20 Spanish Street Artists you absolutely need to know

For many years Spain has been an abundant  source of talent in the world of street art and Graffiti. Here’s my selection of 20 of the most prominent  Spanish street artists that you must absolutely know!
You can imagine the difficulty of comprising  a “best of street artist list”, as  it’s obviously subjective. Although my list is not  complete of the vast amount of talent there is in Spain, however i have chosen these artists from a  mix of established   street art “stars”  and  also  up and coming  new artists  who will undoubtedly become “stars” in the very  near future. Enjoy!

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Aryz was born in Palo Alto but moved back to Spain when he was just three. He prefers to create very large character murals. He often includes gigantic creatures expressing both rawness and tenderness. You can discover his artwork all around the world. He’s one of the most famous street artists from Spain. Discover his artwork on his blog: Aryz 

Aryz street artist from spain - mural in Kiev
Aryz in Kiev
Aryz street artist from Spain mural in China
Aryz in China

Sabek is a Spanish street artist from Madrid. He belongs to the most purist branch of the graffiti art scene. In his work, he represents an incredible imaginary world with a very personal,  open and free style. He especially likes to play with elements and figures inspired by nature.  His artwork is always perfectly integrated in the urban environment, which is his natural element. Discover his artwork on Instagram

Sabek street artist from spain Mural
Sabek Mural
Sabek street artist from spain Mural
Sabek street art

Btoy, Andrea Michaelsson is a multi-faceted Spanish urban artist born in 1977 in Barcelona. Btoy presents beautiful art from iconic images. Andrea is best known for her extremely fine, detailed stencils and her commitment to urban art. Have a look to her Facebook Page

Andrea Btoy street artist from spain Barcelona . Mural in tunisia
Btoy in Tunisia
BToy Mural - Street artist from Spain
BToy Mural

Borondo is a very talented Spanish artist who paints walls with an unique expressionistic style. He use the human bodies as a mean of communicating to viewers. Have a look to his Blog

Borondo, street artist from spain - Artwork in Roma
Borondo Artwork in Roma
Borondo street art masterpiece. Street artist from spain
Borondo street art masterpiece

Pejac is the pseudonym of a Spanish artist who creates artworks on walls that combine elements of surrealism and fantasy. He uses a very minimalist style and a large sense of humour. You can discover his artwork in Spain, France, Russia, Italy … Visit his blog 

Pejac Street Artist from Spain
Pejac Street Art

Pichi & Avo is a very famous street artist duo from Valencia in Spain. Internationally renowned for their ability to create relationships between art, architecture, sculpture, space and social contexts.  You can discover Pichi & Avo street art masterpieces here 

street art masterpiece by Spanish street artist duo Pichi and Avo
Pichi & Avo in Norway
masterpiece street art by Pichi and avo spanish artist duo
Pichi & Avo Street Art masterpiece

Carlos Callizo Very talented street artist from Murcia in  Spain.It has not been long since this painter has moved on to street art.  You can read my “Interview with Carlos Callizo” 

Carlos Callizo mural street art in Spain
Carlos Callizo mural

Mesa is a young Spanish  street artist who creates absolutely fantastic photo-realistic and surrealistic murals. He depicts emotional portraits , animals, objects that take viewers by suprise.  Have a look to his Flickr feed.

Famous mural by Spanish street artist Mesa
Famous mural by Spanish street artist Mesa
Mesa famous mural . Street art in spain
Mesa Mural

Lily Brick. A very young street artist based in Lerida.  A real true discovery! I’m sure she’ll be a street art celebrity in a very close future. Soon an interview with lily on Streetart360.

Lily brick, a young street artist from spain . Mural
Lily Brick Street Art

ManOMatic , the Spanish master of  Hyperrealism. For ManOMatic  it means more than photorealism, by adding the subversive and divergent message to the figuration. Read my article “ManoMatic, master of hyper-realistic street art”

ManOMatic street artist from spain mural artwork
ManOMatic artwork
street art in spain by Manomatic
ManOMatic Street Art

Sfhir  I invite you to read my article “Sfhir an exeptionnal artist” . Sfhir is probably one of the most talented street artist in Europe .

Sfhir street artist from spain . Mural in Alicante
Sfhir in Alicante
Sfhir Mural in Valencia - Street art in Spain
Sfhir in Valencia

Victoriano read my article “Spain coloured Murals

Victoriano Street Artist from spain . Paint on a truck
Victoriano Street Art

Wild Welva Discover his artwork in my article  “Wild Welva  a committed artist” 

wild welva in spain - zebra on a wall
wild welva in spain

Xolaka read  my article “Xolaka colouring Spain” 

xolaka street art in Spain .
xolaka street art
Xolaka new artwork - may 2017 street art in spain
Xolaka new artwork – may 2017

Sr. X (Señor X) is a very talented  muralist from the small Spanish town of Gijon. Have a look to his blog 

Sr X street artist from spain . artwork
Sr X artwork

VinZ is an extremely gifted creative street artist  from Valencia . His Facebook Page 

Vinz Art - street art in spain
Vinz Art

Sebas Velasco The Spanish muralist Sebas Velasco is famous for his enviable technique imbued with naturalism. His website 

Sebas Velasco street artist from spain
Sebas Velasco Artwork

Isaac Cordal is famous for his minuscule sculptures placed in public places. His Blog

Isaac Cordal street art in spain
Isaac Cordal

Axel Void Alejandro Hugo Dorda Mevs, also known as Axel Void, was born in Miami in 1986. His mother was Haitian and his father Spanish.He raised in Spain from the age of three. Today, he is part of a generation of  painters who derive their dynamics from graffiti culture and urban art but are also strongly influenced by classical painting. Visit his website 

Axel Void street artist from spain
Axel Void in Tarifa
Axel Void mural . Street Artist from spain
Axel Void art

Mr Trazo  is a graffiti and street artist from Cuenca in Spain.  Here’s his Blog 

Mr Trazo Street Art in spain
Mr Trazo Street Art

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All Pictures by courtesy of the artists 

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  1. Sami says:

    AXEL VOID is American living in Florida.

    1. But his dad is Spanish 😉

  2. I am really surprised you haven’t included DEIH in your list. His fabulously well-executed futuristic scenes and enigmatic descriptions of his art place him high on my list of current Spanish street artists.

    1. It’s so difficult to create a list . It really subjective. I agree. Sure he’s got his place in my selection .

  3. I look forward to each and everyone of your posts. You rock…big time. Thank you for all the beauty you add to my life.

  4. Jordi says:

    And where is AXE COLOURS ??

    1. Yes you’re right . It’s always subjective to propose a list of 20 Artsits . I wanted to propose famous ones and also new talented artists. Axe Colours is fantastic ! I will write soon about him and artwork .

  5. Fer says:

    And Belin?????? are you crazy ?

    1. you’re right. My list is very subjective. I will write a specific article about Belin. He’s one of the most talented artists.

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    Beautiful variety of street murals. I think that its interesting how you’ve included not just natural looking fresco illustrations but also pop art with blocky lettering.

  10. Sergi says:

    i could add quite a number of pics of great murals from south Spain, but i don’t know the authors, unfortunately..

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