Mantra Interview by Sami Wakim

Mantra is a French street artist, born in Metz (East of France) . He is currently one of the most important “avant-garde” graffiti artists in Europe.
Having developed over many years a very specialized technique, Mantra is able to realize artworks on any surface and of all scales using a great level of detail and realism. Mantra’s artwork bring concrete walls to life around the world, from Paris to Vienna, passing by Lima, Seattle, Brussels, Quito and Bogota .
My friend Sami Wakim, who is founder and editor of Street Art United States, (an online street art community based in Boston – United States), had the opportunity to interview Mantra.
I would like to share this amazing interview with you and invite you to discover this fantastic and extremely creative street artist.

interview with Mantra by Sami Wakin


Mantra Gallery:

Mantra Mural in Bogota Colombia
Mantra in Bogota, Colombia 2015
Street Art mural by Mantra
Mantra at work
Mantra street artist in luxembourg
Mantra in Esch-sur-Alzette, LUXEMBOURG-2016
Mantra mural in France
Mantra in Saint-Die-des-Vosges, FRANCE 2016
Mantra mural in trier germany
Mantra in Trier – Germany
mantra mural in ecuador
Mantra in Ambato, ECUADOR 2016
Mantra Mural Street Art
Street art by Mantra




Sami Wakim is the founder and editor of Street Art United States, an online community that supports street artists and has well over 180,000 followers worldwide on social media. Sami has organized several legal street art murals in the Boston area and has hosted local and international artists who have contributed to the flourishing street art community in the city. He is also a blogger and writes for Cultural Weekly Magazine.


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