Interview with Manyoly

Hello Marie-Lou where are you from ?
I grow up in a small city of south of France, and now i’m based in Marseille ( when you grow close to the sea, you can’t be far of it ! )
Are you primarily an artist or do you have another job ?
I started to work as an art agent 10 years ago. i had few galleries in the south and i moved a lot in France and elsewhere before i realized that i’d want to be myself an artist. Since 3 years painting is my full time job, and live by what your create is the most fantastic job in the world !

Manyoly Artwork for Ru'Elles event in Paris
Manyoly Artwork for Ru’Elles event in Paris

How did it all start ? (when you were a kid ? At school ? later ? )
I grow with an artist mom, so i guess it’s in my blood … But when i was young it was not my dream to be a painter. I try to be a singer, and my dream was to be a psychiatrist for children. But i stop school at fourteen so it was a short dream ahah .
Painting came to me when i came back from a long trip in Asia, i was so depressed to came back in France… so i started to draw.. it was 4 years ago.
Are you only painting murals ?
I mostly paint on canvas or wood or paper. Painting and pasting on walls started 2 years ago only.
Would you describe yourself as a painter or street artist ? …
I’m a painter 🙂

Manyoly - In situ - Projet Keep it glue
Manyoly – In situ – Projet “Keep it glue”

Where do you find your inspiration ? I’ve noticed you paint a lot of portraits.
Yes i’m really passionate by women since so long ! for now i’m focused on their portraits.
My inspiration comes from all the people that i meet. I have a photographic memory, so when something or someone catch my attention it stay in my mind until i draw it !
where can your murals be seen at present?
In Paris , front or the Maurice Ravel international center, and in Belleville outside the Barbouquin café on the Denoyez street. And until end of may at Le Point Ephémère i have a big one !
In Murcie ( South of Spain ) My most bigger ( 7m high )
And in London i have few portraits around Bricklane and Shoreditch , but they could be ephemeral.

Manyoly and matt_tieu - Street Art in Paris
Manyoly and matt_tieu – Street Art in Paris

Did you collaborate with other street artists ?
Yes ! i love that ! Last year i started to collaborate with people, because of Instagram … with this app it’s so easy to meet people. The first one was Jordane Saget aka J3 ( from Paris ), after it was Matttieu ( from Paris ), and Eddie Colla ( From Oackland USA ) , Noon ( from Montpellier ), and the last one is Ardif ( from Paris) . And it’s just the beginning !
Is there any street artist you would like to work with ?
Oh god yes ! So many … ahahah the list would be too long….

Manyoly artwork in Georgetown - Penang - malaysia
Manyoly artwork in Georgetown – Penang – malaysia

Have you had any gallery exhibitions in the past ?
Yes , many , in Marseille i have a permanent exhibition in the Gallery Adaoust . In Paris i always have few painting in Le Lavomatik . And between those i made collective exhibition quite often.
Actually i’m in a collective exhibition until the 31 of may at the Maurice ravel international center in Paris. ( Only women artists on this one )
Is there a city or a place you dream to paint ?
yyyyyes! In Montreal at the Mural festival ahahah ! But i would love to paint quite everywhere its warm and sunny
Do you have any particular artistic projects in the future ? Walls, exhibitions, events ….
Yes… always! i will make a wall in Vitry this summer, no date for now but i will announce it soon. And in june i have few paintings for a collective show in Le Lavomatik in Paris.
This summer i will mostly stay in Marseille in the studio to prepare beautiful women for the Gallery Adaoust. And in September a wall in Barcelona for a collaboration…. ihih .

Manyoly artwork in Paris
Manyoly artwork in Paris

Who are your favorite artists ? Painters, street artists sculptor etc …
Romain Froquet is my favorite !
And i’m fan of Jakson pollock, Jacques Villeglé, MadC , Etam Cru, Théo Lopez, and so many others….
Is there anything else you would like to share with us ?
yes, Thank you for this english moment 🙂 and see you soon around the world !

Manyoly artwork Murcia streetart project
Manyoly artwork Murcia streetart project

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Artwork Gallery:

Artwork by Manyoly
artwork by Manyoly - festival Legendes Urbaines Paris 12
Artwork by Manyoly – festival Légendes Urbaines Paris 12
Eddie Colla & Manyoly
Eddie Colla & Manyoly
manyoly collaboration with Ardif Streetart
Manyoly collaboration with Ardif Streetart
Manyoly in Paris
Manyoly in Paris
Manyoly street art in Marseille
Manyoly street art in Marseille
Manyoly street art in Bordeaux
Manyoly street art in Bordeaux
Manyoly street art in Portugal Lisbon
Manyoly street art in Portugal Lisbon
Manyoly street artist and painter
Manyoly street artist

All photos by Courtesy of Manyoly 


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