bowie in manchester by Akse P19 doesn't exist anymore

They’ve replaced the iconic portrait of Bowie in Manchester !!!

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At first i thought it was a joke when i heard that the Iconic portrait of David Bowie by Akse P19 in Manchester had been covered by a new artwork. I’m well aware that street art is by nature temporary. It’s the spirit and  soul of Urban Art and I’m not judging this new piece of [….]

carlos Callizo street Artist

Interview with Spanish artist Carlos Callizo

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Hi Carlos, it was a pleasure to meet you. I discovered your artwork a few weeks ago at MUR Oberkampf in Paris. And i’m very proud to interview you and present your artwork to StreetArt360 readers. Where are you from ? I am from Murcia, Spain. Are you primalary an artist or do you have [….]