Street Art climbs Trump’s Wall

“Lie Lie Land”, the new work by Bambi, the English street artist, parodies the last film by Damien Chazelle “la la land”.
On Cross Street in Islington, Theresa May and Donald Trump took the place of the two main actors.
This creation reminds us of Pegasus artwork, on Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch, which buzzed on the web a few weeks ago.
The photo of Theresa May spanking Donald Trump, did not go unnoticed.
Trump seems to be a source of inspiration for a lot of street artists around the world.
I’ve selected several funny, offbeat and satirical street art pieces representing the controversial president of the United States.
I invite you to discover artworks by Furia ACK, Bambi, Pegasus, Tabby, Jisbar, Hanksy, Bonanu, Ron English, …

And don’t worry, despite all the powers he now holds, I don’t think, Donald will  be able to censore us!
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The trump urinals. A mysterious and committed artist superimposed Trump’s face on a row of urinals inspired by the famous Rolling Stones logo in a Parisian bar

street art donald trump urinals
Trum urinal in Paris

The Austrian artist TABBY has made several alternative performances of Trump like “Donald Tramp”, “Donald Troll” and “Donald Trump,
Love Yourself ”

Tabby Street Art Donald Trump
Trump by Tabby
Donald Trump by Tabby
Trump by Tabby
Artwork by Tabby Donald trump don't feed the trolls
“dont feed the trolls” by Tabby
Donald trump as an evil clown by Tabby
Trump portrait by Tabby

Urban artist Furia ACK made this big portrait of Donald in black and white on a street in London, then handed eggs to passers-by
so they can throw them on. Probably a great way to unwind!

Furia Ack street art donald trump face
Donald Trump in Shoreditch by Furia Ack

A work of the Parisian artist Jisbar realized on the occasion of the investiture of the new American President. The pop street artist,
Painted in his characteristic style the one he imagines as a crazy king

colored Trump painting by jisbar
Trump by Jisbar

The urban artist Hanksy subtly expresses his feelings against Donald in a mural on the streets of NYC.
The image became very popular with anti-Trump demonstrators who incorporated it on buttons, pins and stickers.

Street Art by Hanksy . Trump as Shit
Trump by Hanksy in New York

Rei Ramirez and Ivan Roque, “When Pigs Fly” in  Miami”

By ramirez and Roque. Donald trump as a pig
Rei Ramirez and Ivan Roque “When Pigs Fly” in  Miami

The Bushwick Collective is an organization of graffiti artists that was conceived in Brooklyn in 2011.
At corner  of NW 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue in Wynwood you’ll discover  “On… What the Hell Do You Have to Lose?” The monumental mural depicts Donald Trump  the Joker, holding a knife to the Statue of Liberty.

trump as batman joker vs liberty statue
Bushwick Collective in Miami part of a big wall-  photo: allessandro abate
large mural donald trump in usa
wynwood “trump rapes america mural” photo: allessandro abate

“Lie Lie Land” by the English female street artist Bambi in London

trump by bambi
bambi lie lie land

Artwork by Pegasus in United Kingdom

trump as hitler by pegasus
Extreme views are strongly criticized by UK based artist Pegasus
trump and may by pegasus
UK AND USA find their alliance terms By Pegasus

Bonanu a Lithuanian street art and graphic designer, painted this mural on the side of the Keule Ruke barbecue joint in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius

trump kiss putin by Bonanu
Bonanu painted his mural on the side of the Keule Ruke barbecue joint in Lithuania s capital Vilnius

D-NEK portrays Donald Trump as Captain Chump, a parody of the Marvel Comics character

D-Nek parody of trump . Captain america
Captain Trump by artist D-NEK

Anonymous street artist “El Peezo” in downtown Phoenix with a Donald Trump looking like Jabba the Hut brother.

El Peezo Donald as Jaba
El Peezo s in Phoenix

Ron English “Trumpty Dumpty” in New York

trumpty dumpty by ron English
Ron English Trumpty Dumpty New York

Heesco is a street artist born and raised in Soviet Mongolia at the time and who then moved to Australia in Melbourne. “devil Trump”

Trump by Heesco in australia
Trump by Heesco

Postcard for Donald Trump – A Great Mural by Street Artists Ador and Ensu in Nantes France

postcard to trump
Postcard for Donald Trump – A Great Mural by Street Artists Ador and Ensu in Nantes France

RAMSTEKO in Mexico

Trump by RAMSTEKO in Mexico

SAPO in Eindhoven, Netherlands

trump by street artist in netherlands
Trump by SAPO in Eindhoven The Netherlands

The revenge of women by Herr Nilsson in Stockholm Sweden

trump by herr nilsson. revenge of women
The revenge of women by Herr Nilsson in Stockholm Sweden

“the Teletrumpies”  Defx and Welin

trump as teletubbies
the Teletrumpies Defx and Welin

Villanaart in  Mexico photo by Villanaart

trump street art in mexico
Villanaart Mexico photo by Villanaart

“Hillary and Donald”  Lushsux

hillary and donald street art
Hillary and Donald by Lushsux

Various artworks:

trump in spain barcelona graffiti
Donald Trump in Barcelona
trump graffiti anonymous artist
trump rules the world graffiti
Trump by karen fiorito
karen fiorito in phoenix
no trump sign
A ‘No Trump’ sign from Plastic Jesus. Photograph: Nick Stern


All photos by courtesy of the artists 



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  1. smash2102 says:

    The graffitis is really great. It is, however, terrifying that the president after about a month of office is so frightening and yet true faithful. I am a bit afraid that it gets worse.
    Thanks for the realistic and successful graffitis.
    Have a good time. 👍


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    Excellent !

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