Sfhir “An exceptional artist”

For some time, i have wanted to write an article about Sfhir, an exceptional Spanish street  artist .
This artist has surprised me for years by the originality and the poetry that he releases in his artwork.
Some Artists profiles seem forged Around Academic awards, which is absolutely not the case of Sfhir.
For the anecdote, lets go back in 1995, while Sfhir was still a kid  .
Everything began at school . He was 14 years old and was playing with an aerosol bomb in the school grounds.

Sfhir, street artist from spain
Sfhir Street Artist

However, as to be expected, his headmaster expelled him due to this. But this boy must have had an incredible talent already, since when he returned to school his art teacher imposed a particularly original sanction.
He renewed his “first work” with the aerosol bomb, but this time on the walls of the establishment with the blessing of the school direction.

monumental mural by spanish street artist Sfhir
Sfhir Mural

I think when you have talent  there can be no better punishment. Don’t you agree with me ?
Trying to explain the artistic expression of Sfhir is almost an impossible mission.
Fernando Sanchez Drago has defined it as “striking, acid and hyperrealistic, dubious aesthetics and with one goal: generate controversy” .
Is Sfhir a Graffiti painter ? Probably yes. But also a Urban artist, a street artist, an artist, a painter, a muralist, a threedimensionalist,  an experimentalist and many many more probably …
In his work he combines graffiti with various tools as aerographs, paint guns, brushes or rollers.
Shir artistic exploration is the key of its evolution; Far from stretching in concrete artistic labels each new project is a rupture and a new learning.

Surealistic artwork by Sfhir
Artwork by Sfhir

Artworks made exclusively on ball-point pens (Boligraff), artistic use of mixed techniques and fire on wood (More wood, Animas …) or ephemeral illustrations made with laser pointers that fade, agonizing, while being created in a literary game (Lumen) are just a few examples of sfhir’s artwork diversity.
He also realised a Short cut Movie ” Brut Nature” as director and illustrator.
His latest collection, “Humanimals”, a postmodern reinterpretation of bestiaries. It has been exhibited at the “Modus Operandi Gallery” as ambassador of the “Nanaist avant-garde” as well as at the Duran Auction House.
In a continuous artisitic search he has experimented with a multitude of techniques, chiseling each detail in a laborious, almost obsessive way, to achieve the most crude hyperrealism. Dissect the reality and translate it in a graphic, overwhelming way, through an acid filter and, sometimes, bleeding. Varied themes and a common element in all his works create  disturbing realities.

Surealistic mural by Sfhir
Sfhir Art

A phrase written on a New York train left him forever marked “I just know I can’t stop.”
I think he’s right. He can’t stop ! Anyway, please Sfhir, never Stop !
You’re surely one of the most talented and original street artists of your generation.
Then please continue to awaken our senses. We all need it in this world where the walls are still too grey.
And I do not know if you were told enough. So I say thank you for your art you forever allow us to dream.

More about Sfhir: His BlogFacebook  Instagram – Twitter


Hyper realistic and surealistic mural by Sfhir
Street Art by Sfhir
3d and surealistic mural by Sfhir
Artwork by Sfhir
Sfhir mural
Sfhir “Fabrica de penicilina del Doctor Flemin”
Angel by Sfhir
Sfhir Street Art
Incredible hyper realistic and surealistic wall by spanish street artist Sfhir
Sfhir Art
Surealist woman face by Sfhir
Art by Sfhir
Nude woman on a mural by Sfhir
Sfhir Artwork


young girl on a mural by spanish street artist sfhir
Sfhir Art
Woman mural by Sfhir
Sfhir Street Art
Bkack women face by Sfhir
Sfhir mural
hyper realistic mural painted by Sfhir
Sfhir art
poetic mural by Sfhir
Sfhir Art
Man face on a mural by Sfhir
Sfhir Art
Man shooting , mural by Sfhir
Sfhir art


All photos by courtesy of Sfhir

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