Interview with Anopsy

Here’s my Interview with Anopsy.  A talented female street artist based in Netherlands.

Hi Anopsy, can you tell us where you from ?
I’m originally polish,from a small town Lubsko in west part of Poland. But I live for almost 12 years in the Netherlands.
Anopsy is a tag name ? If yes can you tell us a bit more ?
Yes, when I started to put my works on the streets I used no name.
When my works began to oscillate around topics of mind and consciousness, I thought It would be nice to put them all in one place on internet and to give the project a name. I thought that Anonymous Psychonautes, would be nice. Sadly, my tagging skills were not so good at that moment (to be honest they’re not much better right now) so I had to shorten the name to AnoPsy. I looked it up in a dictionary and its meaning appealed to me a lot. Soon after I made transition from stencils to freehand painting and I thought it’s a perfect nickname for my new activity.

Anopsy, Street Artist from Poland based in Amsterdam
Anopsy, Street Artist from Poland based in Amsterdam

How did it all start ? (about your artwork )
It started when I was a teenager and grew interest in hip hop culture. It was back then very hard to get spray cans in my town, anyway I bought some paint for cars and did my first illegal graffiti and of course it sucked, so I got a bit more focused on sketching and drawing. Later I discovered stencil technique and when I moved to the Netherlands I got deeper into it. My stencils grew from small a4 to bigger ones, like 2m by 2m. I think a bit more than 2 years ago, I got a chance to paint a big mural. Because it wasn’t so convenient anymore to use stencils – I dared to paint it freehand. That was a moment when I thought, if I can paint a face that’s like 10m big, why don’t try to paint them at the usual size I work with. This is how it started.

Wall by Anopsy in Amsterdam
Wall by Anopsy in Amsterdam

Do you think you’re a street artist ? an artist ?
It depends on how and who defines street-art and art.
As far as I understand, street-art is historically a form of art that’s executed on the streets in order to protest, to oppose, disrupt or give a food for thought.
So I don’t really feel I fit into that definition. But since the notion of street-art became more fluid and means any kind of art in a public space -people call me a street artist and I don’t mind.
I never felt to much of an artist, I used to paint things because it was fun to upgrade my skills and to get better everytime. At the moment I see I have certain freedom of expression, and I can better translate my ideas into the visual language, I kinda feel I can express some things and that some people will feel addressed by it. This is a bit my simple definition of art. Thus I can say I’m gradually becoming an artist.

O.S.T.R. by Anopsy
O.S.T.R. by Anopsy

Where can we see your artworks ?
I usually paint in Amsterdam, my favourite spots are NDSM and Flevopark. I love Koog aan de Zaan – skatepark, due to diversity of its walls.I painted lately in Den Bosch and in Eindhoven. I go now and then to Germany (Berlin, Hamburg) to paint there, and it inspires me a lot. I also regulary put some works in my hometown Lubsko but i try to visit other spots in Poland.
Did you already work with other artists ?
I do paint a lot with other artists, very often graffiti writers. I love to combine skills and imagination. It’s great.

Artwork by Anopsy in Amsterdam
Artwork by Anopsy in Amsterdam

Do you have projects in the next few months ?
The summer is coming so there’s a list of places where I would like to paint, both to paint independently on the streets and within the concept of graffiti jam or street art festival. That’s always fun to do.
I also work on a series of portraits of Techno-legends. I painted already Carl Cox and plan to finish this one by the end of September. Another really exciting project I would like to focus on this summer is my project “It’s alive” – where I map visuals onto large scale portraits, making them move, speak and fill with colours and patterns. I do this since my second big passion is video art.

Rebelle & Lot Madeleine by Anopsy
Rebelle & Lot Madeleine by Anopsy

Who is your favorite artist ? or Street artist ?
I’m a huge fan of Sebas Velasco, the vibrancy of his portraits hits me every time I see them. I would love to see him painting once. If I had to chose somebody who’s not a street artist it would be the father of polish Symbolism – Jacek Malczewski.
A dream place you would like to paint ?
I would love to go to France and to Belgium, and visit other countries in Europe I’ve never been to. But I don’t have a specific dream place.
Hobbies exept art ?
Yes, videos and visuals. Apart from that I’m Game of Thrones theories geek- I can read for hours through reddit posts on that topic. Oh, and I love to read Wikipedia for hours, as if it was an Agatha Christie’s book.

Thank’s a lot Anopsy. 


Famous DJ carl Cox mural by Anopsy in Amsterdam
Carl Cox by Anopsy
Step in the Arena Eindhoven 2016 by Anopsy
“Step in the Arena”  Eindhoven 2016 by Anopsy
Thuishaven dive by Anopsy
“Thuishaven dive” by Anopsy
YO WOJO by Anopsy
“YO WOJO”  by Anopsy
Java-eiland Amsterdam by Anopsy
“Java-eiland ” in Amsterdam by Anopsy
Artwork by Anopsy
Artwork by Anopsy
Woman with a pokeball by Anopsy
“Woman with a pokeball”  by Anopsy
Mural by Anopsy
Mural by Anopsy


Anopsy links: Instagram – Facebook

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