Daily Wall n° 1 – Gnasher, Doudou’Style, Nychos

Street Art Daily Wall n°1

Discover everyday, very new artworks by best street artists around the world

Paris – France – New piece by French Street Artist Doudou’Style

Links: InstagramFacebookDoudou’Style “A ray of Sunshine” 

Street art by doudou style . panda and young girl
Doudou’Style in Paris

Melbourbe – Australia – New piece by Austrian Street Artist NYCHOS

Links: TumblrFacebook – Blog

Kangaroo mural by Austrian street artist in Melbourne
Kangaroo by Nychos in Australia

United Kingdom – New piece by English Street Artist Gnasher 

Links: FacebookBlogTwitterInstagramGnasher “Brilliant British Street Artist” 

man with a gun mural by british street artist Gnasher
Street Art by Gnasher


All photos by courtesy of the artists 

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  1. Fabulous, as always.


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