Interview with Rogue-One “Street Artist from Glasgow”

Rogue-one is a street artist from Glasgow in Scotland and also a very good friend. He has been mastering the art of spraypainting for over 20 years.
His work ranges from stencils, characters, 3D artworks, canvases and to large scale productions. He’s by now one of the most famous and talented street artist in Europe.

Here’s My interview with Bobby McNamara aka Rogue-One

rogue-one taxi driver in glasgow
Rogue-One taxi driver in Glasgow

Hi Bobby, can you tell us where you from ?
I’m from glasgow, scotland

Where does your tag name come from ?
My tag name comes from Rogue Trooper, which is a character from a British comic called 2000ad. I wrote Rogue for a while then added the One onto it as alot of graffiti artist do.

How did it all start ?
Like most graffiti artists I was a big fan of hip hop music and hop hop culture. In the 80’s some older kids showed me graffiti magazines and I wanted to get into trying to do all these amazing and colourful spraypaintings. I’ve always been a keen artist and using spraypaint just seemed like the way forward.

rogue-one street artist from glasgow paint hands on a tunnel
Rogue-One hands in Glasgow

What inspires you in your artwork ?
Many things inspire me with my artwork. Life, fashion, culture, music, comics and film. I try to mix things up all the time and do different paintings, basically so I don’t get bored.

Do you have specific message in your artwork ?
I’m not exactly big on politics or religion so I don’t always try to give out messages in my artwork. Sometimes I do, sometimes their sutle, but mostly I try to just do paintings that make people smile or laugh.

Tell us about your specific art technique ?
Specific art technique? That’s a hard one. I suppose what I do is a photorealistic style, trying to make my images as real as I can. Years of painting has taught me the skills of fading and cutting back and a process of building up layers, working on each part of an image, background first, then middle ground, right up to four ground last. I good eye for detail probably helps.

Rogue-One at Clutha Bar in Glasgow
Rogue-One at Clutha Bar in Glasgow

Do you admire one or more artists ? And who ?
I admire so many other artists. There’s too many to name! And each year my favourites change. Tasso-maclaim, insane51, omsk, belin, bordelo, nomad-clan, etam-crew, all-chrome, odieth, Martin Watson, awone, norm, lonacpot, Fintan Magee, smug, hopare, nychos, conorsaysboom, rone, sril, adnate, the list is endless!

Is there any cities that inspire you ? Or a dream to work in one specific place ?
Cities like London, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris and Sydney all inspire me, and ofcourse the city where it all started New york. I’ve painted in a few of these cities but I would like to paint in all of them and many others!

Passions apart of art ?
I have other hobbies and passions like scale model building and painting. I like to build dioramas. I collect helmets and sometimes custom build and paint helmets myself. I also love snowboarding, hiking and climbing.

Artwork by Rogue-One for Yardworks Festival in Glasgow
Artwork by Rogue-One for Yardworks Festival in Glasgow

Do you have projects in the next few month ?
I’ve just finished a fun project which was part of Glasgow Barras art and design party. I painted a friends daughter dressed as a pirate. Great weekend and mural turned out good. I have a few commissions to do over the next couple of months but nothing special to mention, and of course I always try to keep myself busy and be as creative as I can.

Thanks for the interview, it’s been fun. Peace and creativity …
Thank’s Bobby . See you soon in Paris Street Art Open Sky Museum, Vitry sur Seine. I think you might be there with Ejek very soon for a street art event with Vitry’n Urbaine and StreetArt360. And also art Yardworks festival in May. 

More About Rogue-One: Facebook


woman portrait by Rogue-One in Glasgow
woman portrait by Rogue-One in Glasgow
Rogue-One "Ejek portrait"
Rogue-One “Ejek portrait”
Rogue-One 'Black panther" painted on a large mural
Rogue-One ‘Black panther”
Rogue-One "spiderman" graffiti paint on a mural
Rogue-One “spiderman”
Rogue-One "swimmer"
Rogue-One “swimmer”
Rogue-One "puppet master" in Glasgow
Rogue-One “puppet master” in Glasgow
Artwork by Rogue-One
Artwork by Rogue-One
Rogue-One by Rogue-One
Rogue-One by Rogue-One
Werewolf by Rogue-One
Werewolf by Rogue-One
Portrait by Rogue-One in Edinburgh
Portrait by Rogue-One in Edinburgh
hyper realistic portrait by Rogue-One
hyper realistic portrait by Rogue-One
pirate girl by Rogue-One in Glasgow Barras
pirate girl by Rogue-One in Glasgow Barras


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All pictures by: Rogue-One and Streetart360


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