Interview with Caro Pepe – Street Artist from Argentina

Hi Caro, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Where are you from ?
I was born in Corrientes, Argentina.

Where are you based now?
Nowadays, I’m based in Berlin.

Are you primalary an artist or do you have another job ?
I don’t have any other job, I’m a full time artist.

Caro Pepe street artist from argentina based in Berlin Wall
Caro Pepe Wall

How did it all start ? (when you were a kid ? At school ? later ? )
I paint since I was a little kid. My parents have always encouraged my interest for the arts, they sent me to my first classes when I was 4 years old. I still remember my excitement the first time I saw all of those colors and no restrictions. I had an instant crush on magenta and that haven’t changed much.
Since then I have never stopped painting, but always as a side activity, until 2011 when I decided to give my true passion a chance.

Are you only painting murals ?
Painting murals is just a part of my artistic activity. I’m also painting canvases, objects and recently I’ve started exploring my sculpturing skills.

Caro Pepe Wall
Caro Pepe Wall

Would you describe yourself as a painter or street artist ? …
I would describe myself as a painter who does murals, among other things.

Where do you find your inspiration ? i’ve noticed you portraits have only one eye . why ?
My inspiration comes from every day life, from an interesting talk, from my past experiences, from a love story, from the complexity of emotions. The “One eye” simbolizes partiality. I believe that as subjective individuals we are, we tend to build our emotions and define our “truth” based on a partial view of reality.  We choose how and what to see.

Caro Pepe Street Art
Caro Pepe Street Art

where can your murals be seen at present?
My murals can be seen in Berlin (Germany), New York (USA), Rome (Italy), Lurcy Levis (France), London (UK), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Corrientes (Argentina), Asunción (Paraguay) Lodz (Poland) and Chiba (Japan).

Did you collaborate with other street artists ? Is there any street artist you would like to work with ?
I have collaborated with several street artists but most of my collaborations are with Berliner artist Age Age. When it comes to collabs, I would like to work with as many people as possible, sharing knowledge and experiences it’s always enriching.

Caro Pepe wall . Street artsit from argentina
Caro Pepe Mural

What do you think of the street art scene in Berlin ? In Argentina ?
I think of the street art scene in Berlin as a real community, there is a solidarity within it, it is welcoming and inclusive and it’s constantly pushing forward. I feel, there is a sort of collective consciousness, a quote I’ve once read, comes to my mind “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. I believe this kind of spirit, it’s probably one of the reasons that make the berliner street art scene so productive and relevant around the world.
About Argentina’s street art scene there is not much that I can say, I’m not very active over there.

Have you had any gallery exhibitions in the past ?
Yes, I have participated in many gallery exhibitions in different cities both solo and group shows.

caro pepe street artist from argentina based in Berlin
Caro Pepe Street Art

Is there a city or a place you dream to paint ?
I would say I dream to paint in every city of the world. Being a bit more realistic, I would like to paint in Dubai, some cities in Mexico and Australia and a long list of other places.

Do you have any particular artistic projects in the future ? Exhibitions ? Art fests ?
In the near future, I’m going to be painting at the Murales festival in Berlin, after that I will be heading to the Upfest in Bristol and I’m preparing my solo show, exact date still to be confirmed.

Caro Pepe female street artist from Argentina and based in Berlin
Caro Pepe street artist from Argentina

Who are your favorite artists ? Painters, street artists sculptor etc …
I have a many favorite artists for different reasons, from the masters to contemporary artists. To name a few: Max Ernst, Mark Ryden, Yoshimoto Nara, sculptor Crystal Morey.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us ?
Im sharing everything I got in my paintings. My whole heart is there, wide open.

Thank’s a lot Caro.

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Caro Pepe Gallery:

Caro Pepe Wall - female street artist from argentina based in Berlin
Caro Pepe Wall
caro pepe street artsit from argentina
Caro pepe Mural
Caro pepe street art in Argentina
Caro Pepe Mural
Caro pepe street artwork
Caro pepe Street Art
mural by Caro pepe . Street artist from argentina and based in Berlin
Caro Pepe Artwork
caro pepe female street artist from argentina
wall by Caro pepe



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  1. James McEwan says:

    I get the idea of ‘One Eye’, it makes me think about responsibility – almost the same as burying your head in the sand. Good artwork.

  2. “…my whole heart s there.” Beautiful.

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