“Distorted Facade” – Otto Schade and Danny O’Connor exhibition in London

Otto Schade And Danny O’Connor
May 25, 2017 – June 30, 2017
At Well Hung Gallery – London


exhibition well hung gallery in London - Otto Schade and Danny O'Connor - 2017
“Distorted facade”  Otto Schade and Danny O’Connor – Well Hung Gallery – London

Well Hung gallery in London announce a figurative joint exhibition with renowned artists, Otto Schade and Danny O’Connor.
Specifically looking at the human body form, Osch and DOC have produced a body of works exploring the depiction of the figure in the Post Modern age.
The exhibition brings together both artists individual and unique styles – using distortions of the human form born out of experimentation, creativity and imagination.
Private view on Thursday 25th May for the from 6pm until 9.30pm.

The Artists:

Otto Schade aka Osch, born in Chile is now living and working in London.
His artwork is strongly influenced by abstract and surrealism movements. The themes behind his creations use iconic symbolism with a sharp, ironic touch. Osch’s paintings and murals are unique in style with a refined technique – Often characterized by ribbons which are painted meticulously in layers to produce his imagery.  If you want to discover more about Otto Schade art, read the article “Otto Schade Oniric World”.

RibbonFace by Otto Schade
RibbonFace by Otto Schade
Otto Schade Senseless (Gold)
Otto Schade Senseless (Gold)

Danny O’Connor aka Doc  is a Graphic Arts Graduate from Liverpool’s John Moores Art School.
There is a strong graphic element visible in his paintings.  Doc artwork is strongly inspired by Comics, Illustration, Character Design, and Graffiti Art. Danny O’Connor pulled together all these styles to create his incredible and amazing portraitures.  He’s using a wide range of media to create his artwork, spraypaint, acrylics, ink and paint markers. The result is visually striking paintings full of energy, creativity and  often with expressive brush strokes and splashes of paint with an almost hypnotic  appearance.

Danny O'Connor - Re-imagining Digital Daze - Facing Right
Danny O’Connor – Re-imagining Digital Daze – Facing Right
Danny O'Connor - Lost without you
Danny O’Connor – Lost without you


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