Paulo Araujo – aka MX “Mister X”

Last weekend, Mister X was one of the artists performing in Vitry sur Seine for Vitry’N Urbaine street art event.
Who is this mysterious Mister X ? Who is this guy who painted a fantastic portrait of Cesaria Evora on a door in Vitry sur Seine? Who is this absolutely fantastic artist creating his first artworks on the the walls of Paris and its suburbs ?
MX ( Mister X) is a friend of mine. His real name is Paulo Araújo, he is a Caperverdean artist and born in 1982.
Why did he chose this artist tag name ? The truth in fact is very funny.

Woman portrait by MX (Mister X) in Vitry sur Seine
Artwork by MX (Mister X) in Vitry sur Seine

Up until he was 10 months old Paulo didn’t have a first name. This is completley true ! His Mum and Dad were unable to decide on a name for their young boy.
Until one day his God Mother said to Paulo’s parent’s “he’s Mister X if you don’t give him a name!”
Therefore when Paulo chose his artist name he decided to utilise this, as if it was his destiny to be named Mister X within the street art world.
Paulo is the son of a Human rights activist. This heritage from an incorruptible man who fought for freedom and equality between people gives MX a strong voice in all subjets about humanity, freedom, social facts … He’s also very inspired by world music and all subjects linked to his home country. You will also find in his artwork the representation and beauty of African Women.
Studying architecture and recently introduced to the street art scene in Paris, Naïve art style, a lover of colour, Mx has W. Kandinsky in his blood and soul.

Mx (Mister X) artwork for Vitry'n Urbaine Spring event in Vitry-sur -seine , the Paris open sky museum
Mx (Mister X) artwork for Vitry’n Urbaine Spring event

When I once asked him what inspired him to become an artist, he told me “Having a broken heart, is the required condition to be a great artist.”
For sure he doesn’t break mine. He illuminates the walls with his painting and is a ray of sunlight for all street art lovers.
Watch out for this guy! A great artist born before your eyes!

Links: Vitry-Sur-Seine “An Open Sky Museum” 

MX on social networks: Instagram Twitter Blog

Artwork Gallery:

Portrait of cesaria evora by paulo araujo aka MX
Cesaria Evora by Mister X in Vitry-Sur-Seine


'' City view '' by MX (Mister X)
” City View ” by MX (Mister X)
'' Jazz au Moulin'' by Paulo Araujo aka MX
” Jazz au Moulin” by MX
"nhu Rei Pexi" by Paulo Araujo aka Mister X
“nhu Rei Pexi” by Paulo Araujo aka Mister X

Nhu Rei Pexi – The Fish King . Paulo says about this artwork:  “This piece speaks about the dictators in Africa, they eat everything leaving the country in poverty misery as you see the fish bone and a sink ship. The dictator dress leopard, reference to Mobuto from Zaire, and wears a crown representing both the power and the way they spend millions from the people left to die in poverty. And as we all know there are lot’s of parasites living and eating and cleaning what lefts, representing the people which support dictators over some coins.”

Pianist by Paulo Araujo Aka MX
“Pianist” by Paulo Araujo Aka MX
sol verde - green sun by Paulo Araujo aka MX
“Sol Verde – Green Sun”  by Paulo Araujo aka MX
noiva by MX
“Noiva”  by Paulo Araujo aka  MX
"O Pastor" By Paulo Araujo aka MX
“O Pastor” By Paulo Araujo aka MX
"O Artista" by Paulo Araujo aka MX
“O Artista” by Paulo Araujo aka MX
Paulo Araujo aka MX and Laurent Jacquet StreetArt360
Paulo Araujo aka MX and Laurent Jacquet StreetArt360 in Vitry Sur Seine

Photos by  Paulo Araujo and by Laurent Jacquet – StreetArt360 

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