Interview with Hood Graff Team – Belarus street art duo

I interviewed for streetart360 a Bielorussian Street Art duo. I’d like you to discover their artwork.

Hi, can you tell us where you from and who you are ?
Hi! My name is Arty Burzh, i’m Inspirer and founder of HoodGraff team.
HoodGraff is the project of two person, me and street artist Iliya. We are from Belarus. and started in 2013 in Godforsaken (Bielorussia)
Where street art could only be found through the  Internet and not yet in the streets.
Belarus like one of the Third Worlds countries in street art world, that’s funny cause it was really difficult, we were making  illegal murals.
People for whom street art is made started to see difference between classic bombing and street art.
I am talking about every person from 7 years old till very very old grannies .
People who is not painting for themselves on public walls. People who never understand culture of graffiti. Then we moved to Saint-Petersburg in Russia.
After first mural we start making history of each portrait.
Portraits of Victor Tsoi, Pavel Durov, Dmitri Nagiev and mostly Serhei Bodrov took the social position in the streets . They became the signs of new movement of Saint Petersburg’s street art culture. Now we are in Bali, Indonesia. Making same murals, but mostly for fun.

hoodgraff street artists from bielarus
HoodGraff Team – Street Artist duo

Where does your tag name come from ?
If we talking about that, so thats was just funny sounded and we started to put that hashtag on the wall.
Very simple and try to repeat it again and again in different musical manners. That’s funny. Sometimes people tell us, that their hood became better after our murals.
How did it all start ?
I was a little bit younger and had much ambitions. I wanted to show people how really cool the walls looked with street art.
In Belarus people have much problems in real life, they never had time to understand art, I’m talking about 85-95% of all citizens in the country, they started to see the changes and how their hoods became better.
In western Europe, South America and USA street art belongs to the culture. Not  In Belarusia!
In Russia situation was much better, but if compared with Europe, it’s still a bad situation. First Street art artworks appeared  in 2003-2004. Though  it didnt become a big culture and still remains.

myhoodisgood portrait of jack nicholson
HoodGraff Jack Nicholson Portrait

What inspires you in your artwork ?
It’s a lifestyle and  opportunity to speak with people.
I believe that much people will understand our language and enjoy it.

Do you have specific message in your artwork ?
Yes. People in Saint-Petersburg and in Belarus understand what the message is.
We made some murals that became part of Culture, sign of eternal nonsensical dialogue between government and street artists.
One portrait was a sign of freedom in Social Media (Pavel Durov’s portrait). Each portrait has individual history, individual message which we  make for fun.  Never got money from anyone, when we made it for the city. If you drawing for yourself – do it at home. If your drawing in a public area. You’re painting for everyone.

hood graff team artwork
Kill bill by MyhoodIsGood

Tell us about your specific art technique ?
That  I think is easy foreveryone to understanded.
The human hand can redraw realistic  portraits.
Do you admire one or more artists ? And who ?
There is so much really cool artists in the world, but admire not other works.

yuri gagarine mural by russian street artist duo hoodgraff
Yuri Gagarine by HoodGraff Team

Is there any cities that inspire you ? Or a dream to work in one specific place ?
Yes. Thats is Brazil, Jamaica, LA, California and Germany.
For me this is the most comfortable places in the world.
Jamaica – this is personal.
Passions apart of art ?
I am not sure that is not enough. That’s included much projects
Must funniest of them – We making design for Snoopd Dogg’s T-Shirts collection , most lovely is «Snoop loves Belarus» .
Oh, i remember in 2012 – Taking part in a Cannabis exhibition. I like to meet people and connect through art with them. Illya and i have a strong mutual connection through art.

leonov portrait mural by russian street artists hoodgraff team
HoodGraff Team “leonov portrait”

Do you have projects in the next few month ?
Yep. We want to remind about some great actors, some great person’s in legendary films.
What is your favorite artwork ? Yours and another artist .
I don’t know. Maybe, Snoop Dogg’s portrait one of our first artwork or  Sergei Bodrov – one of the main portraits in our concept in Saint-Petersbourg.
About another artist, i’m not sure. We don’t have an idol, though we know quality when we see it,  more realistism, more social and deeper then before.

portrait by hoodgraff team in st petersburg
Hoodgraff “Mikhaïl Gorshenev” in St Petersburg

Links: Facebook VKontakte Instagram

HoodGraff Team – #MyHoodIsGood ARTWORK:

hood graff team godfather
“the GodFather” by HoodGraff Team #Myhoodisgood
portrait of dalai lama by myhoodisgood street art duo
Hoodgraff team “dalai lama”
Gandhi on a mural by russian street artist duo
Gandhi by HoodGraff Team duo
steve jpbs mural by hood graff team
steve jobs by HoodGraff team
street art by myhoodisgood
Hood Graff Team Artwork
BB King mural by myhoodisgood
Hood Graff B.B.King
myhoodisgood in saint petersburg
Hood Graff “Sergueï Esenin” in Saint Petersburg
mr bean mural
Hood Graff Mr Bean in St Petersburg
Sasha Baron Cohen alias Ali G alias Borat Sagdiyev aka Bruno by Hood Graff
Sasha Baron Cohen alias Ali G alias Borat Sagdiyev aka Bruno by Hood Graff
Dr Dree mural street art
Hood Graff team Dr Dree
brice de nice street art mural by myhoodisgood
Hood Graff Team “Brice de Nice”
Hood Graff Team Cinema classics murals
MyHoodIsGood Street Art
Hood Graff Bob Marley
Hood Graff Bob Marley
Hood Graff Team Street Art
Hood Graff Team Street Art
Hood Graff street art and graffiti
Hood Graff street art and graffiti
Hood Graff Team #myhoodisgood
Hood Graff Team #myhoodisgood
Hood Graff Albert Einstein
Hood Graff Albert Einstein
Hood Graff Team "MyHoodIsGood"
Hood Graff Team “MyHoodIsGood”


All Pictures by Courtesy of HoodGraff Team #MyHoodIsGood 


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