Kiev – A City of Murals

Kiev in Ukraine is a large industrial and cultural center. A millennial city full of history, incessant invasions and Orthodox traditions.
The term industrial and cultural city suggests the presence of urban art. Street art is everywhere in the Ukrainian capital. Monumental  murals cover the walls of the capital city.
A graffiti containing the artistic codes of an orthodox icon, a child throwing paper airplanes into the air, a portrait of a protester killed on the “Maidan”, or a famous Ukrainian poet.  Kiev’s grey walls Illuminate over time.
One of the most famous artists of Kiev is Oleksandre Korban, aged 28 he fled his hometown, now in the hands of the pro-Separatists. . His mural, which depicts a little boy playing with paper planes, is dedicated to Lev, the son of a couple of friends who helped him in these “difficult times” to find refuge in the capital. In just one year, street art exploded in Kiev with the appearance on the walls of dozens of artworks created by Ukrainian and foreign street artists.

Kiev City of Murals
Kiev City of Murals – Guido Van Helten

The poets’ pen turned into flame spray paint to express political or philosophical messages.
The Australian street artist  Guido Van Helten painted a portrait of the Ukrainian poet “Lessia Oukraïnka”, the Spanish artist  Zosen Bandido drew mythic creatures inspired by Ukrainian folklore, the Ukrainian artist Oleksi Bordoussov created a mural entitled « The Ukrainian Saint George » … Most of these artworks openly carry a political message!
The Argentinian Franco Fasoli painted a person wearing a Ukrainian flag and surrounded by Molotov cocktails and hooded men. The Portuguese Alexander Farto represented « Serhi Nigoyan » the first victim killed  by bullets during the people protest.

Kiev City of Murals
Kiev city of Murals – Seth Globepainter

These graffiti and street art works  are only the first of a long list to come. Several artists have launched “The City Art Project”, which aims to create an artistic zone in the city center. Municipal authorities and most residents support this trend. These new artworks go perfectly well with the new modern and European style of the city. Kiev is now a European capital of Street Art. Do not hesitate any more and visit this new open-sky  museum.
Find more informations here:
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