AnimalitoLand “Street artist from Argentina”

AnimalitoLand was born in Buenos Aires in 1984

Graciela Goncalves Da Silva is an Argentinean artist, Animalitoland is her visual universe.

Animalitoland, female street artist from argentina
AnimalitoLand – Street Artist from Argentina

Self-taught illustrator, Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires University, she spent the last 10 years experimenting different visual areas. Started with comics and fanzines, then worked in animation, videogames, toys and graphic design, blending different styles and techniques.

AnimalitoLand mural in Spain
AnimalitoLand in Fanzara, Valenciana, Spain

After too much studio life, she went out in the street and started painting freely, which was a revolution in both personal and artistic ways. As a result of this journey, she cultivated a personal style which has gained recognition internationally: Argentina, Spain, Germany, France, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Portugal, Belgium, UK & China are some of the places her creatures stepped into.

Mural by Argentinian street artist animalitoland in Portugal
AnimalitoLand in Portugal

Among exciting projects, she’s been a conference speaker in Pictoplasma Berlin (DK) -character art-, and Intramuros (ES) -contradictions of street art- ; painted her biggest wall -9 story building- for Artscape (SE), and presented “Corteza Invisible” a solo show in Swinton & Grant (ES).

She’s now travelling in Europe, wondering what new adventures will 2017 bring along.

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All photos by courtesy of Graciela Goncalves Da Silva

AnimalitoLand Artwork:

Mural by AnimalitoLand for Upnorth Festival
AnimalitoLand UpNorth Festival
collab AnimalitoLand with K2man
AnimalitoLand “Mate, Pepa y Pepita” Collab with K2man in BsAs, Argentina
Artwork by AnimalitoLand, street artist from Argentina
AnimalitoLand Street Art
Artwork by Female street artist AnimalitoLand from Argentina
mural by AnimalitoLand
Artwork by AnimalitoLand
Bonfire Room: “The Oracles & the forest” painting by AnimalitoLand
mural by AnimalitoLand
AnimalitoLand in Gothenburg-Sweden
children kisses mural by AnimalitoLand
“kissback” by AnimalitoLand
AnimalitoLand Artwork in France Grenoble
AnimalitoLand in Grenoble France
House painted by AnimalitoLand in Grenoble France
AnimalitoLand Mural in Grenoble France
AnimalitoLand Street Art
AnimalitoLand Street Art
AnimalitoLand in Belgium
AnimalitoLand in Belgium
Mural by animalitoLand .
Artwork by AnimalitoLand

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  1. The fantasy in this art is tantalizing

  2. You surprise and amaze me with every post. I’m putting your stuff on my blog so that others can find you and enjoy all that you do.

  3. Sergi says:

    her creations are just marvelous and totally brutally awesome!!

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