Interview with Kas Art

here’s my interview with kas, a great portugese street artist. Kas now lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

Hi Kas, can you tell us where you’re from ?
I am from Porto the second bigest city in Portugal.
where does your street artist name come from ?
My artist name comes from a place called kastalia where i got together with my group of friends every day.
How do you define yourself ? Artist ? Street Artist ? graffiti artist ?
I’m a diversified artist one day i paint a big mural another day i paint letters and also canvas…
How did it all start ?
I found in the streets of Porto in 1998/99 a full spray can and i start to tag all the walls on my way home and after i talk to a friend and he told me what graffiti was and gave me a book “Subway Graffiti” from Marta Cooper that inspired me to paint Kas everywhere.

Street Art by Kas Art . Eye in a hand puzzle
Street Art by Mr Kas

what kind of music do you like ?
Hip hop, reggae, rock, jazz, electronic and all types of music in general.
what inspires you in your artwork ?
All around me is a source of inspiration …
Do you have a specific message in your artwork ?
All my art work has a message and i like to play with puzzles,  patterns and portraits and its something that you can recognise easily .
Are you only painting murals ?
No I already did a lot of exhibitions and i paint all types of surfaces .

Mr Kas street artist from portugal mural . Woman face behind the wall
Kas Street Art

Tell us about your specific technique of painting ?
In murals i only use spray cans and some stencils to paint the lines of puzzles i never use projectors because for me it is a big challenge to pass a small project on paper to a big wall and that’s what gives me pleasure and makes me feel alive.
Do you admire one or more artists ? And who ?
Yes nowadays i admire a lot of artists but principally those who have never studied art, just like me.
Where did you paint ? countries ? cities ?
its already a long list from Indonesia to Dubai, Malaysia, China, Malta, Ireland, Italy, etc …
Is there any cities that inspire you ? Or a dream to paint in one specific place ?
For me all cities and places are sources of inspiration . Yes i want to show my art in USA i hope very soon.

Kas Artwork . Woman puzzle face mural
Passions apart from art ?
i’am a football fan of F.C.Porto
Do you have projects in the next few months ?
Yes i have  different projects to paint around the world but I’d rather not talk about it now. Just follow me in my social media.
What is your favorite artwork ? Yours and another artist .
its difficult to chose my favourite artwork because each one has a different message and a history behind the painting but if i need to chose one i will choose “Sleeping beauty” for the worlds largest street art museum in Amsterdam.

Thank’s a lot Kas 

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All Pictures by courtesy of Kas Art 

Art Gallery: 

Kas Art The final sunset in Canggu Indonesia. painted in 2016
Kas Art “The final sunset”
Puzzle woman face by Kas Art . Street Artist from portugal based in Belgium
Mr Kas Street Art
Kas Art wall in Bali Indonesia 2016
Kas Art in Indonesia
Kas Art in Mata saya Gili island - Bali 2016
Kas Art in Bali – 2016
Kas Street Art The final sunset Canggu Indonesia 2016
Kas Art Final Sunset in Indonesia
Kas Art Don't use me as winter jacket Kuta indonesia 2016
Kas Art “protect tigers”
Eye painted by Kas Art , street artist from portugal
Kas Street Art
Kas street art
Kas – Street Artist artwork
doll or girl face painted by Kas Art
Kas Street Art – detail
No monkey business . Mural by Kas Art in Bali
Kas Art – “No Monkey Business “
Kas Art mural Fishing with heart to Azores Portugal 2016
Kas Art – “fishing with heart”


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