Interview with Spanish artist Carlos Callizo

Hi Carlos, it was a pleasure to meet you. I discovered your artwork a few weeks ago at MUR Oberkampf in Paris. And i’m very proud to interview you and present your artwork to StreetArt360 readers.
Where are you from ?
I am from Murcia, Spain.
Are you primalary an artist or do you have another job ?
I’m a painting teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Murcia. But I feel like a painter above everything else.
How did it all start ? (when you were a kid ? At school ? later ? )
I was really in college, studying architecture when I discovered that what I wanted was to paint.
Are you only painting murals ?
No, I have been a painter in the traditional sense for 25 years.
If a few years ago someone told me to paint in the street, I would have been embarrassed …, insecure..
One day I tried it and realized it was wonderful, much more powerful than painting in the loneliness of the studio.
I love the connection with people while the work is coming up.

callizo street art
callizo street art

Would you describe yourself as a painter or street artist ? …
That is, without a doubt, the most difficult question.
I was many years painting in my studio, and I like it a lot, but the truth is that: if I could always paint in the street, it would be wonderful, so I guess I feel like an street artist.
Where do you find your inspiration ? i’ve noticed you paint a lot of portraits.
I like to paint faces because they transmit sensations in a powerful way. Often, these feelings depend more on the viewer who observes, than on the portrait painted on the wall. But the reality that I paint is very … blurred …
Only the information needed to recognize the character and imagine his feelings. You know what it´s said: in painting, less is more.
where can your murals be seen at present?
Unfortunately, the works done in Le MUR are “Ephemeral Art”, it is part of the game, because Urban Art has a lot of ephemeral. In September I will make a mural in Rome, I will send you images. I have murals in various Spanish cities like Madrid, Burgos, Murcia, Los Alcázares, etc. Also, I try to keep my web page updated, “” with my latest street art projects

Portrait of Milla Jovovich by Carlos Callizo in Spain
“Milla Jovovich” by Carlos Callizo

Did you collaborate with other street artists ?
I have friendship with street artists like L7M, Dale Grimshaw, Draw or the Spanish Ele Man, Lily Brik, Sabotage, Kob and many others, but I usually work alone.
Is there any street artist you would like to work with ?
I would like to work with Borondo. I really like his way of expressing himself. It is very free.
But there are many other artists that I admire … I think, I have a lot to learn.
What do you think of the street art scene in Spain ?
In Spain street art is gaining strength, there are more festivals, websites or Facebook pages and magazines.
I think street art is the art of the 21st century.
Have you had any gallery exhibitions in the past ?
Yes, I have exhibited in galleries in the United States (Miami), China (Beijing), United Kingdom (Lancaster) and also in many Spanish cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville or Murcia.

callizo at MUR Paris
callizo at MUR Paris

Is there a city or a place you dream to paint ?
I would like to paint in Paris again, but any European city would be a good destination. I hope to paint more outside Spain in the near future.
Do you have any particular artistic projects in the future ?
Yes, there is always some artistic project.
I have an agreement to paint a mural in Rome at the end of summer, I am also preparing a large mural in my city, Murcia.
And I hope that more street art projects will emerge, every time I like to work on the street.
Who are your favorite artists ? Painters, street artists sculptor etc …
The list would be too long, I enjoy art very much and I think it is regaining the leading role it deserves in people’s lives

Mural by Callizo
Mural by Callizo

Is there anything else you would like to share with us ?
I want to thank you for this interview and, in general, for the work you do to support street art.
The ART must be in the street. People want ART to go out of museums and galleries, they want art to surprise them in their daily lives …
And we want to give our art to all the people who want to look at it.
Thanks again.

Thank’s a lot Carlos . It’s been a pleasure to meet you. Hope we’ll see your artworks all around the world soon.


More about Calizzo: FacebookBlog 

All pictures by courtesy of Carlos Callizo

Callizo Artworks Gallery:

Callizo Artwork "detail"
Callizo Artwork “detail”
Mural by Callizo
Mural by Callizo
Artwork by Callizo
Artwork by Callizo
Street Art by Callizo
Street Art by Callizo
Woman face mural. Street Art by Carlos Callizo
Street Art by Carlos Callizo
callizo murcia spain
Callizo murcia spain

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