Street Art in PARIS “The Ultimate Guide”

Welcome to Paris, “the city of lights” . This is the city  where i was born. We all know Louvre museum, Mona Lisa, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de triomphe, the Champs Elysées …
Where is Street Art in all this? Does Paris become like London, Berlin, New York, Barcelona or Bristol and its upfest festival … , a city where grey walls have turned into canvas for international street artists.  Is there street artists based in the French capital city?
Well, yeah ! Paris has an abundance of street art,  not only in the streets as some bars and restaurants have adopted it in their decor, whilst several galleries of Paris have made it their specialty.
In the passages of the metro, on the walls of the buildings or on the sidewalks, urban art is everywhere !

Where should you go in the maze of paris streets? Come with me, I’m going to help ! I’m going to give you adresses and  tips that will let you  discover “Paname”  art scene and feel like a Parisian .

I take advantage of the release in Bookstore of  “Guide du street art à Paris – Paris Street Art Guide ” by my good friend Stéphanie Lombard  to guide  you and discover the urban art of Paris.
Here  i will advise the most interesting art galleries, organised walks and tours discovering neighbouring street art,  books to read, artists to discover and useful maps  …

Here is my ultimate guide. Enjoy! 


Street Artist vinie graffiti in Paris beaubourg
Vinie Graffiti in Paris Beaubourg – Photo streetart360

Important Paris art spots :


1. Street art «promenade» along Canal de l’Ourcq

When the weather is fine, let yourself be guided on the banks of Canal de l’Ourcq for a street art stroll.
Here’s a map of the route that runs along the Canal and the bike path, the opportunity for a beautiful walk, bike trip or boat ride.

Canal de l’Ourcq map

The walk along the banks of the canal was inaugurated in 2014. Artists permanently enrich this open-sky gallery. Vastly varying in size and scope, the artistic works are constantly beeing renewed. These are scattered along a course of more than 10 km of shore: from the Rotonde of Stalingrad in Paris 19th district to Aulnay-sous-Bois.  You can discover works by: Levalet, Jace, DaCruz, Djalouz, Seth, Cyklop, Artof Popof …
Subway stations to get there: Jaurés, Laumiére, Riquet, Ourq

tribute to david bowie mural canal de ourcq paris
Street Art canal de l’Ourcq – Paris – photo streetart360

Close to subway station Jaurés, you can also have a look to  “Le Point  Éphémère”.  At the 200 quai de Valmy, in the Paris 10th district.
In the landscape of Parisian street art scene, the Ephemeral Point is a place apart, promoting all the arts in all their forms, you can visit their website here:  Point Ephemere 


2. Belleville – Ménilmontant – Oberkampf

The historic heart of street art in Paris  ‘le cœur historique du street art à Paris’ .

Street art stroll in Ménilmontant

Pretty photographic stroll  to the heights of Ménilmontant. These streets are unmissable for street art lovers: rue de Ménilmontant, rue Noguére, rue de l’Hermitage, Quai de Valmy, rue des Petits Carreaux …
Subway station to get there: Ménilmontant

mural by alaniz in paris mesnilmontant
Alaniz Street Art in Mesnilmontant – Paris

Rue Dénoyez

This is the spot of Paris to explore graffiti.
Read this article by Wonderbrunette: Paris Street Art focus sur la rue Denoyez 
Subway station : Belleville

The Oberkampf distict :

Is a Parisian district that has become a privileged place of expression for all the urban artistic forms for more than 20 years now .
You will discover the works of Némo, Jérôme Mesnager and Ben.

Not to be missed ! The MUR Oberkampf. This is the core of Parisian urban art.
Every 2 weeks an artist creates an event like atmosphere by completly replacing the previous artist’s mural. The worlds most finest street artists have passed through this emblematic place of Parisian art.

View calendar here:
MUR Facebook page : MUR on Facebook
MUR Website : MUR website 

Getting there is very easy. Get off at metro St Maur and walk up Rue Saint Maur.

sergiy radkecvitch street art at mur oberkampf in paris
Sergiy Radkevitch – MUR Oberkampf Paris – Photo by streetart360


 3. Street Art in Paris 13th district


Street art at the Butte-aux-Cailles

This area combines Parisian romantism and urban art within the curves of the pretty lanes of the 13th district.
You will find works of Jana and JS, Nemo, Jef Aerosol, Miss Tic, … This area is also a very nice place for a drink or dinner.

Metro to get there: Place d’Italie

street art mural in paris 13 butte aux cailles
Street Art butte aux cailles paris 13 – photo le blog des communes

Monumental Murals of Paris 13th district

You can discover a lot of murals by international street artists (Shepard Fairey, C215, Pantonio, Tristan Eaton, Seth, ROA, Alapinta, Btoy, Ethos, ElSeed, INTI, M-City, RERO, Vhils, Sainer, David of the Mano, Dabro, Invader, Faile, Jana and JS, Dabro …)
in the streets of this borough within the south of the capital, street art is now part of the landscape. Since 2004, titanic murals have bloomed on the facades of buildings. An approach supported by Jerome Coumet a Parisian mayor who has a passion for urban art.
13th “arrondissement” of Paris is THE place to visit !
A phenomenon linked also to the arrival of four important urban art galleries, including Galerie Itinerrance, Galerie Mathgoth …

An interactive map  : Paris 13 Murals
Metro stations: Nationale, Place d’Italie or Tolbiac

street art mural in paris 13 by inti
La Madre Secular by INTI in Paris 13 – photo by the artist courtesy

Les murs des Frigos “the fridges walls”

Where can you view this? The exact address is 19 rue des Frigos, in 13th district.
This is an interesting place for artistic production, exhibitions, meetings and shows. It opens its doors to the public every year in Spring.
The City of Paris acquired the Frigos at Réseau Ferré de France. This gives artists the  opportunity to benefit from spacious and soundproofed rooms, which have been rendered luminous. The exterior façade of the building is covered with drawings, paintings and graffitis.

Visit the website here: Les Frigos

les frigos street art and graffiti in paris 13
Les Frigos in Paris 13


4. Marais – Beaubourg

Immediately next  to the Georges POMPIDOU Museum of Modern Art there is another hotspot of urban Parisian art.
The huge mural by Jef Aerosol, Stravinsky Square, is a must see for street art enthusiasts.
Many techniques are presented in this district, including the aerosol bomb, the sticker, the collage and chalk, . This  beautifully  illustrates the creativity of the many French and international street artists who have laid their glue and aerosol cans here. You’ll discover artworks by Space Invader, Monsieur Chat, Jeff Aérosol, Gregos, J3 …

Metro stations: Chatelet, Hotel de Ville, Rambuteau 

street art by jef aerosol in paris
Jef Aerosol in Paris Beaubourg


5. Vitry sur Seine :

Vitry sur Seine  the unmissable  “l’imanquable” !

This area is known by Parisians as the  “French Open Sky Museum” . Today, tourists from all over the world make the trip to Vitry-sur-Seine, in Val-de-Marne and become fascinated by what is displayed in the streets. These artworks take  form within murals using both  stencils and freehand … After Christian Guémy, aka C215, has set up his studio in Vitry, many  other street artists have been drawn to Vitry. For more information on Vitry read my articles:   Vitry An open Sky Museum   and C215 soul and heart of vitry sur seine
To go to vitry sur seine, it is very simple. take the RER C in Paris and stop at Vitry sur Seine station.
Here’s a map of RER C line

jimmyC street art in vitry sur seine
JimmyC in vitry sur seine – photo Streetart360


6. Essential Informations and tips:


An essential  companion for your trip: I recommend the  book  “guide street art  Paris”

Paris Street Art Guide by Stephanie Lombard ed Alternatives.
Stephanie is a famous street art blogger in Paris:  Wonderbrunette
The book consists of: maps, 8 routes to discover districts of Paris and one route completely dedicated to Vitry. You will also have the opportunity to discover art festivals, focus on street artists individualy and discover the unmissable places. On each route, Stephanie suggests  exellent bars, galleries, restaurants … This book is a  must for urban art fans!


Street art galleries in Paris
Take a look at the list published by artistik rezo: Galleries in Paris


Paris 13  Murals map and informations


Discover Urban art in Paris with a group or personal guide : « Paris Street Art Tour »

Paris Street Art tour
Paris Street Art tour

I truly reccommend this team. They know very well Paris and the world of street art Paris Street Art Tour website  


 I’ve selected for you several books about paris street art. 

La Tour 13: One of the most fantastic street art event in the world. Fantastic pictures of fantastic artworks in Paris 13. You won’t see those masterpices with your own eyes. The tower has been detroyed.

C215: one of the most famous French street artist. You’ll see hundreds of his artworks if you visit Vitry sur Seine. There’s also a cat stencil included in the book.

Vinie Graffiti:  A book writen by my friend Jerome Deiss and  about my friend Vinie Graffiti . A so poetic French Street Artist.


Street Art in Paris photos:

street art in paris 13 monumental mural by stew
Stew mural in Paris 13
monumental mural by pantonio in Paris
Pantonio Paris 13 photo laurent jacquet
C215 cat mural in Paris 13
C215 – Boulevard Vincent Auriol Paris 13
huge mural by Obey Giant in Paris 13
Obey Giant in Paris 13 – Photo by Obey Giant
Valdi Valdi in Paris Place du Tertre
Dface mural in Paris 13
Seth Globepainter in Paris
Maye mural in Paris 13
Vinie Graffiti in Paris 13


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