” The distance between us is equal ” David Walker exhibition in Paris

“The Distance Between Us Is Equal”
David Walker
From May 18, 2017
At Mathgoth Gallery  – 34, rue Hélène Brion 75013 Paris

For his new solo show in Mathgoth gallery, Paris, David Walker presents a collection of portraits in large format.
Within continuity of his previous artworks, this English street artist seeks to provide an answer to the relationship that exists between the painter and his model “between distance and privacy”.
For David Walker, painting a portrait is at first a meeting between two people: the artist and the model.

Becky by David WALKER 2017 at mathgoth gallery in paris
“Becky” by David WALKER – 2017

From the photography session that precedes the creation of his artwork to exhibition, the artist and his model engage in a strong relationship that brings them to reveal themselves step by step. They overcome their prejudices and reduce the physical and psychological distance between them .
For the English portraitist this confrontation is complex as the majority of those he paints are often strangers met through dating websites whom he decides to represent in his artwork, often extremely close up.

David Walker work in progress Paris 13
David Walker work in progress Paris 13 – May 2017

To represent the intense relationship that develops with the model during the elaboration of the portrait, David Walker prefers to leave his traditional palette of light and bright colors and decides on more neutral tones and « camaïeux » accentuated and sometimes with a touch more vivid color. In this same technique, he combines the brush with the spray can.
This new artwork remains faithful to David Walker’s style while revealing a great evolution in his approach and use of color. The canvas presented in the framework of “The distance between us is equal” reveals the maturity of an artist who never takes anything for granted.

David Walker Street Art photo Gallery:

David walker in Boulogne sur Mer
David walker in Boulogne sur Mer
david walker WALL THERAPY in Rochester NY
David Walker “WALL THERAPY” in Rochester NY
david walker in Denmark
David Walker in Denmark
david walker in Terracina Italy
David Walker in Terracina Italy
Giulia by David Walker
“Giulia” by David Walker



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Photo credits: Mathgoth Gallery and David Walker 

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