They’ve replaced the iconic portrait of Bowie in Manchester !!!

At first i thought it was a joke when i heard that the Iconic portrait of David Bowie by Akse P19 in Manchester had been covered by a new artwork.
I’m well aware that street art is by nature temporary. It’s the spirit and  soul of Urban Art and I’m not judging this new piece of artwork . This is not the subject!
But this portrait of David Bowie  was one of the most important tributes to the legendary English pop artist alongside artists JimmyC, Otto Schade …
Seen here in my  David Bowie Street Art Tribute 
In replacement of Bowie, artist Qubek created a huge image of Sloth, from the popular 80’s children’s movie The Goonies. He was the only artist who accepted to cover Bowie’s portrait.  Was this the right decision?

This Bowie portrait had attracted thousands of tourists and locals who had visited the area especially to snap a picture of the iconic masterpiece. What a loss i feel this is to the city of Manchester.

I’ll let you make your own decision and feel free to comment.


bowie in manchester by Akse P19 doesn't exist anymore
bowie in manchester by Akse P19
Qbek in Manchester replacing Bowie iconic portrait by Akse P19
Qbek in Manchester

photo credit: Manchester EveningNews 


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  1. Glenys says:

    How sad. What a stunning piece of art. The replacement seems a bit bad taste considering what was there.

  2. I believe Bowie would be my choice, sorry Manchester.

  3. How terrible. truly terrible.

  4. Adam says:

    Graffiti isn’t forever, it’ll change again no doubt.

  5. Alex says:

    Non !!!

  6. Disappointing replacement – it’s ugly.

  7. agogo22 says:

    Reblogged this on msamba.

  8. Fucking ugly, just like the person who painted it.

  9. Gobsmacking, I’m not against going bigger and better and street art is ephemeral but what’s replaced it is ghastly and just not very good art

  10. Oh damn! 😮

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