Interview with ZMOGK “Street Artist from Russia”

A few days ago, ZMOGK was in Vitry Sur Seine for a street art event organised by Vitry’N Urbaine. I interviewed Kostya aka ZMOGK for StreetArt360.


Hello Kostya you’ve been painting in Paris (Vitry-sur-Seine) this weekend and it’s a fantastic opportunity to know more about you and your Art. Can you tell us where you from ?
I came from planet Zmogotron from another galaxy… 🙂 ok. I’m kidding. I was born in Moscow/Russia and I’m still living and working there.

Zmogk is your artist name ? Your Name ? A Tag Name ? Why this choice ?
Yes, Zmogk is my artist name. I created in around 1994 year. It’s funny but I was playing «Master of Orion 2» computer game and I had to create a unique name for alien race leader 🙂

Zmogk collab with Swodshit - Sicovercast Boogiesml and Nilkowhite
Zmogk collab with Swodshit – Sicovercast, Boogiesml and Nilkowhite

Is it your first time in France ?
No. I’ve been here 5 times before.

Why Vitry sur Seine ? You’ve been invited ? It’s your own choice ?
I’ve been invited. Couple years ago Christian (C215) invited me to paint in Vitry, but for different reasons it was impossible for me. And I’m happy that finally I will paint there.

What do you think of Vitry Sur Seine ? Is it a street art and graffiti open Sky Museum for you ? Is vitry sur seine known in Russia for street art ?
Honestly, I know not enough about Vitry to think anything. I’m pretty sure its a good quite place near Paris. And I’m afraid in Russia it’s unknown place.

Zmogk Artwork
Zmogk Artwork

How did it all start ? when did you paint your first artwork ?
I painted my first graffiti piece in 1998. And year or two before this I was sketching, creating different letters.

Do you think you’re an artist ? a painter ? a street artist ? how can you define yourself ?
Something between street artist and a painter. I started like a graffiti writer, but last years I focused more on painting in my studio and I definitely interesting in painting murals. Style writing, if you know what I’m talking about, is still part of my art but not the main.

Zmogk "the rose"
Zmogk “the rose”

Can you tell us a bit more about your technic of painting ?
I’m using acrylic and spray paint, working with brushes and palette knives.

Do you have specific messages in your artwork ?
Usually it’s all about my inner world and experience. It depends on my mood. A small part of my artworks about global problems in out world.

Where can we discover your artworks ?
You can find some of my works in NUNC Gallery Paris, and in Wallery gallery in Stockholm. Follow my instagram account is and you will receive all news about my artworks

Zmogk in Rostov
Zmogk in Rostov

Do you have artistic projects in the coming months?
Yes, I have some really interesting projects in next months. Follow me and you will see 🙂

Thank’s a lot Kostya . Great to meet you ! Meet you in Russia once 🙂 
Thank you too, Laurent!

Zmogk links: Facebook InstagramZmogk Website


Zmogk in vitry-sur-seine April 2017 Vitry'n Urbaine Event
Zmogk in Vitry-Sur-Seine (April 2017 Vitry’n Urbaine Event)
Zmogk in Vitry sur Seine - April 2017
Zmogk in Vitry sur Seine – April 2017
zmogk in Almaty Kazakhstan
Zmogk in Almaty Kazakhstan
Zmogk Street Art
Zmogk Street Art
Zmogk in Omsk
Zmogk in Omsk

All photos by Zmogk and by StreetArt360 (Zmogk in Vitry) 

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