carlos Callizo street Artist

Interview with Spanish artist Carlos Callizo

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Hi Carlos, it was a pleasure to meet you. I discovered your artwork a few weeks ago at MUR Oberkampf in Paris. And i’m very proud to interview you and present your artwork to StreetArt360 readers. Where are you from ? I am from Murcia, Spain. Are you primalary an artist or do you have [….]

PichiAvo Street Art in Bristol for Upfest

Bristol Street Art Guide

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Bristol “the capital of street art in Europe ”.  Bristol is  a city that all urban art lovers must visit absolutely.  On the streets of the popular districts of the “seaside town”, graffitis and stencils are displayed on every available wall. Those of Banksy, of course, but also those of most major international street artists. [….]

Aka Jimmy C - "Made in London" Exhibition in Paris

Exhibition in Paris « Made in London » with Alo, Jimmy C and Pahnl

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“Made in London” exhibition:  Le Cabinet d’Amateur, 12 rue de la Forge Royale 75011 Paris Opening on Thursday 11th of May 2017 (starting at 6 pm) Exhibition from Thursday 11th to Wednesday 24th May 2017 Le cabinet d’amateur has exhibited “Lille hors les murs”, “Lyon Hors les Murs” today the famous Parisian street art gallery [….]

Lab Rat by Bordalo II in Paris - May 2017

Interview: “Bordalo II in Paris”

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Few days ago Artur Bordalo aka Bordalo Segundo was in Paris. This fantastic street artist from Portugal create a new artwork at MUR Oberkampf, the historical heart of Paris Street Art.  Here’s my interview with Bordalo II. Hi Artur, where you from? I’m from Lisbon, Portugal Bordalo II is your artist name . Why II [….]

Famous DJ carl Cox mural by Anopsy in Amsterdam

Interview with Anopsy

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Here’s my Interview with Anopsy.  A talented female street artist based in Netherlands. Hi Anopsy, can you tell us where you from ? I’m originally polish,from a small town Lubsko in west part of Poland. But I live for almost 12 years in the Netherlands. Anopsy is a tag name ? If yes can you [….]

JDL Street Art in Vitry-sur-Seine , painting Djamel portrait. Tribute to Paris Attacks 13 November

Vitry’N Urbaine Street Art Event – Spring 2017

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On April 22nd and 23 rd , Vitry’n Urbaine (main street art association in Vitry-sur-Seine) organized a spring street art event. On this occasion StreetArt360 has been honoured to invite two exceptional artists in Vitry-Sur-Seine as part of a first collaboration with Vitry’n Urbaine: Judith De Leeuw aka JDL Street Art (Netherlands) and Urbanimal (France). For two days [….]

Portrait of cesaria evora by paulo araujo aka MX

Paulo Araujo – aka MX “Mister X”

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Last weekend, Mister X was one of the artists performing in Vitry sur Seine for Vitry’N Urbaine street art event. Who is this mysterious Mister X ? Who is this guy who painted a fantastic portrait of Cesaria Evora on a door in Vitry sur Seine? Who is this absolutely fantastic artist creating his first [….]