Rabbit by Bordalo II street artist from portugal

Discover Portugal’s most talented Street Artists

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Urban art, through graffiti, murals and other stencil artworks, has left its mark on the streets of the cities of Portugal. Whether it is in protest or purely aesthetic, each art piece tells a story. Street art in Lisbon, best global spot? Elected by the English newspaper The Guardian, as the best city of street [….]

ArtOvrag urban art festival gets started painting the largest mural in the world.

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Street artist Misha Most started painting a 10.000 square meters mural. According to organizers, it will be the largest monumental wall painting and will set a new Guinness world record. The mural will be produced as part of ArtOvrag festival supported by the creative association Artmossphere, who organized same-name street art biennale in Moscow. The mural [….]

Artwork by street artist duo Colectivo Licuado

Colectivo Licuado – Street Artists from Uruguay

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Always in quest of new artistic talents, I discovered a few weeks ago a duo of exceptional street artists from Uruguay. Their name is “Coletivo Licuado”. They use the spray paint as virtuosos. I am positive that in a very short time they will have international recognition. I interviewed them for streetart360.  I have also [….]

Smug-One Artwork in Glasgow

Glasgow street art guide and interactive Map

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Today i  propose you a complete street art and graffiti guide and an interactive map of the Urban art scene of Glasgow.  Scotland’s largest city is a lively and vibrant city, with imposing 19th-century buildings, numerous theaters, the most well-known independent music scene outside the United States and  bars of many differing styles from “underground [….]

graffiti artist in a video game

Street Artists Could Latch Onto The Gaming Industry

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For years now, there’s been a subtle but consistent connection between street artists and video games. It’s impossible to say if someone who does street art is more or less likely to play video games in general. What we can say is that there have been a number of games over the years that were [….]

Eduardo Kobra famous Brazilian street artist from Sao paulo. Mural in Portugal (Lisboa)

Top 40 Brazilian Street Artists

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From north to south and east to west, one thing you will not fail to discover all throughout Brazil on almost every street corner, there are tags, drawings, graffitis and paintings on the walls. In short, there is something for all tastes, from small to large, black and white to colorful, from amateur to magnificent [….]

Artwork by Fats Patrol , young female street artist based in Dubai

Fats Patrol “An Indo-Canadian Street Artist in Dubai”

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Hi Fats Patrol, can you tell us where you’re from ? Not really any one place. My family is Indian. I was born and raised in Dubai and immigrated to Canada when I was 17 and eventually became a Canadian citizen. At the moment I’m based back in Dubai though for the last 10 years. [….]

Nasimo - "TheChains"Italy 2017

Interview with Nasimo “Street Artist from Bulgaria”

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Hi Nasimo, it’s a pleasure to meet you. And i’m very proud to interview you and present your artwork to StreetArt360 readers. Where are you from ? I was born in Targovishte ,Bulgaria… It is a small and town in the northeastern part of Bulgaria. Where are you based now? I live in Sofia, but [….]

Banksy offers Bristol electorate free print if they vote against Conservative candidate!

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Today,  saturday 3rd June Banksy posted an incredible offer on his website!  An exclusive new Banksy print will be released on the 9th June. Banksy has offered voters a free limited edition print if they vote for anyone other than the Conservatives Banksy made the offer to registered voters in the Bristol North West, Bristol [….]

Ino Greek street artist . One of his most famous murals

20 Amazing Greek Street artists we all need to know

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Art and Greece. Two words that are actually one and the same. The origins of ancient Greece has influenced culture all over the world and especially in sculpture and architecture. Even today, Greek artistic creation is flourishing as urban artists are full of originality and creativity through Greek origin. Athens has today become a European [….]