .
Stamatis Laskos Street Art
Amazing mural by greek street artist Stamatis Laskos
Stamatis Laskos Mural

Nomenhior is a Greek Street Artist. He’s a very committed artist !   The Greek economical crisis is his  main inspiration source. His art depict strong political messages. Like Banksy in the UK, Nomenhior use simple but strong images to create political
slogans, playing on words and visuals. Here’s Nomenhior Facebook page.

Nomenhior Greek artist . Stencil of a "little girl"
Nomenhior “little girl”
Nomenhior "Greek city fear" Playing on words and image . Political stencil by the greek street artist
Nomenhior “Greek city fear”

STMTS (Stamatis) is an Athens based artist also currently studying at Athens School of Fine Arts
whose large scale murals have been appearing recently on public buildings around the Greek capital city of Athens.
His artworks have been seen by thousands of Athenians and his art is loved by people and medias in Greece.
He’s very “secret” few really know who STMTS is. Discover STMTS art  Website 

STMTS street art in Greece
STMTS street art
STMTS Artwork
STMTS Artwork

Yiakou is a Greek Street Artist based in Athens. His style is “Poetic Street Art” . Yiakou  creates imaginative artworks mainly on large walls around the streets of Athens, often representing  beautified girl figures.  Here’s Yiakou Facebook page 

Yakou Street Artist in Greece . Portrait of a woman
Yakou Street Art

Simoni Fontana is a young female street artist based in Salonika in Greece. Her style is influenced by Manga culture from East Asia.  Visit her website 

Simoni Montana art
Simoni Montana art
Simoni Montana female street artist in Greece mural
Simoni Montana art

Argiris “SER” is one of the pioneers of the Urban – Street Art Scene of Greece. His work – a curiously eclectic blend of old school graffiti, comic culture and pop surrealism. Have a look to SER Facebook page 

Greek street artist Argiris Ser in London
Argiris Ser in London
Greek street artist Argiris Ser artwork
Argiris Ser artwork

Same84 was born in Athens. In 1996 he started experimenting with graffiti art in the streets of Athens as a street artist under the name “Same”. During the years he got involved with public art, street art and painting. His work also includes illustrations and graphic designs.  His Facebook page   

Same84 street art
Same84 street art
Same84 in Athens Greece in 2008
Same84 in Athens Greece in 2008

Blaqk is a Greek street art duo. Greg Papagrigoriou and Chris Tzaferos (Simek). Both are Graphic Designers who live and work in Athens. Blaqk art style is sometimes strictly geometric and sometimes more abstract. Blaqk Tumblr 

BlaqK Urban Mapping in Italy
BlaqK “Urban Mapping” in Italy

Manolis Iliopoulos, aka rtmone, has studied Architecture Engineering in Univesity of Thessaly.
He has an active street art background. Now he is based in Athens, working as a freelance illustrator and muralist. He is the founder of Imaginary Rooms. Did you know that. You can rent rtmone Street art Air bnb Apartment in Athens !  Airbnb Rtmone   You can also visit his website 

Rtmone Street Art
Rtmone Street Art

NAR was born in Novorossisk of Russia in 1982, he moved with his family in Greece in 1991 and since then lives in Thessaloniki.
Nar paints on any surface but definitely prefers walls and sometimes large metallic doors. You can also see some pieces on trains. Nar Facebook Page

Nar a street artsit born in Russia and living in Greece
Nar Street Art

Bleeps.gr (or Bleeps) is the pseudonym used by a Greek artist. Bleeps creates political street art, paintings and installations. Visit Bleeps Blog

Greek street artist bleeps
bleeps artwork
bleeps street art - street artist in Greece
Bleeps street art

Cacao Rocks is half Greek half French. Born in 1985. In 1999 he won the first price in a Greenpeace graffiti contest, in Corfu island. Since then he started experimenting with graffiti. In 2005 he went to Athens. Mainly inspired by ancient murales, humans in the streets, art , an instinct. He’s a very creative artist. Visit Cacao Rocks blog

artwork by greek street artist Cacao Rock
Cacao Rocks Street Art

Dreyk the Pirate was born in Athens, where he currently lives and works as a freelance illustrator and character designer.
He’s been active in the graffiti scene since 1999. here’s Dreyk the Pirate Blog 

Dreyk the Pirate "The girl with harp" in Athens
Dreyk the Pirate “The girl with harp” in Athens

Cleo 43 is a street artist from Athens. A key figure of the female Greek graffiti scene and an active member of the Athenian Street Art community, Her style is characterized by its naive quality and it is rooted in international folklore. Cleo43 Facebook Page 

street art by Cleo43 Greek female street artist
Cleo43 Street Art

Mariana Cute, Mariana Samandourou is a young talented Greek female street artist. She grew up in Corinth and now lives in Athens with her cats. There is an  elaborated childish style in her drawings. She’s got a dream: write books for children. Visit her blog 

Mariana Cute artwork . Rabbit phone cab
Mariana Cute artwork

Billy Gee is a skateboarder and street artist that was born and raised in Athens.

Billy Gee street art and graffiti artwork in Greece
Billy Gee street art and graffiti artwork

SONKE is a Greek street artist based in Athens. This elegant melancholic female figure, wonders literally all over the place. Sonke facebook page

Sonke street art in Greece
Sonke street art in Greece

All Pictures by Courtesy of the Artists 



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